How to install Jeans Hardware (including jeans buttons and rivets) at home // VIDEO // Closet Case Files
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Hey guys! We’ve been experimenting with some video stuff around the studio. For some things you really can’t beat a moving image to quickly and easily explain tricky steps.

Now that we’re carrying a line of jeans patterns and our new jean hardware kits, I thought it would be fun to shoot a video explaining how to install jeans hardware at home. This is one of the things about jeans making that can be a little intimidating (hammers! metal things!) but it’s actually my favourite part… It’s the moment where the things you’ve been labouring over turn into professional looking jeans. If you’re nervous about installing hardware, this video will hopefully demystify the process for you. Enjoy!

  • Great video! Very clear and makes it all seem do doable. I’m also inspired to buy some huge plants for the corner of my own sewing room….

  • Jos

    Great video. Not too long and not too short. You are a great educator.

    • That means the world to me- thank you so much for the kind words Jos!

  • Brenda London Smith

    excellent video. thanks!