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Well, I have some very exciting news for you today. Due to popular demand, our Cone Mills denim is BACK IN STOCK! Once again I am collaborating with Jennifer Wiese at Workroom Social to bring you this magic for a very limited pre-sale period.

We are offering the kits again, with enough Cone Mills S-Gene stretch denim to make two pairs of jeans. This is the absolute best denim I have ever worked with. It’s manufactured by Cone Mills, a heritage American company who have been making denim since 1891. They are one of the last mills left in the country, and now produce some of the best denim in the world. Their S-Gene denim uses a patented process that creates stronger stretch denim with excellent recovery by blending cotton and polyester fibers with lycra. This is denim that lasts; it holds its shape, and won’t stretch out two sizes over the course of day.

cone mills denim kits

The kit includes a medium-weight black denim, along with a medium-heavy weight indigo, the exact denims I used for my Ginger Jeans samples. The black denim has 1% spandex as opposed to the 2% I recommend in the Ginger Jeans pattern, but I can personally attest that it works wonderfully for skinny jeans. I wear both of these jeans all the time and love how well they hold up.

Here is what is included in the kits:

  • 2 1/2 yards of 11.5 oz indigo medium-heavy weight S-gene denim (92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% lycra). This is the denim used for the low-waisted Ginger Jeans sample.
  • 2 1/2 yards of 10 oz black medium weight S-gene denim. (94% cotton, 5% polyester, 1% lycra). This is the denim used for the high-waisted Ginger Jeans sample.
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in copper
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in bronze
  • 1 x jean button in copper
  • 1 x jean button in antique bronze
  • 3 Schmetz denim needles
  • 1 x spool of Gutterman denim topstitching thread in your choice of gold or copper (328 yards)
  • 1 x 7″ navy YKK denim zipper
  • 1 x 9″ navy YKK denim zipper
  • BONUS: The Ginger Jeans PDF pattern, delivered immediately via email

cone mills stretch denim kits cone mills stretch denimcone mills stretch denim cone mills stretch denim

(in best TV announcer voice….) BUT WAIT! That’s not all folks! This time around we also wanted to offer denim in smaller quantities since not everyone may need the whole shebang. The indigo and black denims are now available by the 1/2 yard in my shop, along with yet another Cone Mills S-Gene denim, this one a lightweight indigo with 3% spandex.


Once again this is a PRE-SALE! We are not currently carrying any stock. We will be ordering all of the required materials only after the sale ends on Saturday, March 7 (unless we run out before then!) This means we will be shipping your orders in April.

International readers: Shipping rates come direct from USPS which is the cheapest way to get it to you. If your order is under 4 yards, the price is substantially less since we can ship it using International First Class, although the delivery time will probably be a few weeks.

If you are planning on attending my Ginger Jeans class at Camp Workroom Social we have a special offer for you – get in touch with Jennifer and we’ll hook you up with a 50% discount on your order!

That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoy this sale. We worked really hard to bring it back and we’re super excited to bring you this product since it’s so difficult to find elsewhere. Check out your Cone Mills denim here.

  • BOUGHT (again). I can offer a consumer testimonials: THIS IS EVERYTHING.

  • juju calado gago

    Hello Gorgeous!
    I soooo want this kit! but it costs 54 dollars to ship it to brazil! oh my…!
    could there be any other way?

    • I’m so sorry Juju! That price comes direct from USPS which is the cheapest shipping option. Denim is HEAVY.

      • juju calado gago


        maybe next time.
        thank you, and this is really an amazing idea.!

        loads of brazilian love

        • Did you see my second comment? I just double checked and there is a cheaper shipping rate but only if the order is under 4 yards….. Its still $40 though. That’s the best we can do, unfortunately!

          • juju calado gago

            just saw it..! I will check my savings, squeeze my little porcelain pig 😉
            and see if I can get that.

            there are the wonders and difficulties of the world being all connected… isn’t there? 😉

            thanks so much for your help <3

    • Wait, take it back! If your order is less than 4 yards you can get international first class as an option. It’s cheaper!

  • Ruth Federico

    Just this weekend I was at Britex Fabrics and spending too much money on fabric, thinking that it would be terrible if you offered these kits again soon…. So I laughed when I saw the email in my inbox this morning. Bought one though, since I missed my chance last time. My fabric budget will just have to suffer.

    • It’s totally worth it Ruth! I tested a bunch of high end “designer” denim on this round since we wanted to add more options and NOTHING came close to the S-gene so we didn’t end up offering any of the new denims I had sourced! You won’t regret it 😉

  • Cadi

    Didn’t even finish reading the past, I clicked through and bought the kit. Making my muslin this weekend, I’m excited you’re offering the kits again!!!

  • entish

    Bought it before I read the post – I missed out last time. Just finished my second (capri) version of View A this weekend from cheap denim – all that’s left is working out the shortened hems.

    Since many of us have already bought the pattern by now, is there any chance of substituting another one of your patterns instead?

    • Which would you prefer?

      • entish

        Awww, thanks! I haven’t bought the Carolyn Pyjamas yet, so I’d love that one!

        • Have you placed an order yet? Whats the order #?

          • entish

            Order 2191, and the pattern was order 1501. (Just looking at those numbers – damn, you’re on fire lately!)

          • Will try to get to this tomorrow… in a bit of a crazy rush trying to meet another deadline.

          • Please remind me in a few days if I have forgotten!

          • You should have gotten a download email….

          • entish

            Got it – thanks so much!

