Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Case Files
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I haven’t really had a thought out, wardrobe architectured plan for my summer sewing; it’s been pretty improvisational around here these days.  Flying by the seat of your pants doesn’t generally yield consistent, unified results, but I’ve surprised myself by making a fairly cohesive summer capsule wardrobe this summer, something made clear when I started packing for a friends wedding this weekend and everything just worked together.

Here’s what I am more or less wearing every day:

1. Various iterations of Sallie, in dress and jumpsuit form. I cropped one sample to wear with flats, and just picked up a navy linen knit and gorgeous watercolour floral rayon for yet another dress.

2. Slightly fancier summer dresses for picnics, cocktails and the like. My black linen Lonsdale has been worn at least once a week, and I just made a graphic Sophia dress for the wedding tomorrow, one I’m sure to be wearing again this summer.

3. Loose fitting tunic dresses for mega hot days and running errands in the neighborhood. Preferably in linen. With luck, made from the Inari Tee dress pattern by Named.

Named Inari Tee dress sewing pattern Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Case Files

This is a brilliant pattern. It’s the second time I’ve sewn a Named design, and while I continue to be mildly annoyed by their PDF layouts (only in two sizes, not properly nested) I’m becoming really impressed with their eye for silhouette, proportion and cool, original details. At first glance this pattern is incredibly simple; it’s basically a sack dress with no darts to speak of. But the fit is spot on (loose fitting and slouchy without saying “I’ve given up”) and I love the subtle cocoon shaping in the side seams, the angled slit at the thigh, the slightly high/low hem, and the cuffed sleeve. It is chic and modern and oh so easy to wear.

Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Case Files Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Case Files

The clogaholics among you may have spotted my new/old beauts. They’re vintage Italian guys from Italy. My heart stopped for one perfect minute when I saw them at the vintage store. The fact that they actually fit these size 9 dogs felt like a minor miracle, or clog kismet.

Back to the dress. I zipped this up in an evening using the same linen I used for my Lonsdale. I made a size 8, grading to a little larger than a 10 at the hip. All the seams are finished using my beloved Juki (which I just reviewed here), and I skipped the facing in favour of a bias bound neckline using self fabric. I was especially pleased with the fit through the shoulder – I often have issues with gaping since I’m a little narrow up there, but this was perfect from minute one. A super easy, satisfying make, well suited to my jazzy improv sewing style this summer. I’ve worn and washed it enough that’s it already starting to get that slightly faded, well loved patina that linen gets over time. Also? Soft as hell.

Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Case Files Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Case Files

I have plans to make a few more of these, maybe even with one of my new Vlisco wax print acquisitions if I’m feeling bold. Next time I’ll be sure to reinforce the slit hem with a little bar tack, but otherwise, this pattern is going in the canon.

Has anyone else made Inari yet? Are you on the sack dress train too? Let’s all be chic and lazy together.

  • AuntyMaimu

    I will go and pick up fabric for it tomorrow! And hopefully have it ready by Sunday evening. Going on a much needed vacay soon, need a chic and easy to wear dress

    • Super fast and easy project – hope you got a chance to make it!

  • Ooooo I’ve been waiting for you to post this. It looks fantastic! And I imagine that linen feels fabulous! This pattern is in my queue for this summer, if I ever get to it. I have so many things I want to make!!

    • You and me both! I’ll run out of summer before I’ve made everything.

  • Great dress! I’ve had this in my queue for awhile, but summer sewing plans are a little stalled over here. I love it in the linen.

    • Thanks Melissa! Hope your summer sewing gets kickstarted soon.

  • honigdesign

    Beauty. In my imaginary dream life I would always look this cool in the summer. The linen is lovely…

    • Aw thanks lady! Linen is a key summer ingredient – so pissed at myself I didn’t start sewing with it much sooner.

  • Badger352

    He, made this one last week!
    My fabric was an anonymous content knit, that feels very silky and drapes beautifully.
    I love the cut of the pattern and am a sucker for a bag with some elegance.

    • A bag with some elegance! YES! I have a raw silk noil I’ve been hanging on to…. I think i’ll make another 😉

  • Kat

    You’re the epitome of summer cool. I definitely need this pattern now. Seems like it would be super versatile!

    • Aw thanks Kate! It’s totally versatile – easy to dress up or down (and a comfy choice for the long road trip this weekend!)

  • Yep, you look effortlessly cool, as always!

