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Kelly Anorak Lining Pattern Expansion Update

Hi y’all. Just a quick message to let you know that after some customer feedback this week, we have updated the pattern for our Kelly Lining Pattern expansion. If you have purchased this pattern you will receive an email explaining the changes; the download attempts for this file have been reset so you can download the updated files using your original link.

The main changes were to the instructions. They have been edited for clarity and consistency, and we’ve fixed a few typos that created confusion in the construction (full list of errata can be found here). There is no need to reprint the pattern pieces themselves since the drafting was not affected. Just make a note that pieces V, W and R2 should be cut from your main fabric and interfaced; depending on when you printed the pattern, the cutting notes on the pieces may have changed. The updated cutting layouts in the instructions should guide you through pretty clearly.

One thing a couple of people seem to have had issues with is fitting a 26″ zipper along the placket on the smaller sizes. I double and triple checked our placket length and a 26″ zipper will just fit on a size 0, so if you’re having this issue I suggest checking that there hasn’t been a printing, scaling or cutting problem first. Just in case, I am now recommending a 24″ zipper for sizes 0-4. Please note you can always use a longer zipper as well; any zipper teeth that extend past the neckline seam can be removed with pliers, which is what I do for all my jeans. Something that didn’t even occur to me is the side of the zipper pull; for best results, choose a zipper with a pull on the left (which is what we have included in our anorak hardware kit).

My apologies if anyone had problems with this file. We work really hard to create patterns that are easy to follow, and appreciate customer feedback with constructive criticism. Never hesitate to contact us if you notice something that doesn’t make sense. We’re a tiny operation and while we work our butts off to create the best product possible, sometimes mistakes happen. We’ll always do our best to address them when they occur.

If you’ve purchased the original Kelly Anorak without the lining, we’ve made a few tweaks to those instructions as well. Nothing dramatic, but I reworded a few areas for clarity. If you’d like access to them and purchased the digital PDF, using your original download link will let you access the updated file. If you’ve purchased a print pattern and want a copy, you can download them here.

Thank you for your understanding!