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I‘m one of those people who get obsessed with new ideas and have a hard time thinking about anything else. Even though I’m trying to finish work on the new pattern, I can’t stop googling…. linen.

You might remember one of my last projects was a linen dress. It was the first time I had ever worked with the fabric and I LOVED sewing with it. Even though it was a heavyweight upholstery, there was something so organic and sensual about the feeling of it in my hands.

I’ve been in dire need of a new duvet cover for a while. I’ve got so much on my plate these days I came very close to pulling the trigger on one from Ikea, but I have a hard time buying things I suspect I should be making. I started thinking about how lovely a lightweight, warm grey linen duvet cover would be…. and thus fell down the linen rabbit hole. I hope I don’t suck you into my vortex with the following images.

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I haven’t been this filled with longing for anything since I can remember (not counting my daily earning for Vitamin D). All the reading I’ve been doing about linen bedding isn’t helping, either. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, linen sheets get softer and cozier as they age and can last a lifetime. The naturally dyed tones are very appealing as well, as my love of monochrome seems to be taking over my life. And I can’t get over how cozy and sexy those rumpled beds look. This may be my recent case of insomnia talking, but those beds look like a heaven I would never want to leave….

So, the sewist dilemma. To make or to buy? I figured out a standard duvet cover would take a minimum of 6 yards, plus more for matching shams. That, plus the cost of shipping, means somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. Sheets are trickier, since you don’t want a seam running down the center. I’ve only found one source for 120″ wide lightweight linen and at another 6-7 yards, it’s going to be at least $150 for the material alone. *Sounds of me crying in my worthless cotton-sheeted bed*

On the other hand, there seem to be a number of high quality linen bedding suppliers on Etsy…. peep this gorgeousness….


Most of these sellers are operating out of Europe (primarily Eastern Europe) and are often much cheaper than what you’d get at Restoration Hardware, so if you do want to buy, at least you’d be supporting a small business.

I know it’s the kind of luxury I’d enjoy for years but I’m having a hard time deciding whether to buy or make. On that note…

  • Does anyone have any tips for sourcing high quality, reasonably priced linen? It seems difficult to find fabric wide enough to make sheets with. I don’t mind seams on the duvet, but I’m not sure if it’s better to go with a light or medium weight and I’m not sure what to be looking for to ensure it’s the right weave and quality for bedding.
  • Have you ever slept on linen? Are the tactile fantasies I am currently consumed with grossly unrealistic?
  • Have you ever made your own sheets? Was it worth the effort?

Dish please!

  • katherine

    I’ve made duvet covers before using sheet sets – not sure if linen sheet sets can be found for less than the material cost would be to just buy the fabric. But- if you get the size larger than your bed (to ensure enough yardage) it’s a nice mix between DIY and store bought and takes care of the fabric width issue.

    • I will keep an eye out for linen sheets on discount…. maybe I’ll strike gold!

  • BillKRodriguez

    I’ve only found one source for 120″ wide lightweight linen and at another 6-7 yards, it’s going to be at least $150 for the material alone. It seems I could find a duvet cover and sheet set on Ebay for around the same price so I’m not sure I’ll actually save any money making them myself. http://s6x.it/l521

  • Marina

    I have linen sheets and they are the best thing I’ve ever bought for myself. My dude isn’t as big a fan—he thinks they look sloppy—but they are so soft and snuggly that I don’t care.

    • So jealous! Your dude should appreciate the soft and snuggly sheets and the soft and snuggly lady in them. My fella is on board – I sent him some inspo photos and he was like YES PLEASE. But I think the French are basically born in linen so it wasn’t a tough sell.

  • Veronik

    Everything they say about linen bedding is true – I have fabulous friends who stripped their own bed so that I could experience sleeping on linen (they even pressed them first). It was wonderfully cozy and it has been my intention to make a set since. For the record, theirs came from restoration hardware and felt like a medium weight.
    That said, I think 8 meters of 120″ might suffice. I found an entry on Wikipedia about bedding sizes that would indicate that it would be possible to fit at least pillowcases and perhaps shams along the side since some of the sheets measure less than 100″ in width. I’ve also considered side seams for a more economic alternative. Maybe I’ll luck out and find linen at fabricville during one of their 3 for 1 sales…

    • I went to a Fabricville store closing and they had absolutely no linen. I find that store really upsetting – EVERYTHING is synthetic. I stumbled across a few bolts of silk noil and almost died of astonishment!

  • I am currently lying between my linen sheets which were a 40th birthday gift. They are amazing! I also have a second cheaper set which are no where near as nice…there is linen and then there is linen! Go with what is a heavier weight rather than a cheaper product. No cheap sources that I know of. Tessuti do have some instructions on their blog on making sheets and they do sell wide linen also. Good luck!

    • I’m so jealous of your linen wealth. Thanks for the Tessuti tip!

      • You are welcome! Good luck with your hunt.