    I first spotted the Inari on Elena’s blog ( and fell in love with the cuffs and split hem. I’ve got plans to try adding these features to a Scout tee, and maybe even make a dress version as well.

  • Hélène

    Hey Heather! Your linen Inari is simply wonderful. I’m back from a 3-week vacation and missed the Montréal sewing meet-up (hope to be in town next time!) and I just discovered your new Sallie (need it). So many tempting patterns, so little time to sew!

    • ARG! I would have loved to see you! Next time for sure!

  • This is exactly what I need to be wearing right now! Perfect summer one-piece outfit, and I have such a fetish for wood-heeled shoes! They just seem so sturdy and I like the idea I can polish or oil them (even though I never do). Nice find!

    • I’ve never oiled my Hasbeens but maybe I should… I do have a bottle of mineral oil around here somewhere….

      • Warning–I believe some of the Hasbeen colors aren’t supposed to be oiled, so check their website! I oiled my natural-color ones (they actually recommend using olive oil on those), and love the color they took on.

  • Teri Dodds

    I made a knit version of the cropped tee, which turned out too big and too short. I sized down a made a colorblocked hip length knit tee which I wear all the time! I want to try the dress eventually! That was my first time using a Named pattern and grading between sizes was really challenging– especially since the two sizes I needed were in separate files. Much paper was wasted but I eventually got there.

    • I really don’t understand why they’re not traditionally nested. Maybe a European layout style? And your color blocked dress sounds fantastique!

  • I love this. Every time you post a new garment, I have an immediate impulse to track down the pattern or find that fabric! What are you doing to me. I would gladly adopt your entire closet! This is great.

    • Aw thanks darlin! That means a lot. Just happy to support other designers, so I’m happy if it encourages folks to try new patterns!

  • Now I’m curious which shop on St-Hubert is your go-to linen spot. I’ve been hankering for some soft raw linen for a while now.

    • Tissu Marina always has linen in stock at a fair price. This stuff cost me $5 a yard!

      • Thanks for the tip, I’ll go check them out 😀

  • Trine//groovybabyandmama

    I love the Inari. So far I’ve made 4 versions/hacks!

    • I can definitely see that happening in my future!

  • I love a sack dress & I’m just waiting for warmer weather (Melbourne’s winter is fierce this year) to make up an Inari. I already have the pattern & fabric picked out. My all time favourite sack dress pattern is the Aeolian by Pattern Fantasique. Well worth a look as the drafting & statement sleeves are fab & it comes in five different length. I recently blogged my nineth version… a silk one!

    • I’ve been wanting to make their Celestia dress for a while… thanks for the tip!

  • Monserratt Lopez

    I love all your linen garments this year!!

  • yaaass – chic and lazy is totally my style right now. You look effortlessly cool.

    • Thanks Katie! Let’s start a hashtag #chicandlazy revolution

  • sallieforrer


    Had to get that out of my system! This dress, coincidentally, is also stupidly perfect. Black linen sack dress is so right up my alley I kind of can’t believe I don’t own one! I still have yet to make a Named pattern, but I must agree that their designs always look so modern and fashion forward. Awesome make babe!! You look like every urban summer girl crush I’ve ever pinned on Pinterest! 2Kewl4Skewl!!

    • Hahaha. I’m surprised you ahven’t made a Named pattern! It’s so your steez. I think you’d be happy with the thoughtfulness of their designs…

  • Ok, sure. I see how it is. You’re all in cahoots to get me to make an Inari dress. Don’t think I’m not onto you!

  • As my sewing list wasn’t long already! Perfect summer outfit! And so t’s official! I have to make an Inari!

    • It’s a fast make if that’s any consolation!

  • You look very chic! I recently made the Inari in a slubby demin, but miscalculated the width of my hips, so now it’s a shirt 😉 Will try again for the dress. Sack-like dresses rule.

    • I’d like to make the crop top – I think the proportions are great! Best wishes for your next dress 😉

  • Love this! It’s so sophisticated! I’ve been trying to talk myself out of this pattern for ages but I’m not sure I can resist any longer…

  • I don’t know what kind of black magic you did, but how did you make a sack dress fit you so beautifully? When i make sack dresses, they fit me like sack dresses, not relaxed, fresh tunics…

    • Two words: high heels. In flats it’s much more sack-y.

  • This is gorgeous! I’ve recently been buying lots of linen. So great for summer. 🙂