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Well, I have some very exciting news for you today. Due to popular demand, our Cone Mills denim is BACK IN STOCK! Once again I am collaborating with Jennifer Wiese at Workroom Social to bring you this magic for a very limited pre-sale period.

We are offering the kits again, with enough Cone Mills S-Gene stretch denim to make two pairs of jeans. This is the absolute best denim I have ever worked with. It’s manufactured by Cone Mills, a heritage American company who have been making denim since 1891. They are one of the last mills left in the country, and now produce some of the best denim in the world. Their S-Gene denim uses a patented process that creates stronger stretch denim with excellent recovery by blending cotton and polyester fibers with lycra. This is denim that lasts; it holds its shape, and won’t stretch out two sizes over the course of day.

cone mills denim kits

The kit includes a medium-weight black denim, along with a medium-heavy weight indigo, the exact denims I used for my Ginger Jeans samples. The black denim has 1% spandex as opposed to the 2% I recommend in the Ginger Jeans pattern, but I can personally attest that it works wonderfully for skinny jeans. I wear both of these jeans all the time and love how well they hold up.

Here is what is included in the kits:

  • 2 1/2 yards of 11.5 oz indigo medium-heavy weight S-gene denim (92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% lycra). This is the denim used for the low-waisted Ginger Jeans sample.
  • 2 1/2 yards of 10 oz black medium weight S-gene denim. (94% cotton, 5% polyester, 1% lycra). This is the denim used for the high-waisted Ginger Jeans sample.
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in copper
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in bronze
  • 1 x jean button in copper
  • 1 x jean button in antique bronze
  • 3 Schmetz denim needles
  • 1 x spool of Gutterman denim topstitching thread in your choice of gold or copper (328 yards)
  • 1 x 7″ navy YKK denim zipper
  • 1 x 9″ navy YKK denim zipper
  • BONUS: The Ginger Jeans PDF pattern, delivered immediately via email

cone mills stretch denim kits cone mills stretch denimcone mills stretch denim cone mills stretch denim

(in best TV announcer voice….) BUT WAIT! That’s not all folks! This time around we also wanted to offer denim in smaller quantities since not everyone may need the whole shebang. The indigo and black denims are now available by the 1/2 yard in my shop, along with yet another Cone Mills S-Gene denim, this one a lightweight indigo with 3% spandex.


Once again this is a PRE-SALE! We are not currently carrying any stock. We will be ordering all of the required materials only after the sale ends on Saturday, March 7 (unless we run out before then!) This means we will be shipping your orders in April.

International readers: Shipping rates come direct from USPS which is the cheapest way to get it to you. If your order is under 4 yards, the price is substantially less since we can ship it using International First Class, although the delivery time will probably be a few weeks.

If you are planning on attending my Ginger Jeans class at Camp Workroom Social we have a special offer for you – get in touch with Jennifer and we’ll hook you up with a 50% discount on your order!

That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoy this sale. We worked really hard to bring it back and we’re super excited to bring you this product since it’s so difficult to find elsewhere. Check out your Cone Mills denim here.