Exchange rate sale for Canadians only // Closet Case FIles
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Attention Canadians! I know the dollar is extremely depressing right now and I’ve received a few emails asking for Canadian pricing. Unfortunately my store platform does not allow me to charge in more than one currency, however, I’ve figured out a workaround! I am offering a 10% rebate to Canadians only for as long as the exchange rate stays in its current abysmal state. You can take advantage of this rebate by creating an account here and adding your Canadian billing and shipping address. Once logged in, you can use the discount code OHCANADA at checkout to get 10% off all printed and PDF products. I’m hoping this helps take the sting out of the exchange for you!

  • K_Line

    This is excellent client service! Thank you Heather.

  • Lyn James

    Thanks so much Heather — the exchange is a killer right now and definitely was stopping me (your site and elsewhere). Lyn

  • Anne

    Thank-you, this is great news! I was so excited when I found your patterns and realized you were Canadian but the nasty exchange had me aborting my shopping cart and waiting for a sale. I just tried to us the code though and it is telling me “Customer information does not meet the requirements for the OHCANADA discount code”?? I’m in Regina, SK…

    • Hi Anne. In order to work, you have to have opened an account. The code only works for customers who have a Canadian address saved in the system! Unless you’ve opened an account and it’s not working in which case I have some work to do….

  • Jo Dec

    Thanks Heather! I am working on my Clare Coat, it is a challenge for me but so much fun! The Sewalong is great and I am following it like my life depends on it! No more cooking or cleaning until this coat is finish! I have just ordered the Sallie Jumpsuit and the Bombshell swimsuit, thanks to your nice offer.

    • I’m so happy you’re enjoying your Clare! Happy to be of service.

      • Jo Dec

        About the 2 patterns I just bought, The Sallie jumpsuit was dowloadable right away but the Bombshell swimsuit is still not.

        • Hi Jo- I just fixed whatever the issue was. Can youvlet me know if you can download it now?

          • Jo Dec

            It still does not work, there is no download link beside it.

          • Can you email me at with your email address? I’ll have to manually correct your order… sorry for the inconvenience Jo!

  • SunGold

    Forgive me, but I’m confused. Canadian currency (CAD) is $0.68 to $1USD – a $0.32 difference. For every $1.00 USD I pay, you receive $1.45 CAD.

    To put it another way, 15% of $10 is $8.50. Converted to USD, that’s $12.36, so Canadians pay $2.36 more than if they could walk into your store and pay in CAD.

    • My business runs solely in US currency and all my costs and pricing are done on that assumption. There has never really been a 1:1 trade between USD and CAD, and as a result, my patterns (and the patterns of all Canadian designers, FYI) are more expensive in CAD than they are in US. Just trying to level things out a little. I may raise the discount rate in the future if the exchange continues to creep up.

      • SunGold

        Thanks for the explanation.

  • Charlotte Elliott

    Us Aussies are also suffering from a dismal dip in our dollar against other currencies. As a result my sewing hobby (otherwise known as obsession) is beginning to really hit my pocket in terms of pattern, fabric and shipping costs and I have had to plan my purchases carefully with patterns in mind. No more (ok a lot less) impulse fabric buying. In saying this patterns in CND$ are now cheaper for me to purchase than US$

  • Yep, another Aussie just crying about our atrocious exchange rate (also 69c to 1USD). What is it with the Canadian and Aussie dollars, they are always on par I think. Back in the 80s I travelled in europe and met a Canadian bloke who was the only person that could commiserate on budget travel!!
    I now just add to the cart and then empty it – virtual shopping style!!