Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files
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You’re not often confronted with your “apron situation”. I recently was, and the end result was a little embarrassing. For some reason, the only aprons I own are kitschy and weird throwbacks to a time when women suspended a lot of weird things in jello. Ten years ago I used to find it funny to pick up, say, a mustard yellow floor length apron with white lace trim at the thrift store (70’s pioneer chic), and wear this at Thanksgiving to amuse my friends. But recently I was baking up a storm and covered in flour (as you do), and when I pulled out my sad, stained, thrift store collection of aprons I knew it was time for a change. While aprons aren’t really the sort of thing you’d think to spend money on, they are the PERFECT thing to make when you have a spare hour or two.  For that reason, I was very excited to tackle the cross-back apron project from Sanae Ishida’s new book Sewing Happiness (I reviewed it here earlier in the week).

The design is a traditional Japanese style, and it is simple and utilitarian in the best possible way. Essentially just a  large rectangle of fabric with shoulder ties, it crosses in the back because of the how the straps are sewn on.

It’s a great design for bench pressing rolling pins.

Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files

Or stirring imaginary stews.

Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files

Or juggling nectarines.

Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case FilesJapanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files

Miss Matatabi generously donated some fabric for this post and because I wanted a sturdy apron (no more of this frilly pioneer nonsense), I chose this medium weight cotton/linen canvas. I fell in love with the hand painted strips and metallic accents and decided to have fun with stripe direction.

Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files

I also let the little sliver of purple selvage peek out, just for giggles.

Needless to say the directions were easy to follow and I had this baby done in an hour or two. I love how functional this is while still having a little style, and I won’t be at all be embarrassed to wear it when I have company over. It also folds up perfectly which is very appealing to anyone with mild OCD.

Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files Japanese inspired cross-back apron fromt he Sewing Happiness Book by Sanae Ishida // Closet Case Files

Now for the giveaway! A lucky winner will take home a $45 gift certificate to the amazing Miss Matatabi Etsy shop, home to the finest Japanese fabrics around. Simply leave a comment below and let me know what you’d make with your fabric! I’ll announce the winner in next week’s blog round-up!
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  • d

    I’ve also wanted to make an apron! I tried drafting my own with cotton twill but it didn’t work out. Something like yours, with just the rectangle, would be great.

  • Marie

    I also really need an apron! Love this pattern !
    P.s. Working on my first Gingers. So far so good 🙂

  • CosmicCar

    I would made a simple and versatile summer dress with midriff and pockets in the Japanese Fabric 100% linen – indigo and subtle black, even if I am quite taken by the Nani Nani Iro Kokka Japanese tissu Lei in mega pink… 😉

  • Louise

    I’d make a springy full midi skirt in one of those pastel striped double gauzes, in case spring ever makes it here to Dublin!

  • melinda

    I need some summery double gauze and linen shirts and dresses. Maybe a Colfax?

  • Bridget

    I need basic tops for work this summer, I’m thinking scout tees either in cotton and steel zephyr or some nani iro double gauze

  • Kristine Mackin

    That’s an overhead press, lol! I’ve been lifting heavy for over a year now, and I’d love to make some sleeveless button front shirts for the summer (plus they’ll show off my cut arms). ????

  • Vipérine Doc

    I’ve discovered that I don’t like straps around the neck, so I’m totally psyched about this apron pattern! ????

  • Michael J. Gubicza

    I totally want to make this apron, but I’ve really been wanting to pick up some indigo dyed fabric to do the Haptic Lab Philadelphia Street Map Quilt!

  • What a cool apron! I like that it’s utilitarian, but also quite interesting with the fabric and the design. Thanks also for giveaway! I love Miss Matabi fabric and would most likely choose some double gauze to make a 60’s summer dress.

  • Toni

    I’d make a cool three-quarter-sleeve smock instead of an apron. I can’t count how many times I’ve cooked, worn and apron, and still stained my clothes.