  • Jennifer R

    I have made a linen duvet cover, I found wide width linen at a close out price on fabric.com many years ago but even if it was $2 a yard I felt like I needed to calculate the length needed carefully and the yardage for a complete sheet set adds up. Actually sewing the cover even with hidden snap closure and corner ties was of course very easy but cumbersome and time consuming. Just ironing that much fabric is cumbersome. The fabric I had was medium weight 108″ wide and I needed five yards for a queen size cover (90″x94″). My impression of buying sheets is that the cost nearly entirely reflects the cost of the fabric as the sewing is very simple. If you could find a good price on flat sheets you would essentially be buying fabric and unless you can find a true wholesale price on fabric, you may not be able to do any better as yardage. I calculated a queen sheet set requires 6 1/2 yards of fabric at least 104″ wide, king is 7 1/2. A king duvet (94″x108″) requires a little more than 6 yds. Hope you can find a great source for fabric, but don’t feel bad if you have to buy ready made, I think it’s one case where sewing yourself may not save much. Even though I found a great price on fabric I’m sure I let it sit at least two years before I tackled the job of sewing it. But I do love my cover, I washed it yesterday, it’s holding up nicely and has all the qualities you described.

    • Thanks for the reinforcement. I think I’ll end up splurging and buying a set, just to save myself from all that straight stitching and ironing!

  • I never bought linen yet but I found some wide width on Etsy and thought of you : http://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/83596722/extra-wide-pure-linen-fabric-grey-sand

    • Thanks Caro! That linen looks INCREDIBLE! So expensive though…. going to have to pray for a sale.

  • I don’t think I could motivate myself to sew all the straight seams involved in bedding, but linen sheets sound really luxurious! I’m interested to see what you decide to do!

  • Aunty Maimu

    I sew my own liniens/bedding all the time! Where I live a whole set for a king size bed costs a lot of money…like 70€ and more if you want extra nice sheets.
    It takes me about 4h with two breaks in it to sew a whole set with 6 pillow cases. We like them pillows here. I save arround 45€ with each set. I buy the fabric when stores have big sales

    • that’s not so bad! I was thinking it would take way more time to make a set but I suppose all the straight seams go pretty quickly…. but it’s like knitting a lot of stockinette stitch – hard to get excited about it!

  • Oh man I am fully in the linen vortex after reading this post and the comments. Where I live, most things are ridiculously expensive so $100 for a linen duvet cover sounds like a bargain to me! I have to admit that most of the clothes I make end up being pretty expensive and not that economical, but it’s the making that I find so fulfilling so I don’t really mind. I think I’m headed straight for the linen section next time my local fabric store has a sale! Good luck and share any tips if you end up making it all yourself!

  • Ahhh they are all so amazing! I didn’t think I could feel this way about a duvet cover.
    I agree that $100 for a linen duvet cover is still amazingly cheap. It’s hard enough to find nice 100% cotton bedding for that price, in Australia anyway. But oh my, the ironing…
    Very interested in what you end up doing!

    • Ironing? NOPE. I do so much pressing in my sewing practice I refuse to iron outside of it, haha. Plus I LOVE how wrinkled linen looks (on a bed anyway). And I empathize with your Australian prices – friends have told me EVERYTHING is way more expensive than here.

  • Sounds perfectly fabulous! I was going to suggest fabric.com too, they have very reasonably priced linen. I reckon it would be worth it … the luxury! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    • I bought some ponte from them once and it was SOOOO terrible it kind of tainted them for me. I wonder if I can order swatches from them?

  • Jane

    I have recently been searching for wide linen as I’m on exactly the same bent as you. Tessuti were selling wide linen from Italy but it looks like they have sold out (it didn’t come up in a recent search). I’m the same as you- the cost to purchase is more or less the same as to sew and I would hate to but a whole lot of fabric online, only to find the quality is so so.

    • Thats the thing, innit? Scared to buy without touching.

  • OO OOO OOOOO. okay i am so not a cheerleader for home dec (straight lines make me pyscho) but i just went to a store downtown that has sheet widths, and tons of natural fibers. pretty cheap too.


    don’t know if they ship but i think they’re definitely worth a call!

    • Maybe something to check out if I come for a visit this year, HMMMM?

  • Kathryn

    Bedsheets will get a lot of use, so $100-150 might break down into a pretty reasonable cost-per-use, maybe better than lots of items of clothing. Might be worth splurging on! 😉

    • I think so! I just gotta bite the bullet.

  • About 6 months ago, I lashed out and bought a whole set of linen bedding from sheridan.com.au. I only have one set of sheets, one doona cover, and several pillowcases, as well as the beautiful bed cover, and I cannot bring myself to use any of my other albeit beautiful cotton bedding! Sheridan has a 40% off sale on everything this weekend, I don’t know whether you can also get it in the US, but it’s worth having a look. The range is called Abbotson, and I absolutely highly recommend it! Beautiful in summer, gorgeous in winter, I sleep like a baby, and I smile every night when I get into bed. I really do!

    • Helene, I’m this close to selling a kidney so I can get into an all linen bed.

      • Yeah, I’d almost say it’s worth it! I’m trying to figure out a way I can get away with buying a second set now. I’m drooling over the stunning bed linen on the Ink & Spindle site!

