grainline linden sweatshirt DIY
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Hold on to your hats folks. I have an explosive surprise for you: I made another knit pattern. If it seems like that’s about all I’m sewing these days in between my own patterns, you wouldn’t be wrong. They just feel like a big, squishy hug I can lose myself in for a few hours. Easy, fast, satisfying (insert dirty joke here).

Jen and I traded patterns back in the fall and I mulled over what version of the Linden sweatshirt I wanted to make. I actually don’t have a single sweatshirt in my closet, and to ease myself into uncharted territory (and to avoid sourcing ribbing) I went with the cropped version using this thick grey marle fleece I found at my wholesaler’s. (I’ve had lots of question on Instagram about where to buy fabric in my city. I wrote a post on fabric shopping in Montreal, but if you can only make one stop, please do yourself a favour and check out Globe-Tex. It’s the best. I think I paid $5 a meter for this fabric).

grainline linden sweatshirt DIY grainline linden sweatshirt DIY

I initially cut a size 10 grading to 12 at the hip but it was a little too big. I ended up taking in the seams quite a lot.  I think because the fit is loose I can actually get away with cutting a straight 8 if I make it again since I think the bust is the most critical measurement for this variation.

grainline linden sweatshirt DIY grainline linden sweatshirt DIY

The body is made from the aforementioned sweatshirt fleece, but I had a small scrap of french terry left over from my first pair of Hudson pants. I used the terry side for the sleeves, but spaced out when I hemmed them and failed to pull out my walking foot so the seam got a little stretched out. I hate making stupid mistakes like this. It should be second nature by now. Otherwise, construction is super simple with all my seams serged and everything hemmed with a double needle.

While it’s cozy and warm and  a good layering piece, I’m not sure if this kind of boxy shape is as flattering on me as I think it is on others, but it might be my own insecurities after putting on a little “I can’t stop eating carbs” weight this winter. I also think I just made it a little too big, since I love the fit on Makes the Things. What do you think?

grainline linden sweatshirt DIY

The leggings are new too. I whipped these up from a funny textured double knit I got from Globe-Tex. I used my beloved Cake Espresso pattern (which I also made here). I had enough yardage to make two pairs, one of which I gifted to a friend on her birthday. I don’t often sew for other people but leggings are so quick to make and we are roughly the same size so I wasn’t too concerned about fit.

grainline linden sweatshirt DIY

I think this might wrap up my current knits streak. The new pattern is almost ready and I’m excited to take a little time for myself and sew some complicated stuff. I’ve already purchased the new Grainline Cascade Duffle pattern since I’ve been hoarding wool specifically for that project for months. I’d also like to make a flannel Archer and I still haven’t had a chance to make my waxed Ginger jeans. A girl cannot live on knits alone….

Lipstick: Rimmel By Kate Matte Collection #110

  • petiterepublic

    i love your fabric choices! i think you look great in it, though i do agree that boxy/loose garments are harder to pull off for certain figures, like curvy (even if you are fit and skinny, its hard to pull them off if you got bigger boobs!).

    • This is very true! I actually like over sized things and think they can be super flattering but I think maybe the boxiness of this needs to be balanced with a slimmer sleeve on me…

  • I like it on you! But maybe I’m just envious of your cute shoulders, which I shall never posess (and look great in raglan sleeves). Can we talk about that necklace, though? It’s beautiful!

    • I remember your raglan sleeve headaches! I would never think anyone would be envious of my shoulders, but we all have strange body part pinings for each other. And the necklaces is one of the jewels (get it!) of my collection. Beaded chest plate? um yes.

  • Not flattering? While it doesn’t hug your body, I still think it flatters your shape. It’s not va-va voom, but it’s a pull together look that’s WAY better than spending the day in sweats or whatnot.
    I haven’t made into the world of sweatshirt yet either. Ribbing scares me a little too and I’m too obsessed with lingerie right now.

    • Ahh, maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. Looking at it objectively I think I would like it more of the sleeves were a little slimmer… Thanks Maddie!

  • Hélène

    So, two shades of grey were all you needed to make this Linden “easy, fast and satisfying”… Love it! This one would also look great with your skinny Ginger.

    • Totally agree. And I just laughed out loud really hard.

  • Tracy

    The leggings are absolutely fabulous on you!! The shirt? eh. I agree – boxy isn’t your silhouette. You are far more attractive than this shirt would let on. I’m sure part of it is it’s just too big, but even sized more appropriately, I don’t think this top would be your most flattering bet. Now, a Nettie, on the other hand…. 😉

    • Hahahaha. I quite like oversized things but I guess there is difference between slouchy and boxy. Although I’m thinking this would work better and be more balanced with high waisted Gingers.

