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I live for pattern launch day, especially when it’s for a pattern I love as much as this one. I’d like you to meet Kelly, the jacket of my/your dreams.

I’ve been planning the Kelly Anorak for two years, and it’s destined to fill a major hole in your closet. You know, that practical, utilitarian and yet stylish jacket that you want to wear The one that just gets better with age, that transitions you from the hot summer months into the cooler autumn ones, that has enough pocket space for your keys, the dog treats and the kitchen sink, that looks as great layered over a cozy sweater as it does with a simple tee. The “Where  have you been all my life” jacket. She’s right here.

The Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern // Closet Case Patterns The Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern // Closet Case PatternsThe Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern // Closet Case Patterns


Style meets function with the Kelly Anorak; a classic shape with a modern cut, this simple coat is the perfect choice for transitional weather.

Lightweight and unlined, it features a two piece cuffed sleeve, optional drawstring waist, gusseted flap pocket and a zipper placket with snap buttons.  View A will keep you warm and dry with a roomy three piece hood, while View B features a classic stand-up collar.

Kelly is just right made up in light to medium-weight woven fabric such as twill, gabardine, and linen, and will make the ultimate rain coat when sewn with a waterproof fabric like ripstop or goretex.

The Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern - Technical Flats // Closet Case Patterns

This is my version of a simple coat. It’s all straight seams so even a beginner could confidently tackle it, while there are enough unique design details to make it appealing to more advanced sewists. I love all the durable seams, the fun hardware, the spacious hood design that protects your head without squashing your hair, the deep, 3-dimensional pockets that are comfortable to actually stick your hands into (and big enough to let you leave your purse at home), the flattering, butt covering length. I love that I can wear it for most of the year, that it will just get softer and more comfortable every time I wash it. And I am beyond excited to tackle a few waterproof versions; I have a beautiful red ripstop for my own Little Red Riding Hood, and I have been itching to wax one of my twill samples.

Buy The Kelly Anorak Pattern! 

The Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern // Closet Case Patterns The Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern // Closet Case PatternsThe Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern // Closet Case Patterns


We’re happy to tell you we have hardware kits coming your way, making it a cinch to get everything you need to make Kelly in one spot. The kits will include snap buttons, grommets, tools for installing both, drawstring cord, cord locks and little cord stoppers. We’re still putting the finishing touches on them but you’ll be able to find them in our shop sometime next week.

And of course, we have lots of Kelly related bog posts coming your way. We won’t be doing a formal sewalong but you can expect posts on constructing the zipper placket, making three dimensional gusseted pockets and installing grommets and snap buttons, among other things.

The Kelly Anorak // Jacket Sewing Pattern // Closet Case Patterns


This pattern is named after Kelly of the sewing blog Cut Cut Sew.  A Portland based maker with a kind heart and a beautiful smile, she has long inspired us with her clean, contemporary style, and fresh, modern take on everyday  basics. She is also mother to two of the most profoundly awesome kids I’ve ever met. This coat was made for Portland weather, made for Kelly, and made for all of you. We hope you love it as much as we do!

ps. A big thank you to our beautiful model/friend Keena and our make-up artist Christie for such a fun pattern shoot!

pps. We had a shipping bug yesterday (resolved at 9:30 EST). If you tried to order a pattern before then and had a wtf moment when a high shipping price came up, it’s resolved now. We are trying to refund the more obvious issues now but if you won’t hear from us and feel like you paid too much for shipping please get in touch and we’ll resolve it!


  • kellicousins

    So, so dope. I can’t wait to see the testers’ makes!

    • Yes! I’ll have to do a round-up if they start posting them anywhere.

  • It’s so, so beautiful, Heather!!! One question–what do you think about adding a lining? Easy task or no? The waterproof fabric I have requires a lining (something about skin follicles can clog up the fabric and make it lose its waterproof properties unless its lined), but I’d love to make this as my raincoat!

  • Ping Mathre

    Omg STAHP this is gorgeous <3<3<3

  • Amanda

    Great design and I love your kits! So smart. That blue fabric photographed on the model won’t be in a kit too will it?

    • Hi Amanda. Our kits are just for the hardware – twill is so easy to find in most stores we didn’t think it was totally necessary to offer it this time, while sourcing hardware makes it easier for you. We bought the navy at Mood btw!

  • Alex

    I’m also curious about adding a lining! That would be an awesome add-on in the future 🙂 Well done again, Heather!

  • Love the pockets and drawstring! Another lovely, well thought out design from you 🙂 Congrats!

  • All your patterns are just cool! Love your launch days, I am literally oooh-ing and ahh-ing. And I tell ya I don’t oooh and ahhh lightly.

  • Angela Hickman

    Legit the jacket of my dreams. Every year I look for this coat, and every year I swear I buy one that’s similar and just not quite right (almost always the drawstring waist is a just a little too high). I am so excited about this! Going to have to seriously up my sewing game over the next few months so I can sew one of these up in time for spring!

