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Last fall, Sarai Mitnick was in Montreal on holiday and we had a chance to finally meet. She brought her recording equipment, and over tea in my studio we had a long talk for Seamwork radio. It was a discussion I thought about many, many times over the coming months. Sarai has that empathic introvert’s gift of getting people to really open up, and I found myself talking about my life and personal history in a way I never had before (at least publicly). Listening back this weekend, I was happy to discover my low-level anxiety about it was unfounded. What felt like over-sharing at the time just feels honest now. If you’re interested in hearing a little more about my life than I generally share on the blog, you can do so here.

All of the Seamwork episodes are great and I highly suggest subscribing using whatever podcast service you use (Downcast is my preferred choice on Iphone). I conducted this interview with Gretchen Jones last year; you may also like Jenny Rushmore’s¬†episode, and talking about male sewing with Mathew Holiday.