Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files
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I‘m writing this post from the sofa of a near and dear friend (I’ve been sleeping on it), halfway through a busy and beautiful tour of Canada’s west coast. There have been hikes, wine giggles, sushi, a little rain, meetings with sewing friends, and so so so much coffee (I’ve been spamming instagram with pictures of mountains and oceans if you’re curious). There has also been near constant heartburn which I always and only seem to get the minute I go on vacation. I think it’s a Type A allergic reaction to leisure.

I had an overly ambitious plan to sew a travel capsule wardrobe before I left, but I only managed to make two of the dozen or so projects I had jotted down in a sewing fever dream. This linen baby was one of them. I was in need of a sleek little coat to feel put together while living out of a suitcase, and for the approximately one and a half weeks of appropriately cool weather I can expect upon my return to Montreal at the end of the month. Thankfully, it’s Sewing Indie Month and I had an excuse to finally tackle the “bucket list” Moto Chic Jacket from SBCC patterns. Betsy sent me the pattern and I experimented with adding some rock n’ roll zippers at the wrist; the tutorial is live on her blog now.

Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case FilesLinen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case FilesBagging a lining // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files

There are a few motorcycle jacket patterns out there but I love the soft ruffle on this one – it nips in the waist and gives you a very va-va-voom shape, especially from the back. That combination of hard and soft will always be alluring. I made her with a lovely herringbone linen I bought in a huge Craigslist haul a few years back. It’s the same stuff I used for the zipper tab on my Cascade coat and it’s lovely stuff; medium weight with a crisp hand and basically in lust with the iron. Rather than a silk or bemberg lining, I went for fun with a bright cotton wax print voile from Vlisco. All the various zips came from my zipper box.

Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files

The zipper at the sleeve is a fun detail, and I love how it looks against the bright pop of the lining.

Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case FileszWrist zipper // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case FilesMoto Chic Zipper sleeve tutorial-27

The drafting for this pattern is pretty much impeccable. Betsy is a master draftswoman and it shows – the sleeve is a thing of beauty. Since she drafts for petites, I did have to make a few tweaks to the pattern. I lengthened the body by 1″ and the sleeves by 1/2″; I think the overall fit is pretty good considering I forwent a muslin.

Linen motorcycle jacket // Moto Chic Jacket Pattern // Closet Case Files

As far as jackets go, I found this project pretty speedy since there is no real tailoring, per se. The sleeves had barely any ease built in (LOVE) so setting those babies in was a snap. The trickiest part was probably installing the zipper and bagging the lining since the hip ruffle stymied my usual method. I had to do quite a bit of hand stitching at all the weird little corners my machine couldn’t reach. The instructions lean towards the sparse side, so I would recommend this pattern for more intermediate stitchers; if you’ve had experience making jackets before, you shouldn’t have a problem figuring it out.

I’ve been wearing it A LOT on this trip and feel super chic even when I’m sleeping on couches and air drying my hair because apparently you west coast granola types (I’m speaking directly to my best friends right now) DON’T HAVE HAIRDRYERS. *east coast shuddering*. I also failed to bring any kind of rain coat on this trip, so hopefully Portland and Seattle won’t be too cold when I’m there next week (if only I could have zipped up the new Cypress Cape from Sewaholic for my trip!) Are you working on any transitional outerwear at the moment?

  • Utterly amazing! I think that might just be my ultimate jacket! I haven’t thought about making a Moto before but that frill is just so gorgeous. I love the fabric and the zips too! I must be a West Coast granola type because I’ve never understood the fascination with hairdryers. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    • WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? It’s so damp out here maybe you have just accepted the frizz, haha.

  • Mel

    You look fantastic!! Love the shape of the motor jacket and it looks very versatile 🙂

  • Carmen Ross

    I love this jacket! It looks so expensive. I’m definitely getting this pattern.

    • It FEELS expensive! And it cost practically nothing, which is an even better feeling.

  • I love the pop of colour in the lining! I’m happy to read that you are enjoying the…at the moment…wet coast!

    • I was lucky… it only rained the last few days and I’ve been working all day anyway, haha

  • Lauren

    This is stunning! Nice work!

  • Great jacket and i love that cool lining. I love having those hidden sewing gems in our me-made items.

    • It’s a lining party and only you are invited!

  • Amy

    Love love love! Perfect west coast jacket. I could have a million of these because this is pretty much all the coat I need. But seriously, this is getting me in the mood to finally make that Cordova jacket! I was moto-ing it up and even redrafted the sleeves so there was no pouf but it is such a ufo at this point. Enjoy yourself, dear….

    • The Cordova was one of my few UFOs! I didn’t like the poofy sleeves and i think I found it had slightly too much ease so I just wadded it…. I think it has potential if you go down a size.

      • Kate

        That same thing happened with my Cordova though I still sometimes dream of a black faux leather version…

      • Amy

        Perhaps we should have a Cordova UFO revival. 🙂 I got the muslin looking very good and did take in the seams quite a bit. But at that point it was turning into spring and warm weather kills my enthusiasm for jacket projects. I probably have room for one a year. Must start now.

