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All my freelancer friends were filled with advice when I started working from home. “Don’t sleep past 9am”. “Have a shower every day, no matter what. No seriously – EVERY DAY”. “Don’t even think about skipping breakfast”. And my favourite, “Don’t wear jogging pants. Ever”.

Well my friends, RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. Yes, its true; grody paint-stained jogging pants you’re still wearing even though you broke up with the guy you stole them from 10 years ago are not appropriate for channeling the entrepreneurial spirit. But you know what is? Beautifully designed track pants made from the softest marle grey French jersey you ever did see.

Closet Case Files - Hudson pants Closet Case Files: Hudson Pants

These are, of course, the Hudson Pants by True Bias. When I was fabric shopping in Mood I headed straight to the fleece section because I was desperate for a pair of cozy, comfy pants that I wouldn’t be embarrassed being seen in when I walk to get my thrice a week Banh mi sandwich at lunchtime. I zeroed in right away on this fabric – I’ve never worked with French terry before but it is delicious – so soft and springy (unfortunately it’s not available online). I also got the little waist tie in NY at Pacific Trimmings.

These pants are so fun and quick to make, as is the case with most knit projects. Kelli’s instructions are clear and well written. The only change I made was to lengthen them by 1 1/2″ – I thought maybe I would skip the ankle cuff and just do a folded hem but I got voted down on instagram. In the end, I’m quite happy with the cuff. I think they look pretty awesome with a pair of heels, and this is exactly what I wore when I went to meet a friend for coffee last week. I paired it with a self drafted t-shirt that I am still working the kinks out of. It’s surprisingly tricky to get the perfect drape versus clingy factor; I wish I had bought more of this baby bum soft organic cotton at Mood. It’s like being caressed with angel eyelashes.

Closet Case Files: Hudson Pants

Construction wise I just serged all the seams. The terry was a little thick in places, especially when I was sewing the pants, pocket and waistband together, but my serger was a total champ. It probably took 3 or 4 hours from start to finish, so yes, I will be making a lot more this fall. Though let’s be honest, heels will probably not be making an appearance every day.

Closet Case Files: Hudson Pants Closet Case Files: Hudson Pants Closet Case Files: Hudson Pants

In my sportswear ode to Run DMC, I pulled out my favourite blingy gold necklace, a commemorative souvenir form the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Boys in my town always go nuts when they see this thing and try to steal it.  Speaking of boys, these pants are very close to being unisex. My monsieur tried them on and wouldn’t take them off for the rest of the night, even though they were a little wide in the hips and short in the crotch. Kelli, I think that’s how you spell success.

  • i really couldn’t focus on the sewing part of this post after you mentioned banh mi sandwiches. these are on the top three montreal food i am obsessed with and cannot find here in sweden, along with bagels and my mom’s waffles. sigh. i tried to regain interest for your awesome hudsons, but then you show off -76 olympic memorabilia. you really kill me.

    • Thanks Joelle! My bf just moved across from the best place in Montreal so I’ll probably be eating even more of them. BUT you could probably recreate them if you can get baguette and cilantro! You just need to grill up some meat and throw down some hoisin and mayo!

  • Suzanna Forsythe

    Well these have got to be the most stylish tracksuit bottoms that I have ever seen – especially in that black and white photo!! Stylish and uber comfy? Total win!!

  • I’m not sure what I love more: that lipstick awesomeness, how casual is totally turned classy, or the pleasant reminder of crispy-crusted french bread filled with the best flavors combined… (No seriously, what lipstick is that?!)

    • Its Mac, Lady Danger. The perfect matt neon-y red. It’s my go to one when I have no make-up but want to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed, haha.

  • These are totally home office appropriate! And beautiful photos 🙂

  • You make everything look so damn cool! Love these, and love your necklace.

  • They look awesome. Love the grey. Would look awesome with your Hasbeens – I know because mine arrived this week and proceeded to wear them all day at home with trackpants and holy crap they are magnificent…..

    • Well, I will just have to GIVE THAT COMBO A TRY!

  • Fabulous pants! You make me smile. I have the same rule…trackies should not to be worn outside the house… These are too cool though – I’d break my rule for them too.

  • lisa g

    love!! it’s so hard to find a good french terry, but it seems to be the perfect fabric for this pattern! now that fall is around the corner, this pattern is getting bumped up as soon as i spot the right fabric. great job on these, and i’m glad you went with cuffs!

