The Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit in peach lace // handmade by Closet Case Patterns
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More Harriet Bras!

I was going through my photo library this week and realized I totally forgot to blog about some of the Harriet bras I made in a bra-making spree this spring. Since these get worn at least once a week I figured it was appropriate to talk about how much I love them.

The Harriet Bra from Cloth Habit is hands down my favourite bra pattern ever. I talked about my fitting process in this post, and now that I have that taken care of, I know I can bang a few of these out anytime the fancy strikes me. One of my favourite things about bra-making is how fast it is; once you get the techniques down you can easily make a few in an afternoon. I spent a lot of time this year sourcing beautiful laces and notions, so I’m set for a good long while (or until the next time Tailor Made Shop releases new kits).

This pretty lady is one of my favourites. Since it’s fleshy coloured, it works well under white shirts, which is a nice alternative to the gross beige “tshirt” bra I was often wearing before this one entered the rotation. The lace and strap elastic are from Bra Maker’s Supply, but most of the other notions have been picked up here and there over the years. I buy blush pink elastics whenever I find them since they look beautiful in coordinating and contrasting configurations. I never knew I was a lace bra girl, but Harriet has me hooked. They’re just so darned pretty, and even a basic outfit feels a little elevated when I know I’ve got one on underneath.

I also wanted to experiment with making Harriet using other fabrics since the texture of lace often shows up under thin fabric. The most common bra cup fabric is duoplex, and while I think it can often look cheap, it has the perfect amount of stability and doesn’t require any special treatment. I got a half yard of black duoplex from Bramaker’s and used some of it for my third attempt at this pattern.

To jazz this bra up a little, I used a lined stretch lace for the cradle in addition to the duoplex cups. I like the break in texture and it makes the bra seem a little higher end. The notions and powernet are from BraMakers as well, but I dyed them a rich paprika using acid dyes from Dharma Trading. The colour came out a little more vivid than I intended and I worried that the combined effect was a little too Moulin Rouge, but this bra has grown on me and is a great choice when I need something smooth to wear under dark shirts. My biggest regret is not switching to a matching thread for the band; I think the black contrast zig zag looks a little too homemade. I also wish I had dyed a hook and eye set to match. Lesson learned.

These two ladies along with my white lace Harriet are the bras I wear the most. Because the fit is so perfect on me (hard to tell on my dressmakers form but it’s true!) they are truly comfortable. I never have that digging in feeling, or feel the need to whip my bra off as soon as I get home (par for the source with rtw bras). Making bras is truly an investment in your own happiness.

What’s your favourite bra pattern? And any suggestions for cup fabrics I could use that aren’t lace or duoplex?

  • Oooh…your blush lace Harriet is so pretty! So, is the lace lined? Does it feel scratchy? I haven’t made any bras with the lace I’ve been collecting {how does that even happen?} because I’m all about smooth finishes.

    I’m still finding my way towards my favourite bra. I’ve made several Shelley bras that i wear all the time and I’ve made one Boylston bra that I’m waiting on wires for. I’m definitely going to try the Marlborough and the Harriet because I’m beginning to understand that you really gotta just try them in order to find that perfect one!

    • I lined the lower part but the upper part is unlined. It has some stretch so its actually super comfy.

  • Cadi

    Love! I made a Harriet two weeks ago and LOVE how pretty and supportive it is. I made my wearable muslin with cups made out of two layers of sheer white bra tulle and its so. Damn. Sexy. But comfortable! I can’t get over it. That paprika color you dyed your powernet is gorgeous, btw!

    • I have to try this with tulle! I totally forgot I have some black tulle in my stash. Emerald Erin mad ea gorgeous one I’ve been pining after for ever.

  • Awesome sauce! Sadly I had no luck with this pattern. I knew it going in since it is best for fuller bust than my humble As.

    Ilove lace but I also like sporty style…so maybe simple mesh Harriet?

    • I would love to make this with tule or mesh! Something clean and modern could be great.

    • Ryan Patterson

      The Fenway bra pattern by Orange Lingerie looks like it works well on small bust sizes and I think it has a pretty sporty look but can look delicate too depending on what materials you choose.

  • Ann

    Nice bras. I noticed you previously mentioned a “mother in law”. OMG!!!! Congratulations!! You finally tied the knot, and formally joined the family!! Wishing you all the best – hope you will post photos of the wedding soon!

    • Hahaha we’re not married but they sort of feel like official in-laws since I’m basically the second daughter now. Mother in law is just easier to say! We’ll probably never get married. He’s too French and doesn’t believe in it, and I only want to get married so I can wear a fabulous dress so I don’t really care either way 😉

  • I’m all about bra tulle as my favourite bra making fabric 🙂 Love your new additions to the bra wardrobe

    • I tried to make one like your gorgeous black tulle one BUT it was for another bra pattern and it turned out too small. But its gorgeous, I need to give it to one of my smaller boobed friends and make another!