  • Amy

    You look fabulous in your new jacket. I always plan out jackets but then never find the time to start. I’m so glad you found the time to make this one in time for your vacation. I’m sure you have a full schedule once you hit the states, but if you’re making time to hang out with any Seattle sewing bloggers when you’re in the area, I’d love to say hello. – Amy of Sew Well

  • Sophie

    OMG Heather. I could not love this any more. How have I not even noticed this little beauty before? The fabric you’ve chosen is so beautiful too. And the cut. And the fit. And the zippers! I really wanted to insert some into the sleeves of the Republique Du Chiffon Bernadette jacket but never got around to it. Gorgeous make me lady!

    • Thanks Sophie! I really like the zipper in a two piece sleeve since it falls at a more natural part of the arm…. I should check that pattern out because now I have jacket fever.

  • didyoumakethat

    I really love this! I’ve been wanting to make a biker style jacket for ages, and this may be the one. LOVE the lining and the tweed.

    • Awww, thanks lady. I could totally see you rocking this pattern.

  • What a beautiful jacket! I want one! Really…I think I’ll do it for next spring (from now on unfortunately only fall and winter projects). I made my first jacket last spring, so maybe it will be easier to sew it up. Your version is amazing, so rock and chic at the same time. It’s perfect!

    • Thank you Martina! It’s a great choice for a spring coat.

  • mokosha

    such a cool jacket, love the zippers! and that pic with hair in the air is priceless!

    • Thanks love! Guillaume is always making me do things with my hair.

  • No hairdryers?! What savagery is that?!

    (ps nice jacket, doll)

    • Everyone hear is so painfully laidback it makes me deeply uncomfortable.

      • I’ll be extra anxious for you, to compensate.

  • Aura Oriano

    Have a hairdryer, rarely use it. I never realized that I was a West Coast granola type!

    Love the SBCC Moto~ I’ve been side eyeing it for ages but can’t touch anything until I finish lining my Rigel. Sigh. That is one fun jacket you’ve made!

  • Gorrrrgeous.

    I am firmly in the hairdryer (& occasional curling rod, even!) camp myself.

  • Emily Kate

    Ooh that is one stylish jacket, I love the zips!. I’ve got plans for a couple of jackets this autumn, could really do with a new winter coat but not sure there’s time!

  • Love this project! Just the right amount of interesting details and classic style.

    I can’t speak for everybody but my thinking is “what’s the point of drying your hair if you’re just going to step out into light misty rain that fluffs it all up again?” Also, I’m terribly lazy and willing to do the socially accepted minimum – sometimes less – in terms of appearance.

  • This jacket looks great on you and I love the little details. The added zips, the super bright lining – they make it so special! I think you better buy yourself an umbrella – I have never been to Seattle when it didn’t rain.
    Also I always need a hairdryer!

  • Ohhhhhhh this is so gorgeous!!! I’d love to try something like this next season but we’re all going to be trapped indoors slave to air conditioned comfort soon enough down here so perhaps another bombshell would be more suitable for me right now.

  • I have no words! So nice, linen is my fave.

  • honigdesign

    Super chic indeed! Great look, enjoy the rest of your hols…

  • Margo Bergman

    Oh my gosh ! This jacket is seriously stunning! I absolutely love it!

  • erin

    Love the jacket! It looks great and I always appreciate a bold surprise lining. Luckily here in Seattle we should have sunshine next week so you won’t be cursing the name of Cypress in the rain at all. FYI carrying an umbrella will instantly label you as “not from here.” I never thought about the hair dryer thing, then again I rarely use the one I have. And my previous one magically appeared in college – I still have no idea where or how it came to be. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  • I love love love the inside of that jacket! Of course the outside is pretty awesome too! And coffee…I could drink it day and night. And I like it strong which is so weird b/c I never even drank coffee until I got married 23 years ago at 30 years old. My husband’s grandma said, “Honey, you are going to have to start drinking coffee so we can sit and chat.” Haha! We lived with my grandmother who was from England so we grew up drinking tea…which I don’t love now. Enjoy your vacation & the lack of blow dryers! I don’t use one except maybe to get the dripping moisture out of my hair with a diffuser. But it’s curly so…

  • I spent the afternoon with some Toronto blogging friends, and we all agreed how gorgeous this jacket is! Love it! And love the lining!!!

  • What a gorgeous jacket!!!

  • YAAAASSSSSS Hair Flip!!!! that pic is everything!

  • Love it! I have a Biba biker jacket of similar style (new Biba, not vintage!) and I absolutely adore it. Would love to try this pattern to see if I could create something similar to that.

  • Oh man I loooooooove this jacket!!!! I have a pattern for a similar project but I’ll probably never get around to making it lol. So it goes. Oh well, at least I can look at yours in admiration and envy! …I’m envious of both the jacket and the hair flip (I’ve got nothing to flip lol)! So glamorous and badass at the same time 😉

  • This is fabulous!! What a great jacket! But I’m still cringing at the thought of life without a blow dryer… noooooooo!!!

  • Monserratt Lopez

    I love it!!! The lining is gorgeous!!! <3

  • Ags