patron de jeans en francais
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Happy Monday everyone. Just a quick announcement today: the Ginger Jeans pattern is now available in French! I’ve found an amazing translator here in Quebec and we’re working on translating all of my patterns into the language of my adopted province. For now it’s just Ginger, but I’m hoping to have the rest finished in the next month or two. If you’ve purchased Ginger before, you should be able to access the new instructions en français using your old download link. If not, let me know and I’ll contact my file manager to correct it. Bon chance mes amis!

  • How wonderful! French is my second language, but I’m interesting in looking at this to pick up some of the translations of the terminology. However, when I went back and found my download link, the page just told me that it was expired – no option to download the French.

    • Hmmm. Do you know what your order number is? I can try sending you a new download link…

      • Order 1501. It looked like it just wouldn’t work because the original link had expired. Thanks!

  • Have you seen anyone make Ginger capris yet? If not, I’m sure they’re around the corner with the weather warming up. I think it’s what I’ll do since I presently have zero capris.

    • I haven’t seen any but you’re right, they’d be SUPER cute!

      • I made a pair, though I haven’t worn them yet except under tall boots. Will have to get some photos once it’s warm enough to do them outside!

  • Charline

    Hello, It’s a very good news ! I bought this pattern in november, order n°1367. Can you send me the dowload in french please (I’m french) ? Thanks.

  • Louised

    It’s such a great news! Tks for that ! I will try to download it right now! All the best