  • Cadi

    Oh man, that apron is the business! Miss Matatabi has such amazing fabric, I think I would buy fun heavier knits and make a couple Coco tops with funnel necks. One of my fave patterns!

  • Caroline Houlditch

    I’ve been eyeing her flamingo voile. I’d love to make a cute blouse out of it!

  • anitaboeira

    I need summery blouses, so that’s what I’d make!

  • woolandpotato

    Ooh, I’m eyeing her adorable polar bear printed double gauze that would make a cute shift dress.

  • Jane

    I have about 6 or 7 of her fabrics saved to my favourites including the Kokka Tsumiki for a bag.

  • Lovely apron – my friend has requested one like this so I may need to grab the book.
    I’m a little obsessed with miss matatabi. I’d buy something springlike to make a shorts jumpsuit.

  • Melani

    I’d probably make the apron too, from the solid cotton/linen fabric …
    Thank you for the chance …

  • Dala chin

    That is the coolest darn apron I’ve ever seen, I just might have to make one! Alternatively, I definitely have the spring sewing bug, so I might make a couple of summery tunics if I got my hands on some linen or double gauze.

  • Sarah

    Weeell as my apron is a child’s I should probably remedy that but I’d probably try a shirt that I don’t finish and think meh

  • Kate Soper

    I would either make an apron just like yours or maybe finally get around to the duffel bag I’ve been planning forever!

  • Carole O’neill

    Great apron, I would make a summer dress

  • Jessie Stern

    I want to make a wedding guest dress with Nani Iro’s 2016 collection! : )

  • Margo Gillaspy

    I would love a new pair of linen capri pants for summer, so I might try and do that! Or I might do this apron!

  • Lusty

    I want to make a breezy pair of lounge pants out of double gauze. Love Miss Matatabi!

  • Carly

    I’d make a lap duvet with some beautiful Nani Iro fabric. I recently ordered from Miss Matatabi and loved everything I received! Great quality and service!

  • Leah Canada

    So are you just as obsessed with this book as me? I picked it up based on your review the day it came out and I have already made the triangle bag and drafted a pattern for the baby clothes set. I thought about making the apron and now that I have seen yours it will be a sure thing. I would probably get some Nano Iro for a shirt or dress.

  • Tasha

    I would probably make my husband a nice shirt… I never sew for him. Or I may just make myself a skirt, that’s what usually happens. Hehehe

  • Alli

    I’d make a plus quilt! 🙂

  • double gauze pajamas–so dreamy!

  • Anica

    I’d love to get my hands on some double gauze for a blouse. I’ve heard lots about it but never seen it in real life! Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  • The linens she carries are to die for! I love Nano Iro’s designs. I’ve been wanting some easy linen dresses or 20’s/30’s beach pjs for the summer

  • I’ve read about Japanese fabrics but have never seen them. I like the sound of double gauze – would that be for a top? And I’m not sure what Nano Iro is. I’d have fun experimenting. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Eve

    Something for summer. A double gauze would be perfect.

  • Annabel R

    Hi! Thank you for the giveaway and I would love love some double gauze to make a receiving blanket for my soon to arrive niece!! :)) off to check out the book and go drool at the miss matabi etsy shop. :))

  • Honest Amanda

    What a great give away! I’d love to make a double gauze shirt for myself. But, seeing your great apron makes me realize how sad my husband’s is and really this would be a good unisex style for him to enjoy. So, maybe I’d get some canvas for him? Touch decision.

  • A summer dress or maybe pyjamas, can’t chose

  • Hélène

    I think I would sew something in hommage to Prince. Maybe a bow tie blouse in a bold colour silk.

  • Lovely apron. I’m on a Carolyn pyjama making roll and I’d love some in a Nano Iro.

  • Mary S

    I’d love to make some Nani Iro Carolyn pjs! ????

  • Yasemin

    A boxy top with bell sleeves, in Nani iro linen, that is what I would do. In love with big sleeves now. But next is the asaka kimono with killer sleeves:)

  • Kelly

    I would love to make one of these aprons! It’s exactly like the one my host mum used to wear.

