Ginger Jeans


G‘day friends. I finally had a chance to round up the finished Ginger Jeans I found in the wild. And in so doing I realized there was a Colette pattern also named Ginger. Sorry Sarai ;(  Yes, that frowny emoticon is winking because I love to break the rules.

Here we go!

ginger jeans

SevenGlamourai – full calf extension to make flares!

ginger jeans

SevenGlamourai – do you have a blog lady?!

ginger maternity jeans

Maternity Jeans bu Lauren Dahl

And just in case you haven’t see them, here are the tester versions that have been blogged:

ginger jeans

The legend, the namesake, Ginger Makes

Ginger Jeans

Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chick (with a great breakdown on modifying for petite sizes)

That is a lot of jeans! Now, onto the giveaway with prizes generously donated by our sponsors:




Congratulations Mrs. Whiskerson! I’ll be in touch with your prize.

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While I loved everyone’s Gingers (and there are some fantastic guts on the flickr page) I think this one has to go to Handmade by Heather B. for her cat-tastic animal print Gingers. Stupendous!

Congrats ladies, and thanks everyone for sharing your finished makes. If you’ve posted yours and I missed it, please leave me a link in the comments below.

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  • Liz Green

    Yay so excited! Thankyou! I’ve been meaning to try some Craftsy classes, and who doesn’t love shopping!!

  • Looooove these! They all look so great… now I’m dreaming of Ginger flares! x

    • ME TOO!

      • Lucy

        Sooo…any chance (pretty please) of a tutorial post on how to flare out yer legs? Or am I overthinking it and it’s as easy as figuring out how much wider you want them and drawing a new line from the knee?

        • It’s as simple as doing a full calf adjustment! That’s what one of the ladies did above. I do have plans on doing a tute at some point but it may be a few months down the road….. It’s super simple though. Full calf adjustment on front and back, a la the instructions in my fitting post.

  • margaret

    Lovely! What’s the status on the denim kits? Shipping soon?

  • Hélène

    So many different silhouettes and styles! These ladies all look beautiful in their Gingers. And that means that you did an amazing job in drawing it! You deserve a star, Heather Lou.

  • They’re all so fab! Wish I coulda had time to get mine done, but I JUST finished fitting. Congratulations, you’re all amazing!

    • I’d love to see your when they’re done!

  • lundy.s

    These are all so amazing! They all look great. And Heather, your tutorial is so comprehensive. I can’t wait to start mine! Any updates on the denim kits?

    • They shipped! Hopefully you’ll get it soon!

  • Ann T.

    I’m still waiting for my kit, but very much inspired by all of the fine work others have done. Once I can make my own jeans, I’ll have no reason to go back to RTW for anything but underwear and shoes!

    • Until you start making underwear and shoes, hahaha. That’s a thing now too!

  • These all look so awesome!! It’s a great pattern lady! I made a second pair already and am already planning more!! Thanks so much for drafting this pattern to fit me perfectly!! 😉

  • Heather Bee

    Awww shucks, I give all the credit to the leopard denim. It’s fierceness can’t be denied. 🙂 Thanks for drafting a great paper for us curvy girls.

  • Sumé

    Ah love these! Made 2 for myself: 1 in normal denim and 1 floral! LOVE it

    • These floral babies are AMAZING! Bon travail Sumé!

  • Everybody looks killer in their Gingers!

  • Wow, look at all these great Gingers!!! Major babe alerts going on here!

  • Tracy

    These are all great!! Whenever I finally reach my goal weight, I’ll be making some 🙂
    I noticed that on several of the jeans, the left leg twisted a bit towards the front below the knee (perhaps the right, too – but I noticed it predominately on the left leg, though that could just be the angle the photos were taken from…) What causes this – a fit issue? a grain issue? something else entirely??

    • Hi Tracy! I took a look and saw a few where there appeared to be leg twist, although it could also just be the pose. Leg twist is almost always a grain issue. The nature of twill wants to pull in the direction it was weaved, so you have to cut on a single layer to avoid it. If the grain is really off in the fabric itself it may be unavoidable.

  • These are all fabulous, everyone got a great fit, that’s gotta be good.

  • sallieforrer

    Great roundup! So good to see all of these!

  • So many awesome jeans! Sallie Oh’s have got to be my favourite. These are firmly on my 2015 to sew list. Now I just have to get the courage to make them.

    • Lady, you can totally do it. There are a lot of steps but it’s kind of soothing once you get in a rhythm.

  • Wowsers! What a bunch of inspiring super sewers! Can’t wait to get started on mine but it’s too warm for jeans here atm so I have more procrastination time up my sleeve 😉

  • Can’t wait to start on my Gingers! I just cut my fabric last night and I’m so excited to get working on them. All of these photos are so inspiring 🙂