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Patches // Vogue 1788 sewing pattern

When I was in Paris in September it seemed like EVERYTHING with a sleeve had elbow patches. I’ve been wanting to make something with elbow patches ever since and I thought this sewing pattern was a good opportunity:

Vogue 1788 sewing pattern // Closet Case Patterns

Found this at one of my favourite vintage pattern sites (Lanetz Living) and then scored a really beautiful, heavy weight navy jersey on sale at Fabricville for $4/meter. Normally I’m not a navy girl, but I loved how elegantly Parisian women wore it. It really is a versatile neutral and I’ve been looking forward to using it in a project instead of boring black.

This dress was really easy to whip up – my serger does a great job on the hems. There were a few major issues though; I must have been off in my cutting because the waist seam is totally off where it is attached to the zipper. Thankfully I made this with a really wide obi style belt so it covers the booboo. Also, I did a few weird things to the interfacing so the necklines sits a little funny. I always envisioned wearing this with a scarf for that true Paris je ne sais whatever so I didn’t sweat it too much. Still so much to learn!

Mistakes aside, I LOVE this dress and have worn it many times in the past month. The skirt is really full and flattering – I always gets a lot of compliments on it and then people are totally astounded when I tell them I made it. My boss was flabbergasted (“It looks like a $200 dress!” “It cost about $16 to make”. “GET OUT!! MAKE ME ONE!!!”) The elbow patches are a good contrast and I still have some of fabric left over so I’ll probably add them to some old sweaters. I will DEFINITELY be making this dress again.

Sorry for the bad lighting in these photos – this was the only part of my apartment fit for public viewing at the time and the natural lighting was not ideal.

Vogue 1788 sewing pattern // Closet Case Patterns


Vogue 1788 sewing pattern // Closet Case Patterns


Vogue 1788 sewing pattern // Closet Case Patterns

Navy dress with elbow patches:
Pattern:  Vogue 1788
Total Cost (including notions): $16
Time to Make: 14 hours including cutting

  • This is so cute!

  • Adrienne

    This dress is fugging amaaazing! OMG, Heather!! I would love to see it in more details, too. The waistline particularly, is it just a sash that you tied around your waist? Other questions: did you line the skirt? Are your elbow patches in suede leather?

  • Adrienne, unforch this was back in the day before I learned how to properly document the stuff I was making. The waist is just a sash but it’s nice and wide and acts almost like an obi. This dress is crazy comfy and flattering. I wear it all the time still. I was actually planning on making another one since I love the shape so much so I will be sure to do a better job of showing the deets. The skirt is unlined (doubleknit jersey) and the elbow patches were just a fake suede….