  • Excellent apron! I’d make a kimono wrap with some beautiful Nani Iro double muslin.

  • emilyaudette

    I could use a new apron too! Have been procrastinating for far too long.

  • Ooh what wouldn’t I make with some fabric from Miss Matatabi?!?! An apron would be fab, or maybe a kimono!

  • Ruth Federico

    I spend a lot of time drooling over Miss Matatabi’s selection of double gauze fabrics – and with a baby on the way and two other babies due in extended family, I would be making a whole bunch of double gauze swaddle blankets. 🙂

  • Bethany Foster

    A crossback apron has been on my to make list forever.

  • Love the fabric, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that the apron has pockets and no burdensome waist ties!

  • Fun! I have an apron I bought which really isn’t fun. This looks closer to Rough Linen’s pinnies and seems like a better style.

  • Tatiana Vovchenko

    I would make a linen shift dress for summer! Thank you!

  • Liz

    Summer dresses all the way! Great apron ????

  • To be honest, I could probably use a modern apron myself, so either that or a circle skirt.

  • Jessica Malcolm

    I would love to make a dress

  • LaLa Sews

    I would make a sundress, for me or for
    my daughter, not sure which!

  • Enerostar83

    I’d make this apron.

  • Denise

    I would make a lap duvet in a gorgeous double gauze.

  • ritapetal

    Super cute! I would treat myself to a brightly coloured trapeze style dress for the endless summer we are having here

  • Shannon Phillips

    I need more dresses for summer!

  • Amy Brown

    I love the nano Iro they sell so I’d probably make an Almada robe. Their shop is my favourite to just browse even when I have no pennies (or room) for more fabric!

  • Alice Brown

    A very stylish work dress, possibly using double gauze for the first time

  • Jen l

    I am in desperate need of some cheer around my cramped apartment – I’d make some colorful pillow shams for my bed. Thank you for the opportunity to enter, Heather, and to Miss Matatabi too!

  • Karen

    That’s so funny – I was looking up Sewing Happiness after your review because of this apron and the cool bag in the picture right below it. However, I’d have to use my gift card to buy some double gauze for a blousy, height-of-summer dress.

  • Lisa Westra

    I would make an airy summer shift! Love the design of that apron!

  • Rebecca

    WHEEE!! definitely an apron!

  • lisa g

    Cute apron! Oh so many possibilities with those lovely fabrics… would love to make a shirt dress!

  • You look like you are having a lot of fun in your new apron. I’d make a summer dress.

  • Judith

    I would like to find the perfect fabric to make myself a summer dress.

  • Dianne Steffan

    I would happily make that apron. It’s gorgeous, practical, and just what I need. Thank you for the book recommendation too.

  • Summer blouses!

  • Elizabeth Wronkowski

    I am torn between the practical (new pillows for the couch, pillowcases for the bedroom,etc), and the pleasurable (robe, clothes for me)….given I haven’t been sewing much lately I lean towards the pleasurable side :).

  • Laura Hagen Lindberg Schroeder

    Super easy, I would copy you and make that fabu apron. Thanks for all the inspirational sewing.

  • Jessica

    Oh man, a nani iro Almada robe sounds divine. Somebody else was doing a nani iro quilt, which also sounds really inspired.

  • Heather Lee

    Oh, I would endlessly waffle between the perfect Nano Iro for a gauzy quilt and the perfect Nani Iro for some gauzy summer tops. Either way, I’d win.

  • Rhonna Jerauld

    i am in serious summer dress mode so im sure id get something light to make yet another! thanks!

  • Mel

    I’d make a blouse or two 😉

  • Jennifer

    I’m loving that apron, and i am not an apron person. But I think my first choice of fabric would be some double gauze for summer blouses. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but no local source of fabric and severe inexperience in sewing clothes for myself means I haven’t made the leap yet.

  • Joanna Dyson

    I’d definitely make the apron. My husband says you could boil mine for soup. 🙂
    Sanae’s book is a sweet little thing, so I would also use some of my linen stash to make fortune cookies, of course.

