Flared Jeans Pattern // Ginger Pattern Expansion // Closet Case Files
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I‘m jumpstarting 2016 with a little mini pattern release; say hi to the Ginger Flares! As I mentioned yesterday, I drafted a flared leg option for the Ginger Jeans after a number of requests. With this expansion, you can use the Ginger Jeans pattern to make your own flares; simply print out the newly drafted legs (available in high and low waisted versions) and use with the rest of the Ginger pattern pieces to make your jeans.

The expansion does not include the instructions or pieces like the waistband, yoke or pockets, so if you haven’t already purchased Ginger, you’ll have to do so. Please note that this expansion is a digital download only, although I may make it available in paper format when it’s time to reprint.

Flared Jeans Pattern // Ginger Pattern Expansion // Closet Case Files Flared Jeans Pattern // Ginger Pattern Expansion // Closet Case Files

I love the lengthening effect flares have on your legs, so I’ve drafted these extra long. The inseam is 34.5″, which means that I have to wear them with heels (I’m 5′-6″, fyi). I also drafted an extra wide hem. I think they look a little more chic and trouser like with a wider band at the bottom. If you need to shorten them, remember to do it at the knee so you don’t reduce the radius of the flare.

Flared Jeans Pattern // Ginger Pattern Expansion // Closet Case Files

These Gingers are more of a mid-rise; stay tuned for a tutorial next week if you’d like something in between the low and high.

The pattern itself comes in a  print at  home or copyshop file, along with a read-me file that includes the adjusted fabric calculations.

Flared Jeans Pattern // Ginger Pattern Expansion // Closet Case Files Flared Jeans Pattern // Ginger Pattern Expansion // Closet Case Files

Hope you enjoy  getting your flares on! The Ginger Flares are currently available in the shop!

ps. I just installed a new plugin in the shop that lets me offer bundle discounts, so the Sewing Your Own Jeans ebook is 25% off when paired with any Ginger Jeans product, just in case you wanted some extra help. The discount is applied once they’ve been added to your cart. It’s being a little buggy at the moment so let me know if you can’t get it to work!

  • Genevieve

    Heather! You are so rockin’ these flares. You are so much an inspiration to me in where I aspire to take my sewing. Thanks for being you!!!
    xo Genevieve

  • Cadi

    These are brilliant! I’m especially loving that supa-fly top stitching on the inseam – might have to borrow that detail for my flares in progress…

    • It’s an easy detail! Just rpes syour seam open and serge each edge rather than serge together and press to the front.

  • These are so cool! I absolutely love your blouse too. You really suit red!

    • Thanks Kate! Haven’t worn this top in aaages but it does look nice in photographs. I never ever wear red but maybe I should work on that 🙂

  • Such a great idea – an expansion pack.
    I’m just wondering, if someday you might do a tutorial on how to get that centre back seam just right. It’s the one thing I always seem to struggle with, and yours always looks perfect. I know it’s a bit of an optical illusion, and in my mind I always think I know what I’m doing but it doesn’t seem to come out in real life. 😉 Thanks dude!
    PS: I love your red top too!

    • Do you mean where the yokes meet at center back? Hmm, good suggestion. I’ll photograph the next time I make jeans. It’s just a lot of pins and a hump jumper.

      • I mean keeping the centre back seam in the middle of the butt (for lack of better explanation) so that it doesn’t appear that the topstitching is slightly to the side. Does that make sense?

        • Ahh I see. I think you can fake it by slightly offsetting the seam, but I think it’s just easier to center your pockets on the topstitching rather than the seam so you can’t really tell. Honestly, never really bothered me that it was off slightly….

  • DIY Wardrobe

    I absolutely need these in my wardrobe. Just plucking up the courage to spend a small fortune on some decent denim!

    • Do it! Think about how much you’ll be saving on jeans – good RTW ones cost $200 a pair!

      • DIY Wardrobe

        I think I can feel a fabric shopping expedition coming on…

  • Francesca Amodeo

    you look amazing. If I still wore jeans I’d be all over these. and red is soooo your colour.

    • Thank you! It’s funny because I NEVER wear it. Maybe something to try in 2016?

      • Francesca Amodeo

        Definitely! next time you need something dressy make it red…. red coat? red tessuti jacket??? whatever. You are stunning in red.