Closet Case Patterns offers all of its patterns in instant gratification PDF format. Using our convenient digital files, you can print your pattern at home or your local copy shop (see our FAQ for links to copyshops if you don’t want to assemble your pattern).

Once you complete your purchase, you will be emailed a link to your file which you will be able to download 5 times for up to two years. Each Closet Case Pattern comes in 3 parts:

  • Step by step instructions with clear diagrams to help you make a perfect garment. If you would like to save paper, you don’t have to print this out; simply refer to the instructions on your screen.
  • The sewing pattern in letter or A4 format for use on any home printer.
  • The sewing pattern in a large “copy shop” file, for use on metric or imperial paper. In the US, you can easily order this print online at Any copy shop that does printing for architects will have the large scale printer necessary for these files; again, see our FAQ for copyshop sources.


If you are printing at home, it is very important that you print your pattern to the proper scale. Always print the first sheet with the scaling box first to ensure your printer settings are correct. Also note, we do not format our patterns with layers.

  • Mac users will be able to print our files from “Preview” – select 100% scaling
  • PC users can use any PDF viewing software, although we recommend Adobe Acrobat or Reader. In your printer dialog settings, select “No scaling”.


To assemble your pattern, you will need scissors or an exacto knife and a glue stick or tape. Cut off the right and bottom edges of all the patterns sheet so they can be overlapped.

Follow the numbered guides to assemble your pattern in the correct order (the layout of these pages will be included in the Instructions file). Overlap your sheets and then glue or tape them together.

We recommend tracing your size in case you need a larger size later on, but you can also cut your pattern out and reprint later if necessary.

Enjoy sewing your Closet Case Pattern!