Online Sewing Classes // Closet Case Patterns

Sewing your dream wardrobe starts with practicing the skills necessary to craft it from scratch. That’s why I’ve put my time, talent, and heart into these online workshops designed to help you learn the ins and outs of sewing a chic piece from scratch. Complete with downloadable sewing patterns and (obsessively clear) step-by-step videos showing you each stage of construction, you’ll learn how to source, sew, and personalize your piece from first stitch to last.



This course was such pleasure. The lessons were well organized and broken into manageable chunks of information and tasks. With this workshop, Heather tricked me into thinking I could make a swimsuit. And then I did it!

Ravi Ahmad – Sew Your Dream Swimsuit

After sewing along with the workshop, I felt like Heather was my sewing godmother and a best friend (who hasn’t met me yet.) I have since fallen asleep and dreamt that I travelled to Montreal to hang out with her and absorb her sewing superpowers. (That might sound creepy and it probably is.)

Rachel Daley – Sew Your Dream Swimsuit

I have been wanting to sew lingerie and swimsuit for some time now but didn’t feel confident enough. The online class just gave me that confidence as it is easy to follow. Heather is a great teacher and the video is of amazing quality. After watching the entire class once, I followed every step one by one, sewing at the same time and it went great. I learn many techniques specific to lingery and swim apparels and I feel like I’m going to use many of them for garment sewing as well.

Pauline Alice – Sew Your Dream Swimsuit

This workshop was TERRIFIC right from the start to achieve a nicely fitting swimsuit top. Heather was practically holding my hand through the entire process. The explanations were easy to understand and the videography was excellent as well. A beginner could easily be successful using this workshop to make a swimsuit. When I had a question, Heather took the time to respond and the answer was beyond my expectation…clear, concise and detailed! I love that I can log in and watch again and again. Heather has a fresh approach to sewing instruction that IMO matches all skill levels and is superb for the newest among sewists.

Genevieve Arthur – Sew Your Dream Swimsuit