Fabric Files


Iknow summer still has a month to go, but as the nights cool down, I can’t help but think about the coming fall, the changing season. One way to gently transition into autumn (as opposed to silently weeping when you realize winter is coming) is to try switching up your colour palette. The rich, earthy fabrics featured above are still lightweight enough to not feel like you’re giving in entirely.

As much as I fight it, I’m still really drawn to white, black and grey these days. There is something very appealing about an interchangeable monochromatic wardrobe. Especially if it features special pieces with pugs, cats or silky songbirds…

Have you started buying fabric for your fall wardrobe or are you just telling yourself summer will last forever?

  • Karen

    Summer does last forever in hot, humid Houston, TX but despite the temps I’m sewing for fall. I’m changing my normal fall/winter neutral from black to brown. With that new base I’m buying lovely earth-toned rayon challis (rust, pumpkin, gold) prints to make tunic tops along with a brown silk vest and rust dupioni slacks and brown leggings. It’s exciting to work with this new color palette.

    • That sounds beautiful Karen! I love the sound of a rust and gold rayon challis…

  • Hate to mention this but, in Australia, summer is on the way!

    • It still will never make sense to me that our seasons are opposite. Does not compute, does not compute.

  • Mindy Nickel

    I’m definitely in denial. I’ve barely touched my summer sewing projects! *cries*

    • Summer is to nice to be inside sewing, most of the time. I wouldn’t beat yourself up 😉

  • Hélène

    Fabric shopping is always a treat, but let’s enjoy every bit of our precious summer while it lasts. September is the most beautiful month of the year here in Montréal!

    • It is! But it’s been getting so cool at nights. We’re camping this weekend and I was really surprised when I checked the evening temperatures….

  • I’m starting to think about fall/winter projects too. I don’t mind the cooler weather, I just wish it could be Fall longer! I’ve been really drawn to black and white lately too!

    • Tell me about it. Fall lasts like a month on Montreal before it’s Parka time again.

  • Yes sorry I’m with Christine on that one too but let’s be honest, I still haven’t finished half my winter sewing plans… *guilty face*

    • Does anyone EVER finish their seasonal sewing plans?!

  • Danielle Malloy

    OH DEAR LORD the double gauze. <3 <3 Is Nani Iro as amazing to sew with as everyone says? I think I need to take the plunge. I'm starting to get all willy-nilly with my sewing queue since the weather in Chicago is drunk lately. Fabric I bought for another Inari Tee Dress will probably become an Archer.

    • I haven’t sewn with it yet but I’ve touched it and it’s DREAMY!

  • I’m with you on the black and white adoration! I put a bunch of my stash fabrics together and its all black/white, indigo/white and red-orange. I am not transitioning to Fall sewing because we are going to Tulum in November for my 40th birthday. I’m all about tank tops, beachy dresses and swimsuits!

    • SOOOOOOO JEALOUS!! I really wanted to get to Tulum last winter but it wasn’t to be… HAVE THE BEST TIME!

      • Thanks Heather! Tulum seems to be the place to be these days. Hoping we are getting there before it gets too overrun.

  • Desiree

    I feel like summer IS lasting forever! I’m ready for fall and definitely already buying/sewing for it 😀 (somewhat unnecessarily, since I live on the Mexican border- but that won’t stop me)

  • Tina

    I’m blessed to live in the coastal southeast USA where summer hangs on into November and it only gets brrrr-worthy in January & February! And I hesitate to say brrr means the 40’s. Transitional to me means long jeans (sigh thank you for the Ginger Jeans I have underway), fall colors vs. call fabrications like woolens. It becomes the adaptation of ‘winter wear’ rather than the actual thing. Think long sleeved jersey knit tops instead of short sleeves or even sleeveless— the fabric itself might only be a bit heavier. A lovely piece of black mid-weight ponte knit seems to be deep winter. I love the idea of monochromatic but it isn’t coastal at all—- unless it’s grays, fogs, ivories….. wait!!!! Wait!!!!! That’s a thought!!

    • I am beyond jealous of your weather. We have beautiful falls up here but it only lasts until mid-November and then BAM! Minus 20 by December. ANd I love your grey, fog and ivory scheme!

  • Katherine

    I am actually looking forward to fall, I am a fall girl. The Vancouver summer this year has been long and hot so I am in the transition planning process. My biggest dilemma is figuring out fall foot wear with a Sallie pantsuit…..any suggestions?? That green silk crepe you posted is freaking dreamy….!!

    • I’ll be wearing mine with ankle boots on ballet flats (I made a few shorter ones to wear without heels!) And it’s easy to look forward to fall in Vancouver…. it isn’t followed by 6 months of snow! Although 6 months of rain would probably kill me too.

  • In Seattle, the temperatures have dramatically cooled already. I’m looking towards layering all those summer pieces that I just can’t give up. Time to start hunting for cute tights and maybe consider knitting myself some cozy cardigans.