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Introducing the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress pattern

In honour of the joyful early days of spring, I’d like to introduce you to the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress pattern, our latest print and PDF release. This is easily our most requested pattern; after I posted this self drafted dress on the blog last summer we would get emails and messages daily asking about it.

Kalle is one of my favourite designs ever, hands down. It started out as an easy breezy dress inspired by something I love to wear: men’s button down shirts. Mixing the loose, body skimming silhouette of an oversized shirt with kimono sleeves and arm cuffs modernized the style, making it perfect for warmer weather. As we started developing Kalle, I was inspired to add a few great variations, making this one of the most versatile wardrobe building patterns we offer. With lots of shirt-making options (3 button plackets, 2 collars, 3 lengths, 2 pleat styles) you can mix and match elements to create a wide variety of comfortable and chic dresses and shirts that you’ll love to wear.

Let me break down the pattern…


Kalle Shirt Pattern // Cropped with inverted pleat // Closet Case PatternsKalle Shirt Pattern // Cropped with inverted pleat // Closet Case Patterns Kalle Shirt Pattern // Cropped with wide faced hem // Closet Case Patterns


I am super smitten with our cropped variation. It has a striking high/low split faced hem that creates a unique sculptural effect when combined with the inverted back pleat (you may have spotted me wearing it if you took my online jeans course). This sample is made from poplin shirting, featuring the band collar and hidden button placket. I’m really happy with our hidden placket; it’s super sleek and clean and worth the extra time to sew.


Kalle Shirt Pattern // Button-down tunic with popover placket // Closet Case PatternsKalle Shirt Pattern // Button-down tunic with popover placket // Closet Case PatternsKalle Shirt Pattern // Button-down tunic with popover placket // Closet Case PatternsKalle Shirt Pattern // Button-down tunic with popover placket // Closet Case Patterns


My new go-to top to wear with skinny jeans and leggings, View B is a tunic length shirt inspired by oversized men’s oxfords. We exaggerated the hem for a super flattering cut on the body; I love the peek of hip and covered bum. Our chambray sample is shown with the popover tower placket, box pleat and traditional collar. It’s finished with bias tape along that curvy hem for an ultra clean finish.


Kalle Shirtdress Pattern // Closet Case Patterns Kalle Shirtdress Pattern // Closet Case PatternsKalle Shirtdress Pattern // Closet Case Patterns

The design that started it all, View C is a chic shirtdress with a subtly sexy high-low hem. Our sample in silky tencel features the optional patch pocket, along with a traditional button placket and collar. The length of the dress really highlights the volume and drape created by our extra wide box pleat; I love the way this dress looks from the back.


We decided to host a sewalong for Kalle since there are so many shirtmaking options for this pattern and I want everyone to feel confidant sewing her. I will start posting towards the end of the month which should give you time to get your pattern and fabric ready.

I think that about sums it up; I hope you guys love this pattern as much as we do, and I seriously can’t wait to see what you make with it! If you use #kalleshirtdress on Instagram we’ll be able to keep tabs on all the lovely things you’re making.

ps. This pattern was named after Kalle Thompson, the owner of one of my favourite independent fabric stores, the Stitch Sew Shop in Alexandria Virginia. Kalle’s passion for spreading the joy of sewing is contagious and she encouraged us to make this pattern a reality. Thank you Kalle!



  • I LOVE this pattern!! What a gorgeous, highly detailed design!


    • Thank you Gemma! I really nerded out over the details on this one.

  • Yesssssssssssssssssss! Cannot wait to try this 🙂 thank you for bringing it out as a pattern 🙂

  • kellicousins

    That popover variation! Fabulous, fabulous work (as always)!

    • Thank you Kelli! I really like the popover with the tunic but I think it would look great with the dress as well.

  • scuffsan

    I was just searching all corners of the internet for inspiration for a shirtdress. Even if I might actually need more than one, this might be where I start. Love it!

    • You can never have enough shirtdresses. They are soooo easy to wear, especially this one 😉

  • Caroline


    That’s all my bedazzled brain can come up with at this time.

    • Ah haha. That’s pretty much how I feel everytime I wear it 😉

  • Jennifer Woofter

    Is there a place I can see the finished garment measurements? I looked all over the pattern page, but don’t see them anywhere…

    • Hi Jennifer. I just uploaded them to the “Details” section of the listing. The link will open as a PDF. Hope that helps!

  • Beautiful. Love all the variations.

  • Quinn May

    I’ve really been wanting to make a linen dress for this summer, and as you’ve so beautifully demonstrated, this pattern is perfect!

    • My linen one will be joined by another since I wore it SO much this summer!

  • Nichole Talbot

    This shirtdress will be my new summer uniform!

  • Are you trying to make me go broke??

    • That is 100% my motivation Tasha.

      • great, glad we’re on the same page! lool
        keep them coming… seriously, KEEP THEM COMING!!