  • I think the boxy silhouette looks just fine on you, but maybe you’d prefer the shape of the longer version with ribbing? It might feel less boxy with added length, I’m not sure. Either way it looks crazy comfortable and very well made so who cares! 😉 😉

    • The minute I get some ribbing I’m going to make the sweatshirt. So warm and cozy 😉

  • I love it! And I especially love it paired with that fun necklace.

    • Thanks Erin! I would sleep in that necklace if I could.

  • Rachel Hammond

    I love the cropped version! She looks so sweet with the layering!

  • Looks good on ya! Ha, I went down the Cake leggings rabbit hole this weekend too. Good stuff. I forgot how much I love them.

  • I too have eaten WAY too many carbs and now only fit in two pairs of pants. And being hungry is miserable. I like the top even though it is boxy. I think you could cut an 8 next time, but with that fabric it looks great!

  • Hilde

    I probably should comment on the sweater (which is very neat by the way), but I love love the necklace. I never wear any myself, so I’ll just admire yours.

    • Thanks Hilde! It’s kind of a crazy piece but I like wearing it with simple clothes when I need a little POW.


    This looks so snuggly, love the outfit. I’m trying to find french terry in the UK but we don’t appear to have it here. Sweatshirts are on my sew list this year.

    • Oh I hope you can find some! It’s lovely stuff.

  • Francesca Amodeo

    mmmm. This is such a square cut. I think these things look good on people like my sis – broad shoulders and biggish bust, no waist, slim hips, and not a sign of cellulite, the bitch – hate her :)….. i don’t really but we often tell each other things like that:).. Which is a long way of saying you have a sexy body and this is kind of frumpy. (sorry if I am unpolitically correct saying sexy body, but in my country we call it as we see it lol)
    Maybe as a short top on top of a fitted nettie dress – or jeans – without the long thing underneath it. Or at home with leggings only, nicely accessorised with a boyfriend wrapped round you 🙂
    I know shapeless clothes as well as ill fitting clothes are a look right now. All I can say to that is . yerch….. I read once that Kate Moss (who one would think could wear anything) always has things fitted to her torso. I find that even with a slightly blousy top – even if it’s tucked in – I don’t like the way I look so much. I still wear them, but I don’t look for them – it’s the reason I didn’t get Tasia’s maxi dress pattern.

    • Hahaha I’m not a very politically correct lady so thanks for the honesty! I think if I cut it a little slimmer it wold look great with high waisted gingers. It’s all about the proportion. In general, I actually really like oversized things. I think tehy can be really flattering if, again, the proportions are right, but its not for everybody thats for sure.

      • Francesca Amodeo

        yup, proportions are the key. i was thinking your pattern when I said with jeans:). Perfect.
        I love oversized tenty dresses in linen in summer….. so nicely ventilated:)

  • sallieforrer

    I LOVE those contrast sleeves! That’s such a brilliant design move. I think you look beautiful and cozy and comfy and pulled together all at once in this! Nothing wrong with any of that! I’d totally wear this look to work, especially on days when I just REALLY didn’t want to put on clothes. Maybe you don’t find it particularly flattering because of where the hem hits? Like, maybe a little shorter, or longer, would be a better fit for your shape? I generally find that can make a world of difference with boxy tops. Either way, no harm in having another comfy top to throw on! And I’m really excited about your sewing lineup. I so SO want to make the Cascade duffle, but I think I’ve already missed my window for serious winter coat sewing this year… These short Texas winters really put a damper on my dream winter wardrobe…

    • I think is it was a wee but smaller, and yes, maybe a little shorter in the front we would be in business! And damn your Texas winters! More excuses to move North (not that I am at all looking out for my own self interest or anything).

  • I love this! It’s so cute! Maybe you would like it better with just skinny jeans? There’s a sort of funny illusion going on with the skirt effect, almost like it’s a dress with a dropped waist? But then again, I’m not super adventurous with my pairings and almost always do voluminous top + skinny bottoms. I’m wearing one of these cropped sweatshirts right now and it kind of makes me feel like Rocky Balboa… there’s something sort of strange about the short sleeves on a sweatshirt.

    ALSO. Can we talk about how you don’t have any sweatshirts??? Now I feel like a total slob!

  • I really like it! So comfy and cozy! I think you might like it with skinnies. Something a bit more fitted at the waist and hip to balance the more boxy shape. But even styled like this I still think it looks cute! Great fabric! Can’t wait to see your Cascade!

  • I love the contrast with the sleeves. I’ve sewn a few of the long sleeve versions but haven’t tried the cropped one yet. I found that the fit was very generous too. I cut one size smaller but could go even smaller. I wonder if using the upper bust measurement would be better? But really it just depends how close you want it to fit.