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Kelly Anorak Lining Pattern Expansion Update

Hi y’all. Just a quick message to let you know that after some customer feedback this week, we have updated the pattern for our Kelly Lining Pattern expansion. If you have purchased this pattern you will receive an email explaining the changes; the download attempts for this file have been reset so you can download the updated files using your original link.

The main changes were to the instructions. They have been edited for clarity and consistency, and we’ve fixed a few typos that created confusion in the construction (full list of errata can be found here). There is no need to reprint the pattern pieces themselves since the drafting was not affected. Just make a note that pieces V, W and R2 should be cut from your main fabric and interfaced; depending on when you printed the pattern, the cutting notes on the pieces may have changed. The updated cutting layouts in the instructions should guide you through pretty clearly.

One thing a couple of people seem to have had issues with is fitting a 26″ zipper along the placket on the smaller sizes. I double and triple checked our placket length and a 26″ zipper will just fit on a size 0, so if you’re having this issue I suggest checking that there hasn’t been a printing, scaling or cutting problem first. Just in case, I am now recommending a 24″ zipper for sizes 0-4. Please note you can always use a longer zipper as well; any zipper teeth that extend past the neckline seam can be removed with pliers, which is what I do for all my jeans. Something that didn’t even occur to me is the side of the zipper pull; for best results, choose a zipper with a pull on the left (which is what we have included in our anorak hardware kit).

My apologies if anyone had problems with this file. We work really hard to create patterns that are easy to follow, and appreciate customer feedback with constructive criticism. Never hesitate to contact us if you notice something that doesn’t make sense. We’re a tiny operation and while we work our butts off to create the best product possible, sometimes mistakes happen. We’ll always do our best to address them when they occur.

If you’ve purchased the original Kelly Anorak without the lining, we’ve made a few tweaks to those instructions as well. Nothing dramatic, but I reworded a few areas for clarity. If you’d like access to them and purchased the digital PDF, using your original download link will let you access the updated file. If you’ve purchased a print pattern and want a copy, you can download them here.

Thank you for your understanding!

  • Thanks for the update and blogging about it. I’m going to be honest, my faith in Indies took a hit last year, but you being honest about errata is refreshing.

    I also want to add: when I roll over your pattern selection, I really like being ale to see the technical drawings pop up like they do. Nice work.

    • Hi Jordan. I’m sorry to hear that! I think the key is finding those companies you trust and whose drafting works for you; indie companies aren’t a monolith and obviously there are big differences between all of us in terms of policy, quality, style etc.

      And thank you for noticing our thumbnails! I always like seeing things a glance as well.

  • Wendi Galligan Abeberry

    HI, I bought the printed pattern and would like to now print the updated instructions here at home. Question-which pages provide corrections? There are 21 pages total and I’d like to print only those pages where the information has changed. Can you published a list of page numbers we’d need to print to have all the updates? Thank you!

    • Hi Wendi. I tweaked a few things all over the place and can’t remember exactly what pages. Also our PDF and print booklets are different so I’m not sure how much help that would be. I suggest just downloading the new file rather than switching between the two.

      • Wendi Galligan Abeberry

        OK, will do, thank you.

  • Iris

    Thanks for the update. I made up the Kelly a month ago and ran into some problems. Nothing major and I was able to troubleshoot via your tutorials and other people’s blog posts. So thank you very much for publishing updates and errata. It’s nice to have everything accessible via your site.

    • Hi Iris. Glad you worked it out! We are planing either a class or sewalong this year. I think I under-estimated how valuable additional resources would be for people so we’re getting on that….

      • Iris

        Cool to know! A bit of hand-holding is always appreciated in a complex garment like this. I’d consider myself an intermediate sewer and I’ve made another jacket before. But I was still a little nervy when I made my Kelly. (Part of the pressure was because fabric, hardware and various raw materials added up to quite a bit and I have this little nagging voice telling me to not screw up or the whole thing would be RUINED!) Your tutorials definitely helped me power through the tough bits though and they’re much appreciated. I say the more guidance the better!

  • Addy

    I noticed that in the updated lining instructions when you are sewing the neck facings together there is a piece labeled U that I cannot find in either my original Kelly pattern nor the lining expansion pattern. The only piece labeled U is the front lining. This might be me misreading instructions but if you could clarify that would be great 🙂

    • Addy

      I figured it out, it’s V the back neck facing. Sorry to be a bother!

  • mrssandoval

    Hi, Heather!

    I’m scratching my head on doing a FBA for the lining expansion; I’ve never worked with an armscye dart.

    Do you have any suggestions, links, places I can go for help? I’m thinking of doing a typical dartless FBA, leaving the armscye dart in place, unaffected.

    I’m having the WORST TIME finding suitable, warm, fun lining for a light pink anorak. I’d love to use a flannel, but a good flannel is hard to find, save for Robert Kaufman’s mammoth.

    I’ve been going thru radiation and I haven’t had the will or self-esteem to post my Sophie suits, but they’re so dope. I can’t wait to Instagram it for you! I used stretch spacer swimsuit foam for the cups because my boobs are implants, making them awkward to fit. Arte Crafts on Stay has it.

    I’d love for you to do a good bomber. I have all the indie bombers, as I’ve never sewn/bought a Big 4. I think you have the talent aesthetic to make an out of this world bomber (must use welts and no inseam pockets!!!)

    • mrssandoval

      Heather, I’ve left comments on this one and the Kelly Anorak fit page. Please, please help! I’ve spent A LOT on Swedish tracing paper, plus twill toiles, and now lining toiles! PLEASE HELP ME, or at least point me to where I can get help. I’m teeny tiny: 30″hb, 35″fb, 25″ waist, 35″ hips, 5’5″ tall and weigh 106lbs. Plus, I have shoulders like a linebacker (an American football player)! HELP!!!

  • I am fumbling along with my coat and I noticed the cuffs are removed in the lined version. Is there a way to include these? I may just refer to the original and not line the sleeves (to keep the cuffs), like Lauren Guthrie
    did. I will line the remainder though!

    • Hi Lana. You’d have to do some pattern mashing up to make it happen. I left off the cuff because it can be tricky to line a sleeve with one but I’m sure you can figure it out!