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Hadley Top from Grainline Studio in White Linen

Next up in my series, “A million things I have sewn and not yet blogged”: the Hadley Top by Grainline Studio!

This summer I realized I had hardly any tank tops. I don’t have issues with my arms (those babies gotta breathe!) but for some reason, I just hadn’t gotten around to sewing very many. Has anyone else discovered one of those weird unexplainable wardrobe black holes? I got so frustrated trying to pair separates on warmer days and needed to do something about it, stat. While I was wondering if I should finally jump on the Willow train, Grainline helpfully released the Hadley Top. I totally fell in love with the V-neck on Hadley; it’s deep and gently curved and is super, super flattering. Jen is truly a master at refining the perfect detail. While Grainline patterns are mostly on the simple-to-sew spectrum, the proportions and design lines are always spot on.

I sewed up this Hadley in a luscious, bouncy white linen I found locally (the shop was out the last time I tried to buy more. Lesson learned; always buy the bolt of perfect linen). I wanted something super rumply and soft to throw on with jeans and shorts, and I love love love the texture of white linen; it’s summer good times in a fabric.

I like the deep, curved hem and the topstitched center front and back seams of Hadley; they add a little architectural interest to a simple shape. I sewed up a size 10 but found it gaped a bit under the arm, so I ended up taking it in at the armscye to about a size 8, and then graded back to the 10 at the waist.

My only issue with the construction is the facings, which I have issues with generally; they’re always flip flopping around if they aren’t topstitched in place. In this case, the back arm facing was constantly peeking out, even after tacking it to the seams. It was driving me crazy until I finally handstitched everything down using tiny, invisible slip stitches. This means it doesn’t need to be pressed into shape after washing and can keep that rumpled, linen texture I love so much. Next time around I’ll draft an all in one facing like I did for my Farrow dress; it’s slightly trickier to sew but the facings stay put.

This is definitely a new summer staple for me; I’ve worn it a dozen or so time since it left my machine, and it saw a lot of action in France. It’s loose fitting but polished, so I always feel like I’m properly dressed even if I just throw a pair of shorts on. Also, I think it looks pretty fly paired with our Morgan Boyfriend Jeans. I tried to keep these samples unworn but I finally caved this summer and they’ve become my favourite pair.

Have you made the Hadley Top yet? Any other tank top suggestions for me? The season for it is ending but they’re always great to wear under cardigans (another black hole in my wardrobe I need to do something about…)

  • This looks so great in linen! I had a similar experience with my armholes, but since I made the sleeved version I didn’t bother to adjust it. I’ll probably size down for the tank version. I also had facing flipping issues on the neckline so I top-stitched that sucker down, which doesn’t look awful since the top already has top-stitched facings at the sleeve and bottom hem. I did find that the V neck was a bit too low for most of my bras.

    • It is a little low, but I like flashing bit of cleave now and then so its actually kind of ideal for me. Thankfully raising it for you shouldn’t be that hard!

      • Totally. It’s pretty sexy. My hub loves it.

  • Fair Weather Knits

    This looks super! That top is definitely on my sewing list. Do you have a tutorial (or can you recommend one) for an all-in-one facing? I saw your photo on the Farrow post and think I understand what you did, but slightly more detailed instructions are always helpful for avoiding mistakes. 🙂

    • No tutorial, but basically what I do is line up the facings on the bodice and then trace over top, linking the bottoms of the facing together in a nice curve if that makes sense!

  • Lauren

    Very lovely top! I, too, have a black hole in my wardrobe where cardigans should be. I need to find some patterns and get on that. I would also love love love to make a blazer. I can’t seem to find any suitable patterns except BurdaStyle, and I don’t even want to try such a complicated make with their minimal instructions. Any chance you have one coming down the pipeline? Your patterns are my favorite.

    • I couldn’t really say. *WINK WINK WINK*.

      • Lauren

        Oooooh! Yay! I’ll just patiently wait with excitement to see what comes up next. You’re the best! 🙂

  • Beautiful Hadley Heather!! I made one in a Nani Iro double gauze recently and it’s divine!! Of course it’s on my ridiculous list of unblogged makes but we’re heading away on a kid free mini break this weekend so hopefully I’ll get some pics. Likewise I have the facing flippy problem so I plan to handstitch them down. I also failed to check the instructions before sewing the neckline and used a 1/2″ SA rather than the 1/4″ I was supposed to. So it’s a bit low in the neckline for me, I just need to make sure I wear a pretty bra or cami with it! I’ll definitely be making more for our upcoming summer. Love them hem!

