Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns
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This here is my personal favourite Ebony Tee. I have about 5 or 6 I’ve been wearing in constant rotation (and two more waiting to get sewn up) but this one is super special. It’s just the perfect mix of fabric and pattern for me, and I am so happy I talked myself in to buying this beautiful digital print scuba when I found it. I’ve been really paring down the crazy prints in my wardrobe, but the scale of the floral and black background of this fabric is just so sophisticated. I couldn’t resist.

Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns

I brought it home and it sat in my stash for a few weeks while I thought about what to do with it. I love how sculptural scuba knits are in more voluminous silhouettes, so I briefly considered using it to make the new Grainline dress, until I literally sat up in bed one morning with the duh, stupid realization that it would make a fab Ebony.

I decided that short sleeves and the raglan seaming would be the best choice for the fabric and print, so I merged the Ebony tunic body to the dress  (a tutorial is coming later this week on how you can do the same). I left all the seams unfinished since there is no need to hem such a sturdy knit; I like how sharp and clean it looks simply raw.

Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns

Pattern placement was important. I decided to highlight the raglan seam by contrasting the floral print with a mostly solid sleeve. I think it breaks up the volume in a pleasing way.

The most interesting part of this dress is the neck binding. I was aiming for something with some heft and three dimensionality. Rather than doing the typical t-shirt band called for in the pattern, I experimented with a few techniques before settling on wrapping a  double layer of binding around the neckline. I’m working on a second version this week, so a tutorial will be forthcoming.

Ebony Tee pattern // Raglan sleeve dress // Closet Case Patterns

Also? So perfect for swirling, even if it means Athena can see up my dress, the little perv.

Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns

Harry wanted in on the action too, apparently.

Ebony Tee pattern //Raglan sleeve swing dress pattern in scuba knit // Closet Case Patterns

I wore this dress on New Years pretty much just like I’m wearing it here, and haven’t felt so “me” in a long time. I love getting dressed up, and this Ebony Tee is just everything I want when it’s time to glam out; a bold silhouette in a dramatic fabric, that is comfortable enough to dance in all night long. Mission accomplished!

Would you consider making Ebony is a more substantial fabric? Anyone else made anything fabulous in scuba lately?

ps. Yes, I chopped off all my hair last month. It was a little impulsive and I proceeded to basically cry every time I looked in the mirror until I figured out how to style it. Basically my lazy half blow drying routine doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m using a lot more product and a straightening iron to do “beach waves”, but it’s kind of fun to have a kicky new ‘do and be forced to step outside of my comfort zone, styling wise. Sometimes you gotta mix it up.

  • Wearing mine today. It is sewn up in a heavier merino double knit and wow it’s definitely my favourite dress to wear right now!

    • I have my merino one cut out – I am going to finish it today! COZY TIMES!

  • Rhonna Jerauld

    you look like you feel like yourself, radiant! and i love the hair! now i want to break into my scuba stash so hard.

    • Thank you so much Rhonna! I have some more scuba too – feel like i finally know what to do with it 😉

  • Amelia Wray

    Wow, this looks so amazing on you! The fabric and pattern combination is perfect. I bascically want to rip you off and make a copy! Also love the new hair!

    • DO IT! It’s such a majorly loved dress around here.

  • kellicousins

    Love the dress AND the hair. Both suit you!

  • Jos

    Really love it! But how do you sit comfortable in such a short dress??

    • I don’t find it too short! Totally covers my bum when I sit down.

  • Having to stick to an actual hair routine is a pain, but it looks fabulous on these pictures!! I love the dress, you made all the right choices with this one.

    • Thank you Mamie! To be honest, I only “do” ita bout once a week so it feels special and fun and not like a chore 😉

  • Fadanista

    So in love with this. I can’t find decent scuba here, but heading to Canada in April so I shall be looking!

    • I feel like Tesutti would have some, no?

      • Fadanista

        Perhaps. I try to avoid their site as I always spend a fortune there!

  • Mary Russell

    That’s a very pretty dress. Where did you get the fabric?

    • I got it at Globetex in Montreal. They still have some in stock if you’re local 😉

  • Samantha Lindgren

    Oooh, this makes me want to try it in some merino jersey I’ve got…. Gotta do a muslim in cotton first, I like the raglan lines for the dress. I think your hair looks great!

    • Thanks Sam! I have a merino one all cut out. Maybe I’ll make it today as a “lazy no work birthday”.

  • OMG, j’adore both the dress and your haircut!!

  • Omigosh, this is my favourite of your new Ebony tees too. absolutely luscious print!

  • Marilyn

    Love the dress and the new haircut!
    Could you use a lightweight silky woven or challis to make an Ebony?

    • Hi Marilyn… Hmmmm. The pattern was designed for knits and there are places it has negative ease (the shoulders and sleeves). You’d have to go up a size or two and make a muslin but my guess is no.

  • I love this dress! Great fabric and I admit I was surprised that it was scuba knit. This has now motivated me to try scuba knit differently. Lovely bold print! I like your hair as well, gives you a new look/feeling for the new year.

    • Thank you so much Linda! Scuba can be pretty bulky so you might as well go with it and use with a pattern that has volume!

  • No hemming? YESSSSSS! I’m sold!

  • Laura

    Love your hair, perfect. Now I need that pattern. Good job

  • I looooooove this dress. I didn’t even notice the thicker neckband or mostly-solid sleeves until you pointed them out, but I think they’re part of what makes this dress just perfection. Can’t wait for that tutorial on merging them so that I can make one up too! Is it also possible to merge the raglan sleeves with the scooped neckline?

    I already made a drapey cropped version and I feel so pretty and cool in it (I still need to hem the sleeves, then I’ll post pics). I think I’m doing a raglan tunic next in this neat cream-colored knit with “confetti speckles” that I found locally.

    Oh and I have one question–how are the sleeves on the tee/dress intended to fit? Mine were quite loose and I didn’t know if I should have sized down to get them more fitted, or if they’re intended to have positive ease?

    • They were intended to fit closer to the arms. If you find them a little loose I would just take them in along the seam – easy peasy.

  • I love this dress!!! Everything about it is on point. I also have been trying to phase out crazy prints in my closet, but I could do something like this. It is beautiful!
    I love your hair! I am in the same boat. I also chopped all of mine off a few weeks ago and hated it for a bit until I figured out what to do with it. It’s surprising how shorter hair sometimes takes more work… the cut looks fabulous on you though!

    • Thank you Anya! I’m not gonna lie – I had to go spend a mint on styling products and a hair straightener and was deeply resentful about it but after having suuuuper long hair for years its a nice change.

  • Connie Turner

    Your hair cut looks great even though I always thought you looked pretty and sexy with long hair.

  • jsews

    I love this dress! Thst fabric is fabulous. And I think your new do looks fun

  • simply gorgeous! 😍

  • Eeeeek! I absolutely looooove this print. So fabulous on you, and I’m always down for some good scuba!

  • I love your short hair!! You look fantastic in the dress and so happy!