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Hey everyone! I’ve had quite a few requests for a Morgan Jeans tester round-up so I’ve pulled together some images of what people have been sharing if you’d like to see the pattern on a variety of body types.

Last week Morgan (the lovely pattern namesake herself!) shared her first pair and I was totally gobsmacked. I’m super crushing on the exposed button fly and would like to one hundred percent copy it on my next pair.


She also REALLY nailed the fit. Look how great these are from behind!

Morgan Boyfriend Jeans Pattern

I also had quite a few testers share their Morgans on social media and on their blogs… this is what has cropped up so far.

I can’t believe how many people have already made theirs and posted about them so check out the #morganjeans hashtag if you’d like to see even more….

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  • sconesandstones

    Congratulations for that success! I really want to make mine too but one question is still on my mind: can i do them with a basic sewing machine? thanks!

    • My sewing machine is a 1981 Bernina 801. I’d consider it a very basic machine…it’s mechanical and has very limited stitch options….but it’s solid and a workhorse. Sewing several layers of denim can be a challenge so I minimize the top-stitching on the belt loops and I have a makeshift tool for stitching over the side seams when sewing the pant hem. My machine doesn’t like top stitching thread so I used two spools of regular poly thread with great success. I did use my serger for seam finishes, but that’s cosmetic and not required. Your success might depend somewhat on the quality of your machine, but you definitely don’t need bells and whistles to make a great pair of Morgan Jeans! Hope this helps.

      • sconesandstones

        Thank you Sue for your advice and tips! I’ll get my first serger next july then I think im gonna wait for it to take the plunge! Thank you again!

        • annie_on_the_trail

          Heck, just finish your seams with a zigzag! I never owned a serger until I started teaching for a machine manufacturer, always used a zigzag and it can look great, too. If you’ve got an edge foot of some sort, that helps – one with a little finger that the right part of the stitch wraps around as you sew, then slides off. It keeps the stitch laying flat, instead of letting it roll. Or, just loosen your top tension a smidge when zigzagging. Or, use a 3-step zigzag. Don’t let lack-of-serger hold you back! 🙂

    • All of Sue’s advice is great! I think if you have a machine with a decent motor you should be fine. You can finish your seams with a zig zag or flat fell seam!

      • sconesandstones

        Thank you Heather Lou!

  • Kieran

    A tutorial for an exposed button fly would almost certainly tip me over the edge and force me to click ‘purchase’…just sayin’ 😉

  • Monserratt Lopez

    I need one of this Heather!!!!
    I got the pattern, I just need the time and to make some more progress in my queue!!



  • Awesome! Love Morgan’s version with the visible buttonfly!!

    • Right?! So good. Still love yours too – that blue is dope.

  • Thank you for this! My first impression of the Morgan’s were, not for me because of the description “boyfriend jeans” and after reading your inspiration/styling post. After looking at all these lovely makes, I think I can totally rock these! These can be fitted, and not boyfriend-y at all!

  • Genevieve

    Heather and blog readers! I love these jeans, almost more than my many Gingers ????. The draft is perfect and sizing was spot on for me. I’ve blogged my first make, they were intended to be a muslin, but turned out so well that they are my new fave jeans. Check them out on my blog Bottom line for those on the fence….take the leap cuz you will lovem!

    • They look GREAT Genevieve! Love the pink topstitching.

  • Ahh, these all look SO great! The more I see this pattern, the more I need it in my life. I’m definitely making a pair of these this summer!

  • These are all just so amazing! I’m going to get over my fear of trousers this year, I’m going to get over my fear… I need to keep telling myself this and get on with it!

  • These are all awesome! Such a great pattern!

  • For someone taking the initial dive into sewing jeans, which would you recommend, Ginger or Morgan?

    • Hmmm… construction wise they’re the same, although the button fly on Morgan is probably easier to sew than a fly front. If you’re nervous about fitting I think Ginger might be a little easier since stretch denim is so forgiving…

  • Rose in SV

    What weight denim do you recommend for Morgan jeans? I bought the pattern and I’m trying to source the fabric using an online source. Can you please advise?

    Thanks! Rose

    • Hi Rose! You can use light to heavy weight fabric (light being like a suiting weight linen, heavy being like a 12-15 oz denim….) Hope that helps!

      • Rose in SV

        Thank you!