  • Kathy Britten

    I would love either a French Terry or a Double Knit from Miss Matatabi Shop to make some warm tops(winter is coming to us here in Australia, ugh). Thank you.

  • Alerie

    That’s beautiful! I bought my aunt an apron just like that one years ago, and she got her giggling over trying to figure out how to wear it! It made for great entertainment, as she’s kind of a serious lady. I would make one for myself, I think. Or, some sweet tunic tops (to go with my ginger jeans of course!)

  • Gorgeous apron made from gorgeous fabric! Mmmm… I’d get myself some Nani Iro from Miss Matatabi shop and make myself a simple top…

  • I would like to make a cute spring sundress!

  • Ana

    That is such a cool apron!! Miss Matatabi has some serious printed canvas game going on, there’s a blue and grey bamboo canvas that would make such a beautiful spring/autumn Clare coat.. (drools a little bit)

  • Jillishness

    I would love to make an apron like that, along with making tea towels!

  • Katy Marriott

    I have so many ideas! I’d love to make myself a skirt with the Japanese foliage print cord, maybe a dress from one of the gorgeous prints or attempt some dungarees for my boy x

  • Ooh I have long wanted to get my hands on some double gauze everyone raves about and I would make a dress for the sweltering Florida heat that is fast approaching.

  • Jillian Tarling

    Great apron! I might have to make one for myself 🙂

  • Denise

    I’d likely make a Granville, or a shirt dress. I’ve been living all of Mary’s shirt dresses over at Idle Fancy ????

  • Heather Phillips

    I love the style of this apron! I would love to make some for me and the kids. Or shorts for me, there is a giant hole in my wardrobe that needs to be filled before it gets toasty out!

  • meowsersocks

    Ooh lovely summery tops!

  • Charlotte Elliott

    Wow a great giveaway! I’ve got the new Skipper Tunic pattern from PP that I’ve not made yet and that would pair nicely with some Nani Iro fabric 🙂

  • Ah, hell, another Kokka dress. I could even make a Nani Iro dress from Nani Iro fabric, but then I might explode.
    Are you auditioning for Cirque du Soleil? They are always looking for talent.

  • Heather o

    I would get fabric to make a nice top. Most likely some beautiful Nani Iro fabric

  • Carla Lissa

    Ms Matatabi has the most gorgeous nani iro

  • Chloe Anderson

    I’ve successfully re-covered 3 of the 4 throw pillows on my couch, and would love some super lux fabric for the final one!

  • Kathy M

    I love the idea of just tossing an apron on without having to tie anything. Lovely stripe action you have going on there, too!

    (crossing fingers on some cool Japanese fabric – which is what my current apron is made from)

  • Mary

    Some gorgeous Nani Iro Double Gauze for a summery pair of Luna Pants! Thanks for the chance. Love the apron.

  • alana

    I would make a Nani Iro Biscayne blouse! Yes, please!

  • luzbratcher

    I’d make a gauzy summer robe to wear during warm northern summers!

  • TackAndHackIt

    A double gauze shirt dress for summer

  • MelodyJ

    I would make a skirt.

  • Kate

    Nani iro double gauze for some luxe summer Carolyn pajamas!

  • Anna-Marie

    I would get some double gauze to back a baby quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Denise Gould

    I love Sanae’s triangle eco bag, so I make one of those. Great photos!

  • EmilyA

    We are going to a wedding in France in July (we are in the UK) and the smallest person in the family needs a new dress, I’d buy some of that delicious fabric to make her one. (I’m wearing my Sallie jumpsuit!)

  • You know I think I’d make an apron too! Very cool.

  • verykb

    With such a selection of double gauze, I’d be very tempted to make an Alder dress.

  • I would make a button down shirt with nani iro double gauze to go with my ginger jeans!

  • jain1023 .

    Oh, I would like some Nani Iro linen for a Grainline Alder dress.

