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Help a Sewist Out // Sewing with Chiffon

Sewing with %$#@ing chiffon. Gosh darn you straight to the beautiful, florescent fuchsia hell you came from. Seducing me with your saucy colour and silky weight, whispering “Heather, take me home. I will make the prettiest sheer blouse with that 80’s pattern you bought at a yard sale. People say I am hard to work with but THEY ARE LIARS. I will lie so still for you and you can take advantage of me anyway you want. I’m so pretty. Touch me. BUY ME”. Lying little minx.

My problem. I need your help, wisest of internet sewists who have worked with this infernal fabric before. Slipperiness aside, I just had enough fabric to cut from when I realized that what I thought was super lightweight interfacing for the neckline facing and armband was actually the kind that bonds fabric together which is not good. And then I went back and bought a super lightweight stretchy interfacing that YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE THROUGH THE FABRIC.Yeah, sheer chiffon is a bitch man. Because I am forgetful and lazy I keep forgetting to get to the hardware store to buy washers for fabric weights and my current system of tea lights, packs of cards and old bolts is really not up the task. Plus I did that thing where you buy the cheap roller cutter instead of the good one and it just does not do a good job and that pink trollop was sliding all over the place like a drunk girl in an oil wrestling pit. WHERE WAS I. Oh yes.

The internet tells me to use another layer of chiffon as the facing. BUT I DON’T HAVE ANYMORE CHIFFON. What do I do? This bitch has buttons so I need some kind of support but not if you can see the interfacing through the fabric….. I am considering just losing the buttons altogether and french seaming at the front center and hoping for the best when I attach the tie at the neckline. But I wanted buttons. I’m stymied (and almost hideously hungover and have spent the entire day lying in bed, wasting good daylight hours. Drinking gets so much harder as you get older and I’m realizing that as much fun as it is to pour the old forget sauce down the throat in the moment, it’s simply not worth it the next day when you react like a vampire to the sun and can’t even complete a sentence without moaning. The answer to heartbreak and the rest of life’s challenges is not tequila shots. Sewing is). So yes, help or suggestions if you’ve got them.