  • Amanda

    Gah! You are basically sewing up my dream wardrobe lately. All of your recent makes have gone on my post-baby sewing list. Again, so loving this fabric, and not a little upset that Mood doesn’t offer this on their website. 🙁 You look amazing!!! xo

    • I think you could maybe call the store and get them to find it. There was a pretty big roll still there.

      • Amanda

        Awesome!! Thanks so much Heather!!

  • Wow, beautiful! You’d never know they were sweat pants unless you said something. Now I want a pair! Another thing to add to my mental “to-sew” list 🙂

    • Well, they look like sweats right now, haha. A little stretched out from being worn so many times, hair in bun, unshowered, etc.

  • sallieforrer

    Oooh I wanna get my hands on a pair JUST. LIKE. THESE!! I’ve been waiting for things to cool off around here before I try my hand at the Hudson pant (because at the moment, wearing sweatpants sounds just about as appealing as covering myself in vaseline and sitting in a sauna) but I also haven’t quite been able to locate the perfect fabric, either. THIS is the perfect fabric!! Perfect perfect perfect. You look chic but comfy, and definitely not sloppy. I need this in my life!!

    • Thanks baby! I wish Mood had more terry on its site – it’s so divine. I wonder what Girl Charlee has in stock?

  • Love these! That fabric! It’s so gorge! A new pair of these is first on my list when this swampy summer weather rolls out!

  • Of course you look fabulous in sweat pants! I’m going to have to try out this pattern. I no longer work from home but definitely need some nicer house clothes. BTW, I’m almost done with my first Nettie and I have to say, you are a genius. I know I will be making many, many more and lots of variations.

    • Awww, thanks Ashley! I’m in pattern hell right now so that was just the pick me up I needed.

  • swooning hard

  • Wow – the fabric! This is the ultimate comfy pant pattern, I love it so much! As always you make everything look glamorous Heather!

  • Devon

    Yes! I define “getting dressed” as changing out of whatever I was sleeping in, even if it’s into different stretchy pants. Totally acceptable! Also that fabric looks luscious.

    • This is a good distinction. Thankfully I sleep in the buff so technically I always “get dressed”.

  • Looove these on you, and so glad you kept the cool cuffs.

  • erin

    Gorgeous pants! Clearly they defy that well meaning track pants rule – with heels they make you look awesome & not like a crazy lady! I bet they’d work equally well with a cute ballet flat. This is totally making me want a pair of my own & I can’t remember the last time I wore sweatpants outside for any reason!

  • Jennifer S

    OMG! I used to have the same logo necklace when I was a kid. It was probably only 3/4″ across though. Don’t know what I did with it now. Love your Hudsons!

  • Sophie

    Too good! Never would have thought to pair heels and trackies but you lady, are clearly taking them to new places. Now, I have GOT to make me some Hudsons.

  • carrieinstitches

    I love them! I was eyeing these and now I am sold. I love how you styled them, as everyone has said you look so comfy and sophisticated at the same time
    Amazing as usual!

  • I would live forever in these. Perfect fabric choice.

  • Love your Hudsons! I’d have to go for the folded hem though,,,can’t stand wearing the cuffed style.

    • I didn’t think I’d like it, but I do! I think they’d be cute with a regular hem too, though.

  • These are great, the fabric looks and sounds divine to wear.

  • I want to slip into those right now. They look so cozy and great with heels!

    • Thanks Sara. I’M WEARING THEM RIGHT NOW. But much less glamorously, unfortunately.

  • Thanks Cecil!

  • kz.

    looove! you look so cozy-glam. important question! your heels are so perfect – where did you get them? I’m on the lookout for pumps but they all seem either too staid or too totteringly high.

  • I love them! Love the fit, love the fabric and love the styling! A perfect make as always!

  • Amy

    I break all those rules! Just been at home too long to listen to them, ha. These are adorable; I might have to use up some doubleknit on a pair.

  • truebias

    well you just made my day. These look so great on you. Love the fabric and the styling. I’ve wanted to wear mine with heels, but I’ve just not had the courage to do so yet. you look so chic. and im wearing mine today too 🙂

  • Ugh I gotta make this pattern already, I keep seeing so many great versions! Yours are awesome with the heather blue. So casual chic with the white tee and necklace. Love ’em!

  • Your pants look great! I love my pair of Hudson pants and can’t wait to get my hands on more terry knit. On a related note, I started freelancing from home this year and those your friends’ tips are awesome. I spent a few awful weeks staying up working until 2am and then sleeping in and I hated it. However, I definitely wear comfy clothes at home but make a point of dressing up and putting on makeup when I leave the house.

  • damn freakin fabulous. Love them with that top!