  • ZoSews

    I’m dreaming of linen bedding too. But like you, $$$ has put me off! Love to know what any linen sleeping people think.

    • I’m going to my friends house soon to “test” her linen bed. Will report back.

  • Lynda

    I splurged and bought set of linen sheets 2 years ago and I wouldn’t sleep in anything else now – I wash and dry and put straight back on bed. Definitely keep you cooler in summer and warm and cosy in winter. They were exorbitantly expensive (here in NZ anyway – $500/set) but totally worth it. Have been searching for fabric to make my own but no luck with wide enough fabric and adding on freight to NZ would be no cheaper than buying a set ready made.

    • I’ve heard EVERYTHING is really expensive in your neck of the woods. My friend told me strawberries were $8 a basket and I cried a little for her. But linen sheets in New Zealand sounds like what heaven would be like.

      • Haha I’m in NZ too. Strawberries can be had for $2.49 in summer so it’s not all bad! Come and visit!

  • sallieforrer

    Those pictures just make me want to crawl back into bed! Sigh…
    Sadly, I don’t think I’m any help here. I will say that I’d be more inclined to buy my home dec stuff than make it. I’ve gone back and forth on this a lot, but I just know that even if I buy all the supplies I’ll constantly put off the MAKING of the thing forever – or until Nick tells me he can no longer live without sheets on the bed, or something, and then I’ll verrrryyyy grudgingly make it and bitch and moan about it the entire time. Fun for all, really. And if you don’t think it’s really saving you THAT much $$ then I’d say save your precious sewing time for some pretty dresses and go the instant gratification route on this one. Either way though, you’ve pretty much just sold me on the fact that I need linen bedding now too.

    • I’m probably going to end up buying sheets, but will try to make the duvet cover. Because momma doesn’t want to sew straight seams for a week.

  • Christina Mano

    Hi, just wanted to weigh in on the linen bedding. I have made my own duvet covers in linen with matching pillow cases. I didn’t have an issue with centre seams as my hubby and I each have our own duvet (this is standard for couples in Norway…the bed looks less neat but noone can hug/steal the covers;-) Anyway…I just wanted to point you in the direction of the book “French General: Home sewn”. It has several sewing bedroom projects in linen including sheets with a centre seam. I have made those and don’t find the seam irritating, and it also meant that the fabric was way cheaper than a larger width. I have seen not too expensive linen on the bolt at Ikea but bought mine in Norway at stoffogstil.no. If you are unsure whether you will love linen bedding, you could try it out with a cheaper linen/cotton blend. It will still have a lot of the same qualities and properties as pure linen but will be gentler on your wallet. On a side note, the linen tends to be more stiff to begin with but will soften as it ages. I use vinegar and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil in my softener dispenser when I wash my bedding and hang dry outside. Just wonderful to sleep in your own handmade linen bedding 🙂 Best of luck in your linen bedding foray!


    • So many great tips! Lavender scented sheets? PERFECTION! I must visit Norway, especially if it means I don’t have to fight over blankets with my boyfriend and can find real linen at Ikea! (Their fabric selection is not nearly as lovely here, clearly).

  • Sara

    I made a duvet cover once from linen, but I was an idiot and tried to dye the linen first and it didn’t end up looking at all like I wanted… I got my linen from a shop in Vancouver (not much help to you) on Fraser St. It was just a small one that sold tons of high quality linen and sari fabrics. I could find out the name if you wanted! Not sure if they ship but maybe someone in Vancouver could pick some up from you and send it to you. It was super incredible quality, very wide, and not too expensive if I’m remembering correctly…

    • I’m REALLY impressed you tried to dye that much fabric (even if it didn’t work out….) Dying is tricky business! I’m rarely happy with the final result, unless I spend an hour or so spot testing a million versions.

    • Cyrena Wray

      I would love love love to have the name of that shop. I am heading to Vancouver specifically to shop for linen fabric. An artist friend and I have been designing some everyday linen dresses to sell in her shop/studio. thanks!

  • Peggy

    I am a linen fanatic . . . seriously. I get all my linen from fabrics-store.com. It’s reasonably priced, they offer free samples, different weights, gorgeous colors, weekly sales, and great customers service. I made a duvet cover last summer out of their lightweight linen as well as a heavier weight coverlet from their rustic linen (to protect the duvet from the dogs) and in the summer we just use the coverlet while in winter we use both. I used 12 yards of fabric, purchased on sale (17% off), so the price was about $7.50 per yard (of course, you could always use a sheet for the bottom which would bring down your cost and amount of work). French seams and ties instead of buttons (I’m lazy that way) finished it off. I love it and it was super easy. You can’t beat the price either. I’m thinking of making sheets since we have a king bed and I don’t think a middle seam won’t bother us.

    • Hi Peggy. That site is AMAZING. Can you recommend a weight? It’s nice to see ounces there but I’m not sure what is the best weight for sheets and a duvet cover. Thanks for the tip! And jealous of your king size bed!

