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One of my favourite things to do when I’m lying in bed and trying to make the transition from dead-eyed sleep zombie to sentient human being is to scroll through CCF hashtags and see what you guys are making. Since #gingerjeans has now been used over 1800 times on Instagram (so, so crazy) I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the beautiful detail and in-progress shots (aka Pretty Guts) you guys have shared over the last few months for your Ginger Jeans.  Whether it’s embroidered pockets, hand-sewn buttonholes, striking topstitching, inspired fabric choices or simply meticulous construction, it’s mindblowing how many ways you have made this pattern your own. Your collective creativity is awe-inspiring!

Here are some of our favourite Ginger Jeans details from Instagram….


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight



one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Y’all make me want to go make a billion more pairs of jeans, I tell you. If you’re looking for more inspiration, I’m always adding fun details to this denim Pinterest board, and I’m also cooking up a fun free downloadable in the next few weeks to help you personalize your jeans even more…

What’s your favourite way to make your handmade jeans “you”?

  • ahhh yeah, thanks for including my leather ginger legs. I wasn’t able to complete them because of my dang sewing machine but fret not they will be finished once I get my new machine from Bernina!

    • Woot woot! New machine! ANd congrats on the ambassadorship!

  • Kathryn

    Well, I’ve only done one pair so far, and they’re not quite done yet. Since they are the first/trial pair and I was focusing on fit, I didn’t go too crazy with the embellishments. I did serge the side seams in red, though, because I always wear my jeans rolled up, and wanted the red to show and contrast with the yellow topstitching and 70’s bright blue denim I used. Next pair, I think I’m going to mess around with two or more topstitch colours and some colourful embroidery on the pockets. The back pocket and coin pocket shapes are going to get some attention, too. I do live out in the Wild West, and am feeling the Modern Western/’Corb Lund meets Burton Cummings meets kd lang with a splash of Frida Kahlo’ vibe like crazy these days. My next jeans will undoubtedly reflect that.

    • I am really feeling those vibes Kathryn~~~ would love to see those jeans!

  • All my Gingers have the same back pocket “design”. Or rather lack of it LOL. Only a bar tack to hold the top edge sa in place. I’ve also made two pairs of BF jeans with no topstitching at the top edge.

    • I absolutely love that pocket deisgn and totally copied it on a pair!

  • JD

    I could use some Ginger help, actually. I just made my first pair a couple months ago. After every wash/wear lately, I find an area where my topstitching is coming out. Best I can tell, the bobbin thread is breaking?? Should I have used a particular type of thread there, or do you have any other idea what may be going on? Luckily, I’ve been able to fix up the topstitching as it comes out, but I’d really like to figure out what’s going wrong so I can hopefully avoid it with my next pair. Other than this annoyance, I love them so much!

    • Hmm. WHere is it breaking? If its along the back crotch seam you may need a little more length there. If its anywhere else, you just want to make sure your tension is pot on and you’re using regular poly thread in the bobbin and top stitching thread up top. You can also try doing a strong triple stitch (if your machine can do it) in lieu of topstitching thread, though it takes a little longer to sew.

      • JD

        It’s breaking all over – inseam, yoke, pockets… I just double checked, and I am using poly in the bobbin and top stitching thread. I’ll pay extra attention to tension and see if that helps. Thank you so much!

  • Lisa Poblenz

    Super inspiring! Once I finish my current project, I think tracing out my first pair is up next. I’ve been procrastinating because I’m nervous about fitting, but I know that is just a excuse, so I need to take the first step. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    • Fitting is probably easier than you think – stretch denim is so much easier than like, woven trousers, trust me! Dip your toe in! The water is fine!

  • definitely inspiring!

  • Anya Tsinko

    So inspiring!! The octopus embroidered pockets are just something else. So unique and badass! I need to make some jeans for myself. Are you thinking of carrying the denim kits anytime soon again? 🙂

    • Wink wink! Hopefully within a few weeks~!

      • Anya Tsinko

        Whaaat? I can’t wait! You made my day

  • Wow Heather – look at what you’ve started! I love this pattern!

  • Judith

    I’m so happy to see my Ginger Jeans featured here! Now, I really need to repair the popped topstitching, put them on and take awesome pics to share.

    • Just topstitch over it queen! I learned recently that you can fake a continuous line but just startinga the exact right spot and pulling your thread through and manually tying it off so it looks like it’s all the same stitch line….

      • You can also try doing a strong triple stitch (if your machine can do it) in lieu of topstitching thread, though it takes a little longer to sew.

  • Kohlrabi

    This amazing round-up made me order denim again (duh, stupid, look into your stash, there is already enough denim in there!) to sew up some Gingers. Now I’m kinda stuck because last time I prewashed my fabric they were stripey discolorations where the denim lost colour or maybe it lost colour and took it on again unevenely. This was after soaking it in vinegar. I googled but couldn’t find any more tricks to prevent this and now I’m kinda anxious to wash in case my beautiful denims turn out all blotchy again. Do you any idea or maybe even know a magical trick against that??

    • That happened to me once with a big piece of yardage – its’ like there wasn’t enough room for it to move in teh washer. Honestly, go for it! Think of like pre-done distressing!

  • Yay! My jeans made the roundup! And I ‘m wearing them today! Thanks for making a pattern that gave me the courage to make the jeans leap!