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Hello my friends. I am 30 minutes away from a week without technology but before I go I thought I’d get your opinion on something.

Is anything more glamorous or trashy/timeless as animal print? Inspiration struck recently and want to make this cape in a faux fur. I’ve been searching online but it’s difficult to find a short pile fake fur that looks real and not cheap. Does anyone have any ideas?

I did find this fabric which has the right pattern but it is the kind of material traditionally used to make stuffed animals. It’s hard to judge the quality form photos and I am reluctant to order it if I am only going to end up looking like a toy won at a fair for a trashy 50’s pinup.

Anyone worked with velboa before? Or have any other ideas about what would be an appropriate fabric for outer wear?

You are, as they say, “the best”.

  • Melissa

    Have you checked out Mendel’s? I just looked since I’ve bought from them before, and they are having a sale! You can get swatches for free as well. This page has traditional fake fur: while this one has shorter stuff: I’d be interested in the plush stuff on the second page since I imagine it would not sew up as bulky….
    Crap, you’ve got me thinking about a faux fur jacket now!

  • Sassy T

    Lol re looking like a toy.

  • Sassy T

    Done a search on Velboa fur coats just to see, didn’t see much, mainly cute dogs wearing it. found this by the Selfish Seamstress, she mentions a coat she made from velboa here (after the Karen Millen pic hope it helps

  • Thanks for the tip lady! A lot of people suggested some fabric stores in Montreal i had never been to which is also super helpful.