      • Kristin Fish

        I’ve purchased linen from this site a couple of times and was happy with the product. I’ve emailed them before about sheets (I’ve had the same obsessions you’ve expressed here–so glad someone blogged about it!) and they recommended the IL019 medium weight. They’re responsive too–it may be worth corresponding/discussing with them. I wonder if they would ever consider stocking linen sheeting so we who are obsessed could DIY some bedding?

  • Jean Sands

    I too am a linen fanatic. I love the old vintage ones with the gorgeous embroideries on it. Of course I do have a slight advantage in finding those since I live in France. Ok, so here is the deal with linen sheets. people do not like them since they have to be ironed. If you are like me and do not have the time, know that linen is heavy and it irons its self if folded neatly. I wash my sheets in the washer, warm water, but I do not dry them fully in the dryer. I dry them only until they are nice and steamy and then I fold them and hang them. Yes it is an extra hassle but worth it for the longevity of the sheets. Dryers can kill linen faster than anything. On the bed, and I am talking vintage here, they are warmer than normal cotton sheets but are oh so comfy. I would rate them better than sleeping on those expensive cotton ones. they soften as they are used on the bed so every day is better than the last. I can only imagine that the new “washed” linen sheets are wonderful as well. If you make them yourself, you will need the thicker linen. Nothing worse than tearing sheets since the fabric is not heavy enough to handle the tossing and turning that goes on at night. Also know that linen dyes beautifully so that if you find white linen on sale, it can be dyed so easily. Let us know what you decide!

    • Ann

      Hi Jean: I too am new and in the process of learning about the different types of linen. You mentioned in your post that you need a heavier linen for sheets. Will a medium linen work? I have looked at the linen used for sheets and to me it appears to be a bit to sheer. I am looking at buying vs sewing it myself. good quality linen fabrics 118 inches wides runs $50-53 for Irish linen, I have seen european linen here in the US for for $30 a yard.

  • i love linen too! i have 2 dresses not yet blogged that are both linen. good luck with the bedding!

  • Susan Buchanan

    I have a linen duvet cover from Muji and it’s my favorite thing! It’s beautiful and comfortable and I love it.

  • Ann T.

    I make my bed linens, and can recommend http://www.mcssl.com/store/gray-lines-linen-inc as an excellent source for all types and weights of fabric. They sell sample charts at a reasonable price, making it easy to compare colors, textures and weights. As for making sheets (which I have not done), you don’t need to sew a seam down the middle. For my duvet covers, I always sew the top with one full width (60″) center panel. Then, I cut a second full width in half lengthwise, and sew it to each side. In that way, although there are two vertical seams, they hit at each edge of a Queen size bed, and are completely inconspicuous. This work work very well for sheets. If you go to the trouble to sew french seams, they will look good on both sides. For the under side of my duvets, I like to run two pieces of fabric the full width of the duvet, and install a zipper in the middle. It never shows, and makes it easy to put the duvet inside, without having to reach too far in. Finally, I like to run a bias-wrapped welt cord all the way around the perimeter. You have said you prefer the look of wrinkled linen, but I like it to be pressed and tidy, so I made my duvet with linen upholstery fabric. It is warm, heavy, and requires almost no maintenance. I don’t even find that I need to iron it after washing!

    • I recently purchased linen sheets from Restoration Hardware and they are SO stiff any suggestions for softening?

      • Hot water and vinegar! They get softer with each wash.

      • LisaMO

        Wash at least 10 times, but this will soften JUST A BIT, o search for a stonewashing in your area – than they will be extra soft.

  • Valerie

    I too am loosing sleep over linen sheets these days, we must be on the same biorythm!
    I also decided I would’t pay that much for a set and its delivery… so I’ll be sewing pretty soon!
    Myself, I sew like Ann T. for all my bedding on a queen size (sheets, duvets covers, etc.) with a seam on each side of a solid 60-ish inches center (half width on each side, minus a quarter width on each side only for the fitted sheet, and depending on depth of pockets).
    Never sewed linen for sheets before, but being frugal will take me to Ikea for the fabric (and there IS linen by the yard at Ikea, in your area – AINA 57″ width, in white, gray or oatmeal at 7.99$/yard which would bring you close to 100$ for the fitted and flat sheets).
    But since I might want mine light pink, I could even be tempted to use two sets of AINA soft pink linen curtain panels (57×98) at 60$ea, which comes down to about 120$ to do the job, with the possible added bonus of a couple of pillow cases!!
    Hope this helped you a bit… I can’t wait to see how your venture turns out!! I’ll stay posted to find out! Good luck and… sweet linen dreams!

  • Andrew Hoffman

    About a month ago I bought Ikea’s linen duvet cover (eBay – $20 cheaper than Ikea) and a wool-filled duvet insert. It’s the most amazing sleeping experience! While I’m sure the linen isn’t super high quality, it’s much softer than any linen shirt I’ve ever owned and isn’t scratchy.

    I wish Ikea sold linen sheets, I really hate my cotton fitted sheet and haven’t been able to find a linen fitted or flat sheet (hospital corners) for a decent price.