    Congrats on another gorgeous pattern! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • Well, the drawstring on my model is slightly too high as well 😉 She’s about 4″ taller than me and since I made them to fit me (I changed my mind at the last minute about modelling myself) I had to laugh when she tried the samples on. Regardless, it’s the easiest mod in the world – you’ll just want to sew up the body and sew the closure at your natural waist or wherever you prefer. Thank goodness for sewing!

      And its all straight seams – you can totally handle it now Angela!

  • Jennifer Woofter

    Will you be providing a tutorial on how to do an FBA? I’m not quite sure how to approach it with the pattern’s upper bust horizontal seam line…

    • Yes! I’ll add it to my list of blog posts….

  • I love this design! I’ve been on the lookout for a stylish rain jacket pattern. My across-shoulder measurement is 17″ – what size would you suggest for the shoulders?

    • I would say a size 10? My fitting dressform is about 17″ across shoulder and it fits on her…

  • Jane

    I love this! I have fabric ready and waiting for this. I had grand plans to rework the minoru to make something similar, now I don’t have to.

  • Kate English

    Heather, you read my mind!!!! I’ve bemoaned the lack of this jacket’s existence for many MONTHS!!!!! But you saved the day!!! I have a hand-me-down khaki jacket that I have worn TO DEATH! Seams are fraying, holes are appearing at stress points, but I love it so much that I wear it and risk looking homeless. I want to mend it, but I’d also like a classy version. Enter Kelly. Wish granted. Now to find the perfect army green twill….

    • So happy to save you from disarray Kate! Mood and have great army green twills!

  • Love love love this!! I have some canvas stashed away that I was going to use on another coat, but this one I like so much better! Your patterns are always fabulous!

    • Thanks Kelley! Canvas would be great for this pattern – you should consider waxing it!

  • Julia

    I almost shrieked when I saw the photos—I’ve been looking for a pattern exactly like this for at least a year. It looks absolutely perfect and has all of the design elements I’ve wanted in an anorak! I’ve been wearing a similar jacket from Penfield for the past two years and while I love it and it’s still in great shape, it has some small design flaws that I know my me-made version wouldn’t have (i.e. weird wires in the pocket flaps that have started poking out of the channeling, a ill-fitting hood). Thanks so much for your incredible work and I can’t wait to start sewing my dream jacket!

    • Wires in the pocket flaps?! That’s really weird. Hope you make the jacket of your dreams!

  • Miss Claow

    Congrats for this launch! This is the chat of my dreams!! Where do you advise to search for goretex fabric?

    • Have a look on the Rockywoods website. They stock all sorts of specialty outdoor fabrics including goretex, Ripstop as well as hardware. I’ve ordered from them before and would really recommend them

  • Congrats on a great new pattern. Just starting summer down under, but will try to make it next winter.

    • You guys and yoru crazy mixed up seasons! It really scrambles my brain.

  • This is VERY timely! My raincoat is so old and so well used & every time I pull it out lately I think to myself I really need to lady up and make one. Congrats on helping us fill yet more handmade wardrobe holes!

    • Yay! So happy the timing works out for you!

  • Melissa Q

    This pattern is perfection! I modified a Sewaholic pattern recently to essentially attempt to create this jacket! I love how mine turned out but seriously wish I could bend time and have this one appear before my eyes a few months ago. 🙂 Now I need to wait for my current jacket to wear out!

    • Oh sorry we weren’t speedier on the uptake Melissa 😉 Can’t ever have too many jackets in my opinion!

  • Lauren

    I’d love to make this in an oilskin, but don’t want to get waxy residue on my clothes – would you say it’s simple to add a lining to it?

    • It will take a little bit of work but its just a lot of tracing. I am going to work on a tutorial for this since a lot of people are interested!

  • Rebekah

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I snapped it up as soon as you sent out the preview. I have tried on two similar RTW jackets this past month and was so disappointed that they were all the same too tight in the bust and way too long in the arms (and the size up is always too baggy everywhere). I knew the only option was to make it myself but couldn’t find any similar patterns. Can’t wait to try it ! Though I will have to because I’m going to hold off for a hardware kit. I hate sourcing that stuff.

  • BB

    I have been searching for a pattern like this for a couple of years. I have come close to purchasing two different patterns, knowing they were not exactly what I wanted. I’m glad I held out. I snapped up the pattern the second you posted the preview.. Thanks so much for that early opportunity… i can’t wait to give this a go and know I will end up with a jacket that fits me so much better than any RTW option I’ve tried over the years. So excited!

  • Swoon!!!! Another killer pattern Heather!

  • Betsy Lobmeyer

    What fabric did you use for view a in the pictures? It’s a perfect olive green.

  • Kels E McLean

    This jacket is great! How do you think the pattern would hold up with a 70/30 wool polyester blend, medium weight fabric?

    • Sounds cozy! Could be okay but I never know without actually touching the fabric. My concern is that wool stretches out on its own and needs to be interfaced around sleeves and shoulders. Does the polyester makes this sort of reinforcement unnecessary?