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Oh thank heavens, something that is not sewalong related! I mean, that was fun you guys, but I kept adding new posts to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything and I was starting to feel like I was in a Twilight Zone episode where I was just going to be talking about jeans…. FOREVER. And for those of you uninterested in jeans, I am sorry if your feeds were highjacked with all that topstitch talk – I wish there was a way to divert blog streams, but alas.

So, I have a big ol’ backlogged queue of projects to share. After I launched Ginger I went on a bit of a selfish sewing tear, cranking out items left and right. It felt really great to just make fun, non Closet Case things, so I made all of them. Priority number one was the Grainline Archer. I purchased this pattern in early summer and have had it printed and cut for months. I was stoked to get started on it because I haven’t seen a bad one yet, and I live in oversized men’s shirts in the summer. Seems about time I stop thrifting and start a makin’.

Closet Case Files - Chambray Grainline Archer Shirt-5Closet Case Files - Chambray Grainline Archer Shirt-8 Closet Case Files - Chambray Grainline Archer Shirt-7

Ahhh, get used to this wall guys. No more fun posing-in-the-alley shots until at least May.

I made a straight size 10 of view B; technically I’m a 8/12 in Jen’s sizing but I figured the loose fit of this would let me skip grading and I was right – I really like the fit. Since I have approximately a million button-downs in my closet, I wanted to add something new so went with the gathered back. I used a Robert Kaufman chambray from Grey’s Fabrics – it appears to be sold out but there is still some stock here. This is a lovely, soft fabric that was a joy to press and play with. From afar it looks like chambray, but up close it has a lovely herringbone pattern.

Closet Case Files - Grainline archer buttonup shirt-3Closet Case Files - Grainline archer buttonup shirt Closet Case Files - Grainline archer buttonup shirt-2

I worked on this in bits and bobs over a few weeks – it’s a perfect pattern for that stop-dash approach, and because I wasn’t rushing through it I enjoyed taking my time through every step. The instructions with the pattern are pretty minimalistic so I just followed along with Jen in her sewalong. I used my edge-stitch foot for all of the topstitching and some mother of pearl buttons from my stash. The only issue is that I *may* have sewn the cuff plackets in backwards. Since the fabric doesn’t really have a right side/wrong side I got wrapped up in whatever podcast I was listening to and didn’t realize I had gotten mixed up. Oopsy daisy. After slapping my self around the head, I remembered I NEVER wear my sleeves un-rolled and realized no one would ever know. Except all of you reading this post. Oopsy daisy.

As for my pants, they probably look a little familiar. This is one of the earlier prototypes of the Ginger Jeans. I made them with a super stretchy brocade denim I got from my wholesaler. The texture and hand of this fabric is divine, but because it has a really high percentage of lycra I could have easily gone down two sizes. After a day of wear they get really stretched out in the hips so I have to go back and rip out the topstitching at the hip, remove the rivets and take them in a bit. I’ll get to it, eventually.

Closet Case Files - Chambray Grainline Archer Shirt-6Closet Case Files - Chambray Grainline Archer Shirt-9

Needless to say, this is one of my favourite outfits right now. Blue isn’t a colour I wear a lot but it feels seasonally appropriate and reflects my soul feelings now that winter is here and my long walks to the park are distinctly less appealing.