    • Bought the same one Andrew! I love that duvet cover and yes, Ikea needs to make linen sheets!

  • LinenLover

    Awhile back, I also fell down the rabbit hole. I’m still learning how to distinguish fine linen from good linen from cheesecloth-type linen (the latter of which is enormously popular these days, and ridiculously expensive). For new linen sheets made in the USA, often the linen is sourced from China–and the quality is inferior. I suspect that this is often the linen used by some of the super-chic “Made in USA” linen brands that sell at extravagant prices. Even if the linen is sourced from Baltic countries, the quality varies widely, depending on the mill that is used (this I sadly learned after purchasing a set of linen sheets made in a famous mill in Belarus; very rough linen (it is softening somewhat over time, but the weave is just terrible). Indian linen, as well, is mid-quality, as best. Over time, I’ve made a couple of mistakes, but am now devoted to finding high quality VINTAGE Irish, Italian, and French linen sheets. It’s important to know that the country of origin is not necessarily the country where the flax is grown, but the country where the item is woven. Still, even when the linen is high quality, it’s tricky, because, for example, even the best Irish linen sheets can be heavy and feel rough (they will certainly grow soft and utterly amazing over time, but if your desire is soft linen right off the bat, probably not your best choice). On the other hand, I recently found a couple of vintage, unused Irish linen sheets that were woven in Madeira, Portugal, and they are heavenly: smooth and with a tight weave, just gorgeous. I paid no more for them than I would have paid for that more expensive, new, and infinitely inferior (however popular) linen sheets at places like BN and RH. Vintage French linen is lovely, but you need to be aware of the difference between 100% linen and “metis” (a very durable, hard-working linen-cotton blend). I actually like metis, but some folks find it to be too “working class” (yawn). Italian linen sheets tend to be more consistently smooth and soft. In sum it’s a learning curve, to be sure. For those who wish to know more, I highly recommend The Book of Fine Linen, by Francoise de Bonneville and Marc Porthault. I lost myself in this book! But I learned so much. 🙂

    • This is one of the most epically awesome comments ever! I’ll be in France at Christmas so I’ll be on the HUNT for the good stuff! Thanks for your input!

      • LinenLover

        Happy to be of help! For brand new linen, at relatively reasonable prices (especially given the high quality), you really can’t do better than Rough Linen: http://www.roughlinen.com. If you’re searching for vintage linen, and since you’ll be in France (yay you!), you might want to check out the flea markets. I’ve read on a couple of serious linen blogs that the one at Vanves is the best for finding fine vintage linen (if you’ll be in Paris). In any case, if you find something gorgeous, hope you’ll post it for us here. 🙂 Bon Voyage! http://www.fleamarketinsiders.com/best-flea-markets-in-france/

  • Gwen

    Nothing can come close to the feel of washed linen sheets. Soft, fluffy and they even smell fresh. Love them and I have made them. I have a seam down the middle but I put my seam running horizontally on the sheet so you can’t see it at the top of the sheet. I railroad the fabric so I can get the width I need, usually 108″ for a king. So, two 108″ widths amount to 6 yards. Frankly, you never know the seam is there. I also like my sheets to be on grain, so I pull a thread across the width so that the cut is perfectly straight. A real pain, but so worth it in the end. I made one set and would take them off the bed, wash them and put them right back on. The drawback was that the bottom sheet wore out. I still have the top sheet and pillow cases, but have not gotten around to making another bottom sheet. One day…
    I buy linen for the sheets at fabric-store.com. They have many weights and you can get sample cards (tiny samples) but gives you an idea. They also have small cuts that you could order if you wanted a good size sample. $5.00 or less is a good investment to find the weight and quality you want. They also have a daily special, so if you can wait, you may get a sale price. Shipping, however, has gone sky high. Hate to pay for shipping.
    Thanks for all the sources for wide width linen. I want to make a duvet, but don’t want any seams.

  • Elizabeth

    Recently I come cross one linen brand :www.linenshed.com , they are custom making
    Pure linen bed linens and linen clothes , I am quite surprised by the beauty and price of the their quality linen product .they are using French flax linen, and owner is fench . No matter where you are locate, they can express delivery to your doorstep.After try order , I become a fan of their store .

  • Linen Shed

    Hi , i have just read your blog article and believe i may be able to help you in your crave for linen bedding and fabric by meter. I am running a workshop close to Hong Kong, and import French flax linen to make all the linens we are offering on our web store, http://www.linenshed.com
    We have now 10 colors available in 110″ width, with a weight of 180 gsm. you are most welcome to visit us and i will be happy to assist you if necessary. my name is Baudouin.

  • Marisa

    Hi Heather, thanks for posting this article as I thought I was the only one overthinking this linen thing! With all the information thus far I was wondering if you could provide any feedback on a shop I found on Etsy vs. Ikea’s linen duvet cover. The Etsy shop is: https://www.etsy.com/shop/mooshop. It’s coming from a far away land (I’m from the US and they’re in Latvia) so I want to be absolutely certain this cover is it. I know you said you have the Ikea duvet but I finally had a chance to look at it in person and it felt more rough and, well, cheap than I had imagined. Also, am I crazy for wanting to make sure the white stays white and doesn’t turn yellow over the time? Oh my god, we women are mad! Haha. Anyways the price difference is a good $160 *gulp* (both come with shams. Etsy is $220 but shipping is $45). So there you have it. If you have any other recommendations you found over time that’d be great! As my duvet is currently cover-less lol. Thanks so much!!

