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Hola amigas! This week I shared some Ryan Gosling approved pajama styling inspiration. Today I’m going deep into the trenches to find some sweet fabrics for your Carolyn Pajamas. From flannel to silk, you’re covered.


If you go the silk route, your Carolyns will be decidedly fancy. Balking at the cost? Silk pajamas don’t sell for less than $400 and can go as high as $1000. You’re technically saving money and investing in comfort. Also? Treat yo’ self.


These fabrics can go from “cozy winter chalet” to “preppy Nantucket beach rental”. Choose your own adventure!

plaid and check fabric

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For a more casual “I’m not getting off the couch until I finish I finish all 5 seasons of the Good Wife” (aka every night of the week for me), a fun print in a cozy flannel is pretty much the best. Also, I found YUMMY SUSHI FLANNEL. Buffy fans, rejoice.


Silky, soft and super breathable, Carolyns made from any of these would be amazing for warmer climates and spring and summer nights.

  • Sara Mayo

    Also, if there is one garment that you can safely use thrifted sheets for, it’s Pajamas.

    • Oh yes! Would be awesome to try and score some egyptian cotton sheets…. I did once and it was HEAVEN to sew.

  • JamieDSC

    Ha, I put in an order for #2 in the rayons a week ago already for my next pair. Great minds think alike!

  • Margo Gillaspy

    I think I need to find some donut flannel! Preferably with lots of sprinkles.

    • Siobhan

      Mmmmmmm…..donuts PJs…

  • I like your thinking. I have 2 and 6 of the silks in my stash albeit not enough of the cheetah spots – Miss five has lain claim to them. I tried to use up stash for this project, but I’m pretty happy with what I decided to put together in the end ( I know you’ve seen it ;-)). But before I made my final decision, I was seriously considering some Nani Iro double gauze…that would make the most amazingly soft and pretty jammies, especially a long set for the cooler weather.

    • NANO IRO IS MY FANTASY. Also, I would love to come and roll around in your stash one day.

  • Maybe it is just on my screens but plaids and checks and novelty flannels show the same photo? I really wanted to see that novelty sushi fabric! 🙁

    • I think it’s your wonky computer Carlee! Or maybe it’s mine :0

  • I have already ordered 2 & 4 from the lightweight cotton/rayon collection for this exact purpose. I have printing my pdf and am going to get assembling! Woo hoo!

    • We share a name, and a brain 😉

      • Totally! And don’t forget we share a crotch curve, I mean the same crotch curve, I mean…okay wait…there’s no good way to say this, but your patterns rock!

  • Anja Burger-Kock

    What you think about jersey viscose for the short version? I should have enough in my stash of this apricot cutie:

    • Ooooh!!! So pretty! It will definitely work. I’d go down a few sizes in the pants so there is little to negative ease. The top is supposed to fit loosely so you can probably make it as is….. Try piping with a flat back jersey!

      • Anja Burger-Kock

        Thanks for the tips! Will make notes and add this to my queue 😀

  • Siobhan

    You are on point with the tip offs lately! First cheap Hasbeens, now these gorgeous fabrics. Thank you! X

    • My pleasure Siobhan! I’m hoping my friend can bring back my Hasbeens from NY this week, so I can clomp around my apartment and long for spring.

  • Thewallinna

    Fabric envy!

  • Claire

    Just got this rayon challis in the mail for a different project, realized it was all wrong for that project, pondered sending it back, realized it is PERFECT for summery Carolyns! What a happy accident. It’s even a cute wintery pajama print, but in a summery fabric. MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS A GENIUS.

  • Ha! Another sushi flannel! I got some “sushi flannel” years ago (at Fabricland when I lived in Edmonton), but in a different style. It was a light blue background with cute little fishies and octopi all over interspersed with the work “sushi”. So cute and weird. I meant to make myself a housecoat with it, but ultimately used a big chunk to make a windshield cozy for a friend’s motorcycle, lol.
    I’m feeling increasingly tempted by this pattern, I made myself silk charmeuse pajama pants once upon a time and LOVED them (kinda wore them to death). But I have to admit, the really big lure is that I’m a Carolyn too! And who doesn’t want to share their name with a cool sewing pattern, even if I wasn’t the inspirational Carolyn!

  • AP

    Hi, do you think silk jersey would work for this pattern? I knows it says woven but I heard that silk jersey is more luxurious in feel (since it’s a knit). If not, then which type would you recommend (satin, crepe de chine, etc.).

    • I think silk jersey could totally work but you’d need to size down to make sure it wasn’t to big. Otherwise crepe de chine or charmeuse would be lovely – just depends on the effect you’re going for.