  • Rachel

    I love this apron – it’s a balance between utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.

    Miss Matatabi has the best double gauges, so I’d love to buy some to make an Almada dressing gown.

  • Claire Corry

    I’ve never sewn with double gauze and with Spring finally here I think I would love a spring dress.

  • I am a bit in a apron dilemma, this pattern would really help 😉

  • What a lovely giveaway! I’d like to make a Seamwork Almanda robe in Nani Iro!

  • English Girl at Home

    If I win I’ll spend many hours changing my mind, but I think it would have to be one of the Nani Iro Kokka fabrics. I especially love the florals, the print called ‘calm joy’ is beautiful. I’ve bought lots of vintage patterns lately so I think it would be paired with one of those.

  • Nic

    I had a dream that I made the perfect blouse for work so I think that might be my plan… maybe some nani iro? But Miss Matabi has so many gorgeous fabrics, I’d probably take some time to choose!!

  • maggie leaf

    While browsing the Nani Iro 2016 collection I fell in love with the shirt/tunic/dress pattern. I’d love to make that pattern, the tunic length, in some of the Saaaa Saaa wata double gauze. Those blues! Yes. Please. I already imagine it as my summer uniform paired with my favorite old white corduroy shorts (which were my dad’s in the 80s – bring back men wearing short-shorts!).

  • Ooh, I had never seen this shop before, now I love it! Aside from the fact that I now want to make this exact apron, I think I’d love to make a lightweight summer dress with some really nice, light cotton… maybe stripes…. (I hope this comment works, the computer was spazzing out on me when I tried to enter….!)

  • Kat Douglas

    I’d use it as an excuse to buy Hannah from Victory Patterns and match it up with some scrummy linen…..I loooove Miss Matatabi,

  • Beth

    I love aprons. Use one everyday. I would love to make this one, looks so comfy, and I would really try to make a summer top in double gauze

  • Meg Kundert

    First let’s talk about the matching striped shoes! Intentional?
    What a fabulous shop! its hard to find beautiful prints that are not quilting cotton or knits. I’ve got my eye on a linen with Aqua polka dots which may become a spring jacket.

  • Lisa Poblenz

    I love looking through her fabric! I would probably make a shirt, a dress, or a skirt. Once I found a fabric I loved, I would try to match it to a pattern. I do have a dress I need to find fabric for, so I would start by looking for that. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Stirling Allred

    I would get as much Nani Iro double gauze as I could! Probably would make a shift dress, or some tank tops.

  • sallieforrer

    This is lovely, and the kind of functional sewing I always put on the back burner! I’ve actually been dying to use some Nani Iro double gauze to make myself a casual summer kimono – maybe an Almeda from Seamwork? I wear a robe basically anytime I’m sitting around the house, and my white terry cloth number is A) not very chic and B) too hot to wear in the summer.

  • I like the dynamic stripes of yours! Apron sewing is so satisfying; a quick sew, make the pattern up as you go along, practical (add as many pockets as you wish) and the fabric options are endless. I have a few made up of op shop linens… a rather outrageous table cloth (bright yellow with poppies and cornflowers) that made a rather kitsch pair of half aprons (a ‘lucky’ friend got the other). I keep meaning to make a full apron as I’m rather messy in the kitchen. The Miss Matatabi fabrics are lovely, I love the polar bear print but I could easily get distracted with some of the florals. At the moment I need to make some light weight tops for layering, maybe a kimono sleeve?

  • LoriAnne August-Gamble

    I love that shop and your patterns. I’d add some more double gauze to my make list and make a top
    or two.

  • Aidan Ruth

    I would make the eff out of some pretty summer dresses and skirts for myself and maybe a little spring jacket for the puppy. Doggies need painterly stripes too!

  • Tina L.

    I would love to work with fabric of similar weight to your apron and make a large tote. I’m also in desperate need of summer skirts. Lovely fabric selection. Thanks for the fun post and giveaway!

  • Paula Chipman

    A summer shift –like the Inari!