    • Its low as is so with another 1/4″ you might be in trouble hahaha

  • Chic and perfect! One of my fave tank patterns is the tessuti Kate, the higher neck version. It has the most perfect mitred hem that can be transplanted onto other patterns too.

    • Ooooh I’ll have to check that out! I love Tessuti patterns. They really know how to do Art Teacher Chic.

  • A woman in our sewing group made a top just like this one – not the Hadley but a Vogue I think? In the same linen and I drooled over it – promptly bought some lovely linen, forgot about it after putting it on THE SHELF, getting distracted by something else…the usual story. Now seeing yours I’m reminded of several things – how much I love linen, Grainline and sleeveless tanks in the summer! I need to write that down somewhere 🙂 I’ve done the same thing – suddenly discovering a hole in my wardrobe that’s a little amazing – three quarter length sleeves, knit top for fall/winter. I have one in RTW navy that I wear all the time but I need more of them for sure so I have your Ebony on the table for next up 🙂

    • Happy to hear Ebony is filling a gap! And I hope you make a linen tank for next summer. Btw, you got a great shoutout in episode 5 of the Love to Sew podcast. Helen extolled your amazing commenting power, Kathleen! I’m clearly not the only one who loves your comments 😉

      • I was listening to the podcast, happily being rather mindlessly blissful when SUDDENLY I heard Helen say, “I want to give a shout-out to….” I felt myself blush with surprise and pleasure. I joked to Helen that hahaha what do you know?! We can still blush at 62! I’m happy to join in the comments. I know from experience how much WORK, writing, taking photos, editing (wow that editing work – unless you’ve done it, a person hasn’t a clue how long THAT takes) is to present content people actually want to read and (hopefully!) talk about and share later. You do such a brilliant and best practices job (I wonder if you realize what a global reputation you have for being such a hard worker Heather Lou?) of everything you do, you deserve to at least hear from some of us fans who are deeply appreciative 🙂 For each one who takes the time to comment there are 20 others at least I would imagine who feel the same way.

        • Oh Kathleen, you’re such a dear person! I love the conversations we get to have and am so grateful for your kind words 🙂

  • Boudica Andred

    That’s absolutely perfect. The tank top we all wish was in our closet. I really want to make the Hadley, but I feel like I should sew the four Grainline (and two CCF) patterns I bought and haven’t made yet first. Lol
    Love your advice about buying the bolt! It’s so hard to walk the line between smart stashing and greed. I say that having just destashed three trash bags-worth and a closet full more.

    • It was like $8 a yard I think? I would have used it within a year no problem. Literally all I wore all summer was white everything!

  • The top is super cute, but those shoes?! :-0 I need them, stat!

    • Thank you! Got them on Etsy by a seller called Mumi shoes.

  • There’s a thread hanging… want…. to …clip….it.

    You know, you’ve gotten me to kinda like linien. Kinda. It’s awesome for thta one day when we actually have temperatures to wear it….

    • Ah ha, only noticed in the pics. I think they all got clipped after i tacked down the facings!

  • Amy

    hello Heather Lou! that’s about the perfect Texas outfit :). I might have to copy it. I like those little details on the tank. Love those espadrilles, too! so chic. And I’m a fan of the all in one facing, for sure. It just makes everything so smooth. I gave up on all other edge treatments in woven tank tops especially when silk comes into the picture. xoxoooo

    • I miss you on the interweb Amy and am always happy to see your little headshot in the comments 😉 I just realized I didn’t reach out to you during the hurricane but I think Austin was relatively unscathed so I hope you and yours are all well! Yeah, this was the perfect outfit this summer. I am all about separates these days. I was often uninspired to wear most of my dresses for some reason…

  • Una O’Sullivan

    Just a quick q – I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for some lovely drapey rayon I have… but I want sleeves but I just don’t know if it will be possible to climb into it if I add the full sleaves. Any thoughts.