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I‘m in serious love with my apartment; it was the luckiest of Craigslist scores. On the top floor of a beautiful old Montreal triplex it has all the classic architectural details of my Villeray neighborhood: stained glass windows, hardwood floors, a textured plaster relief finish in the living room, and blessedly, rent control. Oh and one other thing: uninsulated floors. It’s drafty and cold as hell in here. That is, if hell was cold and made you want to wear slippers and swaddle yourself in Hudson’s Bay blankets and have a cat on your lap at all times for use as a living hot water bottle. My home-alone attire mostly consists of weird shawls and old pilly cashmere sweaters and Hudson pants. It was time to up my sweater game, stat, if only to avoid the raised eyebrow of monsieur for the de-rigeur giant pilly-sweatered marshmallow look I’d otherwise be rocking (the blessing and curse of French men is that they always notice what you’re wearing, and are not shy about saying “uh, non“).

Coco Sweatshirt by Closet Case Files Coco Sweatshirt by Closet Case Files-4

So, when I saw Tilly’s squishy Coco sweatshirt a few months ago I went “mais oui mais oui mais oui“. This is one of my TNT patterns (see here and here) and I was really jazzed to give it a winter vibe. I had 5 yards of this fleecy grey marle in my stash waiting for a new project (yes, grey marle is my new favourite colour – it goes with everything, even pink velvet leggings) and one night in February when I was feeling too antsy to just relax at the end of the day with Broad City, I whipped this little number up. 3 hours, tops.

Coco Sweatshirt by Closet Case Files-10 Coco Sweatshirt by Closet Case Files-7

As per Tilly’s suggestion I lengthened the cowl piece by about 3″. I serged everything except for the side seams. Since I wanted to do a split hem at the hip, I just pressed the seam allowances flat. Fleece doesn’t unravel and the fabric is thick so it helped to reduce bulk. The funnel and hem were secured with a simple double needle stitch. Easy peasy.

Coco Sweatshirt by Closet Case Files-14 Coco-sweatshirt---split-hem

Needless to say, I’ve been wearing this A LOT. I love how the classic, gamine vibe of the Coco pattern elevates the fabric into something a little more chic. I feel much less bummy wearing this than my Shack Up Inn sweatshirt. The beauty of sewing? It can make even your laziest clothes look elegant.

Details: Coco sweater in grey marle fleece (similar here), Ginger Jeans with an ankle zip, black pumps (similar here), Mac Lady Danger lipstick

  • Love this! Cosy and chic is an ideal combination

  • Cashmerette

    Super cosy! I’m just about to knock out a sweatshirt Renfrew, and am currently wearing my Hudsons so I feel that we are Virtual Work From Home Buddies

    • We should start having skype coffee dates.

      • Cashmerette


  • Texan

    This is so wearable and cuteness to boot. I like the neck on this pattern a lot.

    • Thank you! The funnel neck is so flattering.

  • That looks like the perfect snuggly winter staple!

  • Kate Carvalho

    Looks lovely. Stylish and cozy – great combo

  • truebias

    oh, i love it! cozy and chic!

  • Oh, I laughed out loud. I remember rockin’ the androgynous marshmallow look the couple of years I lived in Prince George. The only thing missing was the cat hair.

    Your Coco-Cozy sweatshirt indeed saves the day!

    • Thanks Sue! And now you’ve just wrecked my vision of the perfect climate of BC… it gets cold there?! East Coasters think its like Florida all the time. A really rainy Florida.

      • Sorry, 😉 PG is in Northern BC…perhaps not as cold as Montreal, but still a shock to my delicate Vancouver system, haha.

  • Cute!!! And though it forces us to up our game, I’d much prefer a man with style opinions than not 😉

    • True! The nice thing is when they like your outfit they REALLY mean it, haha.

  • I love that you mention your lipstick. Thank you!

  • And now all I want to know is whyyyyy do I not own a deliciously squishy grey coco?

    • Well, winter is heading your way Reana! Or whatever poor excuse for “winter” Australia has.

  • Ezmae Watson

    Ooh! I need one of these. My house is 80 years old with holes in the floor- so I get the indoor chill. It looks great!

    • Holes in the floor! Ahhh! My mom’s house was a renovated cottage and the floors were never insulated so you would feel icy cold air on your feet all the time. Eventually they jacked the house up and fixed the floors but I can’t seem to escape cold feet.

  • great snuggly sweater…. reminds me of when we lived in a v cold house for a few years (stone north facing gatehouse) and i lived in an oversized cashmere sweater (i even wore a hat indoors sometimes) – i swear by funnel /turtle neck baselayers, and they would work well with the coco as it has the lovely wide neck

    • That house sounds lovely. Must be in the UK because we do not have stone gatehouses in North America haha. Damp English weather! Brr! Perfect for cashmere!

  • I love this! I’ve got Coco on my pile to make next and now I want a sweatshirt version for this Winter that will seemingly never end!

    • It’s above zero today so I’m holding out hope!

  • Nothy Lane

    Your apartment sounds like a dream. I used to have one with cathedral ceiling, wood trim and a stained glass window and I loved living there, despite being cold all the time. After seeing this post, I have some Coco sweaters in my mix for next winter…but since I just got the pattern, I’m interested in making a dress or two. I plan to pick up her book too.

    • CATHEDRAL CEILING?? That sounds glorious. Its crazy how cold we will let ourselves get to live in beauty, hahaha. Totally recommend Coco sweaters – I’m going to be stockpiling fleece for next winter.

  • Hélène

    Hey, I wouldn’t have imagined that you were in Villeray! (Maybe more in NDG.) My sisters bought a wonderful duplex there and the neighbourhood is friendly and simple. The Coin G restaurant (what a lovely name!) is a great eating spot. Plus, it is very close to these incredible fabric stores on Saint-Hubert and Chabanel. For me, this would be danger, danger danger!

    • Hélène! NDG? Give me a little credit – I’m not THAT anglo, hahaha. I’ve actually lived in this neighborhood for 10 years, way before it started getting a little cool. When I moved up here it was like pulling teeth to get friends to visit because going north of the train tracks was like going to Quebec City. It’s changing a lot – lots of young hipster types have discovered it so there are actually a few good cafes now, but the resto scene is not as vibrant as further South. Hoping more places open soon because a girl can only eat so many pupusas. And thank god I’m near the fabric districts!

      ps. The G spot is great – I should really go there more often!

  • Cats and sweaters. I should put up a Flickr album with that theme.
    This winter I am ‘into’ (very into) down vests. Need to figure out a way to make one.

  • i had no idea that was fleece until the close-up shots. wow! talk about elevating the fabric. cozy + trés chic!

  • Your apartment is so beautiful, never move out of it!! This Coco is awesome and really glams up the lounge wear game. I bet it pairs well with your Hudsons too!

  • Amy

    This looks like my dream cozy stay inside outfit! It was definitely a skinny jeans winter, wasn’t it? Your apartment reminds me of the old Victorian homes and apartments in Cincinnati where I lived for 10 years. Such amazing bones to those places… gorgeous brick, really narrow but tall buildings, tall ceilings and gorgeous bay windows. Texas is so young architecturally-speaking.

  • Those splits on your top look great! And cowls are so good for snuggling!

  • Gad, you’re such a glamazon!!!