    • Eastern Europeans have the best Etsy linen shops! I think it just depends on budget. I think the linen from that link is probably higher quality (hard to say without seeing a sample of course) but having said that, I love my Ikea comforter. It was rough at first but I washed it in vinegar and hot water a few times to soften it up. It just gets softer with every wash. It’s so soft and cozy, I kind of want to get back into bed now…..

      • Marisa

        Hehe Thanks Heather! I will go ahead and order the Ikea duvet as it is kind of a huge price difference. I did order linen pillowcases from that Etsy shop, however. So once I get them I’d love to share with the group my review on each of the linens. I’m eager to see if there are, in fact, any differences in quality 🙂

        • Deb

          if you havent bought the ikea yet, check out over stock dot com. i recently just got a queen linen duvet and 2 shams for $161.99 (search: roxbury barrato-there are always coupons floating around, plus free shipping). it’s definitely smoother than ikea. i just got it and it’s not very soft-YET-but i love the loftiness it gives my comforter. hubby and i agree that our covers “float” on us now!

          • Deb

            roxbury park baratto (correct spelling)

      • DiscoverLinen

        I am very new with blogs. First time ever. I posted my story with linen. Has anyone heard any feedback from the Etsy MooShop?

  • DiscoverLinen

    I found this blog searching for information and comparison shopping for purchasing linen bedding. I hope it’s okay that I am not a seamstress. Never tried. I happened upon linen after purchasing a Linen sheet on ebay, along with a pair of French linen ruffled pillowcases that were listed as homemade. I’ve always purchased high quality Italian brands of Egyptian Cotton. The pillowcases arrived, and I was in love. I tucked the sheet over me, between my body and the cotton of the duvet. Wow, yes, I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole. I wrote to the ebay seller asking her where the pillowcases were sourced?? Super soft, but not lightweight and skimpy. Very high quality linen. She directed me to a site on Etsy. Since, I have tried BN duvets, a brand I found on eBay that was junk, and RH. I have also purchased many vintage French linen sheets that are dreamy. I will be ordering from the Etsy seller that was recommended to me, but have found that the more research you do, and begin comparing quality and pricing, what is the best bang for your buck. I love the messy look of some of the artesian linen crafters, but also live the printed shabby country look of BN. One poster had ran into the Moo shop from Latvia on Etsy, that is also on EBay. I’m just fearful to spend the fortune and the shipping without testimonials. If your still watching the posts, what did you think of the pillowcases from Moo Shop in Latvia? I love her look. I have ordered from a “artesian” linen crafter on eBay that is also on Etsy and I was so disappointed. The linen was thin, not soft and barely fig in my pillow. The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know. With the prices of good linen, I don’t want to buy anymore junk. I read another post from a seamstress from Norway. I aquired two single Eiderdown Duvets through friends in Iceland. We set them into the duvet cover as you do in Norway, as they do anywhere I’ve been in Iceland and Sweden. When you finally get your hands on that coveted Eiderdown, you sure want a very fine cover for it. My hubby and I also like having what is individual duvets under one cover. I spend a lot of time in Iceland, so have become accustom to a bottom sheet and your duvet cover. They never use a top sheet. So, what is my question?? Is it often to run into junky linen? Is BN not manufactured with fine linen? Last but not least, the feedback on Moo shop in Latvia? Believe me, I could start an entire blog about Eiderdown. Have never experienced anything so luxurious. I keep my room so cold you can see your breath, yet under the Eiderdown, with a linen duvet, it is heaven!

    • DiscoverLinen

      Please excuse any typos. iPads are not my friend.

      • MsMarvy

        DiscoverLinen, I’m hoping you see this post, two years later. I have spent a small fortune on linens on Etsy and I would love to know the seller you were recommended, as well as the artesan linen crafter you didn’t like?

  • Mati Senerchia

    I’ve just found the blog and am so impressed with the detailed responses. So useful! Definitely down the rabbit hole. I’d love to have an update on what you dedided to do.

    I have a thrifted linen Pottery Barn duvet cover ($8 with someone else’s monogram on it, quickly replaced with a strip of coordinating vintage linen). It’s definitely second-tier quality, not so soft, especially compared to my vintage linens, but even that feels wonderful. The duvet itself is wool, which is more than ten years old and still perfect. Unlike down, it never gets too warm, and it breathes while keeping you warm. I keep an inner thin cotton cover on it and it has so far never needed more than spot-cleaning.