  • Genevieve

    Call me a copycat! I am going to make my own apron although don’t have the book….I will just create my own rectangle with shoulder straps. ????

  • Marsha Law

    I’d make a shoulder bag and matching wallet. I do love your apron though and I think I’ll make one with some upcycled denim I have.

  • I’d make a pretty summery top or dress. I have some 70s sundress patterns that I’m dying to make!

  • Liz

    I’d make a double gauze top. It would be perfect for when spring finally arrives in my city.

  • I would make a shift dress!

  • Liesbeth Bevelander

    Love the apron! I would make myself a new yoga mat bag with some of that lovely fabric!

  • I have been playing with the seamster dandelion top lately. I’d love to make it from a Japanese fabric like a nani iro double gauzero.

  • Olivia

    Oh my word! I went to the page looking for something chic and sensible to make work blouses from… But the fun things are so pretty! I’d make a dress from the gorgeous and amazing metallic vintage dinosaurs fabric. Seriously I’d make an entire wardrobe from that stuff!

  • Lesley

    I love your apron! I want to make one too!

  • Chris Griffin

    Light summer dress!! Its hot and humid already 🙂

  • Tor Freeman

    Excellent apron!! I would make a Sewaholic dress, though I’m not sure which one yet!

  • Love the apron, very stylish. I really love the idea of a double gauze Archer for summer, so that’s probably what I’d go for! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tracy Thompson

    I would make some pjs. Never thought I would as no one ever sees them but I love snuggling up in my pjs, might as well feel pretty too! Right? The apron is beautiful!

  • I would make another apron with the fabric.

  • Stephanie

    love the apron! I would make myself a chic pencil skirt

  • Sogol

    I’d make my mom an apron with the fabric! I love this simple pinafore style!

  • Anna

    I would make a robe with double gauze!

  • Sara Santos

    Your apron is so cute! I would probably make a skirt or a dress with i! 😀

  • Brigid Randolph

    Love the apron! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some double gauze and make some light, pretty blouses for summer!

  • Samantha

    Oh wow – I’ve heard so many great things about Miss Matatabi fabrics; I’d love to try some double gauze, maybe an easy breezy summer shirt? But after reading your book review of Sewing Happiness, I’d love to make those origami pillows!

  • kalimak

    That’s a fantastic apron, Heather! Sanae’s book looks beautiful — I think those origami pillows are calling my name 🙂

  • Kira McCoan

    Just bought Hannah over at Victory Patterns and would love to find some Miss Matatabi fabric to make it with. Also love your blog! Always look forward to your Sunday roundup

  • Nique Etienne

    The origami pillow looks like a fun project. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Deb Cameron

    I love this apron! How modern and un-kitsch! I think this apron would be a lovely thing to make in some Nani Iro from Miss Matatabi’s beautifully curated shop ????

  • drPmakes.wordpress.com

    Great minds think alike …I have been planning a Japanese style gardening apron! Not as pretty and fancy as yours but a similar basic shape in a sturdy, hard wearing cotton twill

    If I won pretty Japanese fabric though I would go for something gorgeous rather than useful, a beautiful frock perhaps

  • VickiKate

    I love the simplicity of this apron! It’s beautiful and functional. I have to admit that I adore the one that you have made so would be sorely tempted to do something very similar and if possible eek another two out of the fabric for my small people. Whilst cooking and baking with them is an absolute blast, it is a very messy endeavour so aprons are a necessity. Ones that don’t have awkward ties to come undone or be tied into knots seem like a very good idea to me! I’d be sorely tempted by the polar bear canvas; or maybe one of the bubble prints!

  • Justyna

    The fabric you used is lovely! I’m definietely in love with japanese fabrics…

  • Jo Rattrie

    Some double gauze trousers, such as luna pants would be summerlicous

  • I would love to make the Inari dress out of some of the scrumptious Miss Matatabi fabric!

