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Meet our Latest Pants Pattern: the Sasha Trousers!

I’ve had my dream pants pattern in mind for a while now. They would be slim fitting with a little stretch. Perfectly casual in a cotton twill, or professional and chic in stretch suiting. The kind of pants that make every outfit feel polished and pulled together, whether paired with fancy heels or comfortable brogues. You know. Desert island pants. TNT pants. Holy grail pants.

I think our new Sasha Trousers are those pants. Destined to become your new can’t-live-without-them bottoms, they are based on the same great fitting block as our best-selling Ginger Jeans. Featuring a comfy mid-rise, contour waistband, and slim, tapered leg in two lengths, they’re our modern answer to the classic cigarette pant question.

Sasha Trousers Pattern // Ultimate pants pattern // Closet Case PatternsSasha Trousers Pattern // Ultimate pants pattern // Closet Case Patterns

View A is a full-length pant with a classic slashed pocket and tummy slimming pocket stay, holding all your bits in place.  Add single welt pockets along the back for a classic trouser detail; ours have a totally clean finish on the inside, and are surprisingly fun to sew.

I love the proportion of our slim waistband, while darts in the back help create shaping at the waist. We’ve added buttons to our welt pockets, but they can also be left off for a cleaner, more minimal look.

Sasha Trousers Pattern // Ultimate pants pattern // Closet Case PatternsSasha Trousers Pattern // Ultimate pants pattern // Closet Case Patterns

View B is a breeze to make. We’ve omitted all the bells and whistles for a simple cropped trouser; even the most beginner of sewists could tackle these pants with confidence. Add a pressed crease along the length of the leg for a crisp, polished detail.

Sasha Trousers Pattern // Ultimate pants pattern // Closet Case PatternsSasha Trousers Pattern // Ultimate pants pattern // Closet Case PatternsSasha Trousers Pattern // Cropped pants pattern // Closet Case Patterns

As I mentioned last week, we slightly updated our Ginger pattern (you can read more about that here). Those changes are present in our Sasha Trousers; Sasha fits similarly through the waist and hip, although the waistband is more contoured.  Since Sasha is meant to be slim fitting with some negative ease, it’s important to choose a fabric with enough stretch. We recommend fabrics with at least 20% crosswise stretch, or a minimum of 2% lycra. Since stretch wovens differ widely, I highly suggest basting the sides seams before trying on your final pant; you may find they need to be taken in or let out slightly depending on the stretch in the fabric.

While we’re not doing a full sewalong for this pattern (partly because the instructions are some of our most exhaustively written to date) we will be covering all the tricky bits in the coming month, including fabric selection and tutorials on sewing the welts, slash pockets, fly front zipper and waistband. I am also planning an epic pants fitting post. If this is something that makes you nervous, I’ll be providing loads of resources to make this as painless as possible. In my experience, stretch woven pants are much easier to fit than non-stretch, so this will be a great pattern to dip your toe into pants-making.

I am sooooo excited about this pants pattern! I’ve got two pairs nearly finished for myself so I’ll finally have some alternatives to jeans this fall. I’ve frequently felt the absence of a dressier pant in my life, and I know Sasha will be the thing I reach for whenever I want to feel a little more pulled together. I know this is a pattern many of you have requested, so we hope you’re as jazzed as we are about this release!




ps. This pattern is named after Sasha, who writes the ever inspiring blog Secondo Piano. With the fastidiousness of a craftsperson and the sharp eye of a designer, Sasha has an utterly original sense of cool, tailored style that makes us want to move to Italy and learn all we can from her.

Sasha Trousers Pattern // Our ultimate pants pattern! // Closet Case Patterns
  • Steph

    This literally just answered my prayers. I am about to lose my beloved cigarette pants (bought from TJ Maxx 10 years ago?) to polyester shreds coming through the fabric. I was hemming and hawing about saving up for Elizabeth Suzann Cecilia’s. And then you dropped this pattern. THANK YOU!

  • Oh these are just lovely! I’ve already got a well fitting block for non-stretch pants, so I’ll be very keen to try these as a stretch option! Looking forward to your upcoming posts, especially on fabric selection and the versions you’ve already sewn! 🙂

    • Ooh I’d love to see a fastidious Melanie take on this pattern 😉

  • Suzanne

    OMG – Heather Lou you are killing it this year with the AMAZING pattern releases… I love how you have effectively released a mini-capsule wardrobe that transcends seasons. I can’t wait to see whats next!!!

    • What a lovely compliment Suzanne! I never thought of our releases this year being a capsule wardrobe but now that I think about it, that totally makes sense! I should accidentally try to do that every year hahaha.

  • These really do look terrific. Very exciting!

  • Heather these are fecking amazing. I’ve just been lamenting that my current work trousers no longer fit but not knowing where to find more of the same style – and here this pattern is!

  • Lisa

    Well done. These are really lovely.

  • yippee!

  • cmg16

    I am so excited to try these. they look a lot like my favorite (ecru brand) work pants. As someone with, ahem, muscular, calves, I always have to size way up in the waist to get pants I can actually pull on. Can’t wait to try making my own.

    • Yay! You may find you need a full calf adjustment but I’ll be covering that in an upcoming post!

  • This pattern drop made my day! I also have a well-fitting non-stretch pant block, but you’ve hit upon another essential piece of my work wardrobe. Quick question: since I have already made (and love) the Ginger Jeans pattern (non-updated version) would you recommend starting with that size in the Sasha Trousers? I’m asking since my measured size was larger than the size I ended up sewing in the Ginger and I love the fit. Thank You!

    • I would probably go with the size you used for Ginger. The grading is consistent between the two, but it may depend on what fabric you go with; I find sizing can vary a bit depending on the drape and stretch of your fabric, so its always best to baste and try on before finalizing your side seams.

  • Lauren

    Love love love!

  • Yyyyyeeeesssssss! Oh i do love your pattern releases – i see some spring floral print ones!