    About nice things: we have always been on a squinchy budget and have never regretted spending more than we could really afford on the most important goods for daily use. Good knives and pots and sleeping in perfect comfort have been worth big but temporary sacrifices to buy sooner and start enjoying the value, and when the difference between okay quality and epic awesomeness is laid out, it’s usually not that intimidating – especially with careful shopping. I’m on the hunt for near-upholstery-weight linen or soft hemp fabric for sheets and expect them to last the rest of my life.

    • Mati Senerchia

      I forgot to mention that estate auctions can be a great source for yardage in the form of linen tablecloths with minor blemishes or yellowing. Re-sew a hem/dye/remove a worn lace edging and you’re good to go. I paid $11 for a bag of ten, some large enough to use as sheets/curtains and the rest card table sized (perfect for huge, fast-drying towels).

  • Beth Wilkes

    I would love to find some “wide” linen for sheets. I have a great source for 58 inch wide fabric that I make towels and pillowcases from. Etsy.com/shop/southernoccasions

  • joanna
    • Dot

      I ordered the linen sheet set from LinenStudioRG. They make high quality long -staple flax linens. The sheets are so cool, washed for softness and I can tell by the density -they are durable. Made in the Old World manner, finished and stitched by hand from the fine Belgian flax. Their linens must be seen and touched to be truly appreciated. We’re sleeping so well now. https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/LinenStudioRG/reviews?ref=shop_info

  • Stacie Campbell

    Just ordered some fabric from Linen Shed in the stone grey, I’ll let you all know about the quality of the fabric once I receive my order! Planning on sewing sheets myself. I went with them over Grey Line Linen because the weight is more, 6.5oz vs 4.5oz. The color selection is more extensive as well. I went back and forth between white and the light grey but grey won in the end (usually does)

    both sites have the wide width, Linen Shed’s is 110 and Grey Line Linen’s is 120

    • How much was it a yard?

      • Stacie Campbell

        $25per yard, and $20 for international shipping. Their pre-made linens are great prices too, the best I’ve seen online. Of course it all depends on the quality… I’ll update when it arrives.

        • Sara Allen

          Have you received any of the premade items you mentioned ordering? I’m DYING to order a duvet cover and bed skirt from Linen Shed but, I’m a little hesitant only because I can’t find any reviews about them or their products! Help a sista out! 🙂 I’ve been drooling over their website for months and will be so sad if their products aren’t as beautiful as they appear online.

          • Stacie Campbell

            I absolutely LOVE our duvet! Highly recommend.

            The sheets are really nice too, I feel like we should be switching them out with another set so we don’t wear them out too quickly but I haven’t splurged on another set yet and can’t bring myself to sleep on cotton again.
            Totally spoiled.

          • Gerry

            Happy to have seen your timely review! I too was a bit hesitant to order from Linen Shed since they are located in Hong Kong. Can you share a photo of your duvet cover in light gray (which is what I’m interested in ordering).

          • Sara Allen

            Yes! Oh, a shared photo from an actual customer would be so great!

          • gerry

            Sara, I just bit the bullet and placed an order! I did a live chat with them and got a 10% discount code. ?

          • Sara Allen

            Awesome! Let me know what you think when you get your items, please! 🙂

          • Gerry

            Sara, I absolutely LOVE the duvet. It’s exactly what I wanted. I’m very very happy. Service was also exceptional. Did several live chats and they couldn’t have been nicer. Arrived in 7 days – incredible!

          • Gerry

            Sara, did you end up ordering from Linen Shed? I too am tempted!!!

          • Sara Allen

            I haven’t yet but, I plan to after reading Stacie’s review! Gotta save up some $… It’s a treat & a splurge for sure! It will likely be my Christmas gift to myself 😀

          • Gerry

            Sara, I thought I replied yesterday but I’m not seeing my comment. Received the duvet in one week and absolutely LOVE it. Exactly what I wanted. Great quality, beatifully made, very soft. Couldn’t be happier.

      • Stacie Campbell

        Received the linen yesterday! Immediately washed and used as a flat sheet on the bottom (have not sewn it yet) it is absolutely lovely and was divine to sleep on. I noticed it was much cooler feeling than the cotton we were using before. I am about to purchase more to make another flat sheet and purchase the pre-made pillow cases and duvet cover since I am not willing to sew those myself.

        It feels cool, substantial, soft, a very high quality linen. My husband was skeptical about sleeping on it because he thinks linen can be scratchy at times but he liked it as well.

        They sent me a discount code for 5% off to share with friends: http://linenshed.refr.cc/H5R3GVT

        I do wish I could compare it to the linen at Greyline or Rough Linen but alas, I am not made of money, lol. It seems really great quality to me, I have sewn with irish linen fabric previously and it seems just as nice.

    • Cazza

      I’ve been burned with Linen Shed. Thought I’d sample their products by buying a dozen napkins. They were 2cms smaller than specifications so returned them – as per their t&c in original packaging/recorded delivery. Instead of $89.40 I received $68.40 – they deducted THEIR cost of postage from my refund!! Mean-minded company. Will never deal with them again. Be warned!!

  • Trudy Petersen

    I am a linen freak as well. Wondering what anyone knows about Linen Shed’s products? Pretty much the only reviews I can find are on the company’s FB page!