  • Claire Sutherland

    I would make an Alder shirtdress. I have just found out I am pregnant and know the one I made previously will be perfect.
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  • Boubou

    I’ve been lurking on Miss Matatabi’s shop for ages… I know I will eventually give in to buy some gorgeous Nani Iro fabric, and admire it for ages without daring to cut it 🙂 And if I find the strenght to do it some day, it will probably be sewn into a summery top or a dress for some special occasion !
    Thank you for inspiring us to cook elegantly anyway 😉

  • I love Miss Matatabi’s shop and I love this apron! I would probably make an apron for myself, I think, or some pajama pants for my husband with some of her snuggly flannel!

  • Belinda

    As it happens, you are juggling not nectarines but mandarins! Tangerines are bigger..

  • Roberta C

    Love that apron Heather! I think I would make some Carolyn jammies with some of that lovely double gauze ????

  • Naomi

    I would definitely buy some double gauze and make some lightweight work appropriate shirts! And maybe also get a lightweight knit for a summery sweater… oh, the options 🙂

  • Amy York

    I would love to make some cute summer tanks with Japanese fabric! Thanks for the giveaway and I love your apron!!

  • Dana DeJong Boots

    As the mom of a very busy five month old, I desperately want to sew anything, if only he’d nap for more than 45 minutes…

  • Regan

    I would make either a lovely linen dress or use a knit to whip up a comfy sweatshirt for the weekends ! How thoughtful to have a give away.

  • clara

    I would love to use some double-gauze for a summer shirt… or the canvas you used for turia dungarees… and a little wallet!!

  • Aja

    Miss Matatabi is amazing and for how far the distance, shipping is still super speedy! I’m lusting after some of Nani Iro’s linen to use for a tunic or Hollyburn skirt.

  • Aja

    Oh, and I’m so glad to see your apron made up in this fabric, Heather!
    It caught my eye in a couple colorways but wasn’t sure about the scale working out. Really going to have to take a gander at Sanae’s book. I’ve been cooking so much lately, a lot of my clothes are getting splashed and an apron like this would be perfect!

  • Adriene R

    I LOVE your apron and fabric choice! I would make one of these aprons but instead of using it for cooking I would use it when I give my daughter and dog a bath. They both splash around like crazy haha.

  • Marie Forest

    I would love to make a light summer dress. in a nice Japanese fabric 🙂

  • Katie

    I’d make a pretty + breathable simple summery dress!

  • Vicky Gorry

    I pre-ordered the book after your review, can’t wait to have it in my pin-stuck fingers. The apron is a tempting make, something easy for a spring evening of sewing.

  • I love good quality cotton directly against my skin. So, definitely a simple yet elegant summer dress is what I’d make!

  • Kten Perkins

    Count me in for this giveaway! It’s so hard to know what exactly I would make until I’m stroking the fabric in person, but with summer around the corner I’m having abstract visions of something light, cool and floaty. :o)


  • I’d love to make a breezy voile sundress!

  • Nina Virgo

    I’m on the hunt for fabric to make bags for me and my niece, in sure we could find some pretty!

  • Oh, this sounds amazing! Your apron looks great!
    Miss Matabi’s shop is absolutely awesome and I would love to make a dress from one of her fabrics. I’m currently trying to use up my stash and there’s rarely enough fabric for anything other than separates 🙂

  • Leah

    I’d make a summer dress for my niece.

  • Angie B

    I may try to make this apron, since I have never made one before. This has to be the most practical one I have ever seen. I love the fact there are no ties.

  • patricia

    definitely a summer dress .. beautiful fabrics

  • Ybat

    I would love to make a dress.

  • Love this apron (maybe I should make one?) But would probably make myself a top for work 🙂

  • Knalle

    The Almada robe from Seamwork mag!

  • Robynne St Marie

    I’ve been needing a new apron, too! I want one that’s a little more fun and frilly, but still sturdy and long-lived.

  • L H

    I would make a cute oversized bag to use in lieu of a purse.

