Our Sewing Patterns

Help us Expand Our Range with our Extended Sizing Survey!

Hello all! Exciting developments are happening behind the scenes here at Closet Case studio. This year we are starting work on expanding our size range. We are still in research and planning mode as we figure out exactly what that will look like, and one of the most important steps at this stage is to survey our community so we can best serve your needs.

We are looking for folks size 12 and up (hips greater than 42″ please) to fill out our detailed survey here. The survey asks for a variety of body measurements in addition to some questions about sewing preferences and needs; at the end we are also collecting (optional) email addresses for those of you interested in pattern testing when we are ready to start road-testing our block and patterns. The survey takes about 20 minutes to fill out and you’ll need a measuring tape so you can give us your current measurements. We are asking for all numbers in imperial form so if you’re used to metric numbers, you can do the conversion here.

A few more details: we will be keeping our existing size range (0-20 based on a B cup) and adding a second range with a larger cup size. The data we collect will be used to create a new size chart, help us define accurate grading rules and determine the size of the base block we will be drafting from. Your insight and help with this are invaluable and we’re excited to dig into these numbers and create a more inclusive range for our pattern line. We thank you in advance for your time!