  • Sioux Squeakpickle

    Oh, the hive mind at work! Thank you thank you for all these fantastic links that I can follow as I spiral towards the white rabbit. *sigh* Now I want to throw out a question to y’all. What have you heard or experienced with hemp fabric for bedding?

  • Rachel

    I have had a bad luck with Belarus linen too. Cheap and such a junk! Very rough, too rough for me.
    Than I bought Lithuanian linen from MagicLinen shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicLinen?ref=hdr_shop_menu and got the softest linen ever! I’m in love with it and want more! Thinking also about sewing myself, but can’t find a good fabric cheap. It’s so expensive! Do you know any web sites with wide linen fabric for good price?

  • Rachel

    OK, I will tell how to buy good bed linens.

    1. Look where fabric is made. From Baltics, France, Belgium is usually a high quality linens.

    2. Look weather it is softened. Softening can be made in 3 ways:

    – pre washing (simple washing once or twice in a machine);

    – softening (not really sure how, with special liquids or something);

    – stone washing (of course, the best way to soften, as it is 100% natural and the result is stunning!).

    If linen will be not even simply pre washed, it will shrink till 10%. Get ready for that! Buy a larger product. And it will never be very soft at first, maybe after 10 washings will become softer, but never ever as soft as stone washed.

    3. Look at the price. It’s tricky of course, but the fact is that you can not make good quality linen for a low price, that’s impossible. As far as I looked, only linen from China or Belarus is cheap, cheaper than 25 USD/ meter. Is it really pure linen? Wasn’t it chemically affected? I don’t know, I do not risk.

    4. Look weather fabric is sewed from parts (small width fabrics) or from one piece (from wide fabric). I don’t like seams, especially on a laying part. And on top of a duvet cover – no!

    I had to buy tones of different linen, as I’m really obsessed by natural fabrics, and had many failures till learned these lessons! I didn’t even understand I bought bad quality products till I didn’t try better ones 🙂

    My last successful purchase was from https://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicLinen?ref=search_shop_redirect really everything’s great!

    • Astriaicow

      I found really cheap linen (9-10 dollars a yard) on eBay. They are hand-woven in the United States. Many are also on sale so you can buy them cheap.

  • freckles

    Hi! another linen fan here!!! after much obsessing and debating over buying vs making, as a novice and possibly naive sewer, i’m embarking on the diy route.

    so today i bought some 7.2 oz in natural and white linen, ran home to wash and dry. laid on top of it as soon as it dried, still a bit rough but nicely textured, relaxed and softened- yay:).

    i bought the fabric in the los angeles fabric district, linen is from belarus. it looks like the stuff on ebay and etsy but i was able to touch and choose the weight and it was cheaper per yard!

    now to the nitty gritty- how to sew these babies up? going for two flat sheets and pillow cases. i’m ok with one center seam vs splitting with two side seams- less sewing and utilize the selvedge edge in the center seam.

    i am a novice sewer but am i crazy to want to use the selvedge edge into the seam? selvedge= no linen fraying. flat felled seam or overcast overlapped selvedge? i think the flat felled seam will be stronger but lumpier?

    • Pam

      I hope to catch you before you sewed the sheets. Use the one piece of linen in the total width. Split the other in half and sew on either edge of the large piece. Remove the selvages. Never ever leave the selvages on. It is woven very dense compared to the main fabric and will wash/shrink differently. easiest way to remove. Use your fabric scissors and make a snip just to the inside of the selvage edge. Take a deep breath and begin ripping the fabric. It will naturally tear along the straight of grain. Now sew the two straight of grain edges together. when washed your sheets will never go wonky or twisty with use. Also when sewing the two pieces on the sides try to sew the fabric in opposite directions. Confusing? Place a pin or a pencil mark on the “top” of your fabric. That is just the end you are going to call the top. Mark the other end as the bottom. When you lay the first end piece to the middle match a top end to the end you marked bottom. repeat the same thing when sewing the other side piece. Seems little, but these little things add up over time in normal use of fabric. French seams, oh yeah. super simple and shows quality and the seam will last forever.

  • its really nice but its so simple

  • Nice blog and good quality of all products!!!

  • Richaah

    So BIG variety of linen mercants! Thanks for a great review! But theY are really bit expensive for me:(
    I can share my secret finding – lenoklinen.com/ Really, its perfect as the prices are so affordable. For example, my Rough Linen sheet set costed me 460$, its nice, but the sheet set I’ve purchased from Lenoklinen.com is even better and cost less then 190$

  • Christy Riley

    Hello! Am trying to decide on whether to purchase a linen duvet cover from Mooshop or Linenbee from Etsy. Anyone have any experience with either one?

    • Kind regards,

      • Christy Riley

        Thank you!

    • LisaMO

      Try MagicLinen from Etsy, I have tried them and now I have a perfect bedding!

      • Christy Riley

        Thanks! Do you know anything about Linen Studio rg on etsy?

  • I recently purchased linen sheets from Home and Hotel Textiles. Great service and quick delivery. For more info visit http://homeandhoteltextiles.com