  • Ali M

    I’d get one of those lovely double gauzes to whip up a jumpsuit pattern I’ve got! Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  • Stephanie Mertens

    I’m still searching for some fabrics for a quilt I’m planning to make. Miss Matatabi has some lovely soft fabric colors that I could definitely use.

  • You are looking very chic in your apron – as always 🙂 I’m about to take the exciting but scary plunge from being a student to working in an office. Therefore I need to sew a bunch of office appropriate short sleeved shirts to wear under blazers. So that’s what I’d use the gift certificate for!

  • Katherine Jones

    this is a dangerous giveaway – miss matatabi’s shop is full of crack in fabric form… i’d probably buy some double gauze to make a lovely summer dress with. double gauze makes wonderful summer dresses

  • In the summer, one of my favorite things to wear are simple double gauze tanks, so I’d have to make a few more of those! Or maybe shamelessly copy your apron…

  • Cammie

    Ohhh… I’d probably buy something with cats on it (She has THE BEST cat fabrics!!) and then make something twirly… twirliness is a very important priority in my life!

  • Kate

    I’d get some double gauze to make a floaty summer dress for the hottest days!

  • This is so cute!! I want one exactly like this! I would love some fabric from Miss Matatabi, and I would probably make another Archer from it. LOL

  • I’d make a breezy wonderfully light sleeveless button up shirt!

  • I’m in need of some nice girly button-ups. I think her fabrics would be great for one!

  • MK

    The Nani Iro double gauze fabrics are so beautiful, I would make a summer tunic then wear it everyday!

  • tanya gonzalez

    Hi. That apron looks fantastic. I would like to make one

  • This looks great! I love the simplicity of it without ties. With the gift card, I’d buy some linen or double gauze for a summery button-down shirt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lovely! Now that summer is here, I want ALL of the skirts, so I think I’d buy skirt fabric if I won the giveaway!

  • Shannon

    I love Miss Matatabi! She always has such beautiful fabrics as your apron can attest to! If i won the giveaway, I’d buy some nice double gauze to make some loose summer pants to wear.

  • CatAJ

    I love Nani Iro… so probably some double gauze to make a summer blouse.

  • Inge

    Definitely some Nani Iro goodness to make a sweet dress for my daughter – then I’ll watch her smear food all over it…

  • Isa

    A lovely pleated skirt would look wonderful in this fabric.

  • Hannah

    I’d get some Nani Iro double gauze for a scrummy new dress… because I don’t already have enough dresses, obviously.

  • I’d love to make a tunic with double gauze. Thanks!

  • Oh I love miss matatabi! I would buy some nani iro because….well why not?! I would love to make a dress or kimono jacket with it for summer.

  • I think I’d want an apron just like that! And I’d probably grab some fabric for a Stowe Bag in the large size.

  • meghan

    I’d buy fabric to make another button down shirt!

  • I’d love to make a double gauze summer dress! I’ve never sewn anything in dbl gauze but always wanted to try something 🙂

  • Frankie

    New baby! New baby quilt in double gauze! Sounds so comfy…

  • Helene

    Love the apron, very chic! I have been meaning to make myself a new apron too, but currently making some Gingers so it will have to wait! But if I won the fabric, maybe I’d copy your apron!

  • Lia

    What a lovely apron! I am on the search for fabric to make the Hannah dress from Victory Patterns…

  • Liz

    I’m dying to make a tent shirt dress out of a nani iro double gauze for this summer!

  • Love the apron! I would love to make a seamwork almada robe out of double gauze <3

  • Jenny Morris

    The apron. Or the cushions. I can’t decide… I first thought the apron, for a quick sense of satisfaction, but that may not be in keeping with the calming effect of the book. So, I think the cushions is it.
    Looking forward to reading Sanae’s book. I love her blog, and Furoku!

  • Michelle Marek

    Oh, man, I have never seen an apron without a tie in the front! I love it. I need this. It look like it would be more comfortable.

  • Christina Chairez

    Super cute! I found you through the Seamwork Radio podcast, it’s fun to see your site after hearing your sweet interview. Warmly- Christina