  • DaniOne

    I just bought the kit. I’m a little nervous because I’m new to sewing but also very excited. Can’t wait to tackle this challenge. 🙂

  • melinda

    I just finished my first kit denim pair over the weekend and the denim is fantastic! Are any of these denims the same as the previous kit or are they all new options?

    • We’ve added a new black denim – it’s not pure black but it’s the one I used for my highwaisted samples. Available by the 1/2 yard!

  • girlschmoopie

    I am *SO* excited about this! Learning to make jeans is one of my goals for 2015. Now I’m off to get some cheap denim to muslin before the good stuff arrives!

  • carla

    Thank you for the opportunity!!! Went wild #YOLO

  • AuntyMaimu

    Huzzah! !!

    I just totes spent money I shouldn’t since I still have to pay for half of my glasses but you know #YOLO

  • Angela

    Wowza! Just put in my order 🙂 So glad to see that you were able to arrange this again.

  • Alison

    I’m super interested in this, but will the 2.5 yards be enough fabric for us taller ladies who need to add some length? I see that 2.5 yards is the recommended amount of fabric, no extra. I don’t know what the inseam is for the Ginger Jeans, but I’m 6′ so I usually have to add a few inches in length to, well, pretty much everything. How much wiggle room does the 2.5 yds give us? Just want to make sure I wouldn’t order this, only to not be able to fit my alterations on there. 🙂

    • entish

      I’m on the shorter side (took 3″ off of the pattern inseam, making size 18), and managed to get a pair of jeans and a pair of capris out of 2.75 yds (2.5 m) of another denim. My leg pieces were also wide enough that I couldn’t fit all four across the fabric width. I’d bet you’ll have lots of extra room, especially if you’re making a smaller size.

    • I did calculations to make sure 2.5 yards was enough, even if you have to lengthen a little but it may require some creative pattern placement 😉

    • Alison

      Thanks for both of your responses! (Well, I thank you….but my checkbook might not!)

    • Just to add to what Heather and entish said – I’m 178cm tall (about 5’10”) and didn’t need to add any length to the size 18. I also had fabric left over from my 2.5m piece of denim, so I think you’ll be okay!

  • Just to clarify, do the kits ship from Montreal or from the US? And is your pricing in $CAD? The exchange rate these days is killing me..

    • Shipping from the US, prices in US. Sorry Sarah! The vast majority of my customers are in US so its just easier for me this way.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see this is available again. It would be nice if you would offer a parcel post shipping option for US buyers though (or are you shipping from Canada?). Priority mail is unnecessarily fast for me and surely it’s a lot more expensive?

    • Not that I’m aware of. We researched postal rates A LOT and Priority is the cheapest we found on the USPS website.

    • Jen

      Most likely 1st class shipping isn’t available due to the weight of the denim, or if it is once you get over 1lb of 1st class you’re cheaper to go with Priority.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, it looks like Cone Mills SGene denim is probably not made in the US, but in Jiaxing, China. (See for my evidence; it’s unclear but suggestive.) This is not necessarily bad, since it’s entirely possible to manufacture clothing ethically in China. However, I thought you might like to know. This is increasingly true of “made in america” brands. In my experience I’ve noticed it with Carhartt and Greenlee.

    • Anonymous

      Just reread the blog post and realized that Heather never said that the denim was made in the US, so I guess she already knew. And it is, of course, true that Cone Denim has a mill in the US still.

    • Cone may have a mill in China but none of these denims were milled there. Both indigo denims were manufactured in the US, and the black was milled in Mexico.

  • Ginny

    Fabulous news! So glad you were able to make the kits happen again Heather! No dilly-dallying from this girl as I didn’t want to miss out again. I already own the Ginger Jeans pattern, so wanted to ask if it would be ok to share the kit copy with a friend?

  • Yay, so excited about this! The shipping did make me dally again but I was so disappointed about missing last time I’ve just sucked it up. Plus, the only RTW jeans I’ve ever found that fit me properly cost $400 here, and I’ve lost my pair!

  • Elisabeth

    You rock!

  • Susan

    Your website doesn’t indicate what currency you are using. From the comments I see that it is American dollars and that you are shipping from the US, but could you please do something to clarify currency for all items on your website? This is the first time it occurred to me that your pattern prices might be in US dollars. ):

    • Hi Susan. Sorry for the confusion. All my prices are in USD and have been for over a year, since the vast majority of my sales come from the US and its too complicated for me accounting-wise to be selling in two currencies. I know its not great for my Canadian customers with the dollar right now, so my apologies. I’m working with my web guy right now to find a way to show online that everything is in USD. Thanks for the headsup 😉

  • Carrie Siegfried

    Hi Heather, I just found your site today and was wondering if you still sell this denim, or know where I can get more? I tried your link, but it’s broken. Thanks!

    • Hi Carrie! We sold out in 3 days, unfortunately. We will be offering another round and you can sign up for my newsletter here to be the first to know:

  • Glamagrrl

    I’m sad to say that I jumped on the Ginger Jeans wagon to late, and missed this sale. If there is a wait list, or if there is a way to subscribe to notifications about future offerings, can you please let me know? Thanks so much.

  • michel jenson

    27 rolls of a single color. 14 oz indigo denim, 480 gr. per sq. meter.
    First quality.

    Total linear yardage: 8484+ or 16,000 sq. yds. This was originally
    intended for Calvin Kline and Levi mfg.

    Seeking only $1.75 per linear yd. !!!!!! FOB Texas. Can send photos etc.

    Let me know your thoughts…………………