Cone Mills Denim Kit // Limited time Only // Closet Case Files
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Exciting news! Jennifer from Workroom Social and I are offering our exclusive Cone Mills Denim kits once again for a limited time only in the same pre-sale format; we’ve had a lot of people asking us to make the kits available, so now is your chance to get your hands on one! Both of our previous kits sold out in less than 3 days, so don’t sleep on this sale if you’re interested in buying the best denim on the market.

Each kit comes with enough Cone S-Gene stretch denim to make two pairs of jeans. This is the absolute best denim I have ever worked with. It’s manufactured by Cone, a heritage American company who have been making denim since 1891 (you can read a little bit more about why their denim is so unique in this article I wrote for Seamwork). They are one of the last mills left in the country, and now produce some of the best denim in the world. Their S-Gene denim uses a patented process that creates stronger stretch denim with excellent recovery by blending cotton and polyester fibers with lycra. This is denim that lasts; it holds its shape, and won’t stretch out two sizes over the course of day. It’s pretty much the only denim I sew with anymore, and is the fabric of choice for many high-end designer jeans companies.

Cone Mills Denim Kit // Limited time Only // Closet Case Files

Here is what is included in the kits:

  • 2.5 yards of 12 oz indigo S-gene denim (88% cotton, 10% polyester, 2% lycra).  This denim is medium-heavy weight with a broken weave texture.
  • 2.5 yards of 10 oz indigo S-gene denim. (72% cotton, 26% polyester, 2% lycra). This denim is lighter in weight, and slightly more off-black in colour.
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in copper
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in bronze
  • 1 x jean button in copper
  • 2 x jean button in antique bronze (we supply an extra one so you can practice installing them first)
  • 3 Schmetz denim needles
  • 1 x spool of Gutterman denim topstitching thread in your choice of gold or copper (328 yards)
  • 1 x 7″ navy YKK denim zipper
  • 1 x 9″ navy YKK denim zipper
  • BONUS: The Ginger Jeans PDF pattern, delivered immediately via email (the pattern is included in the kit as a free gift; we cannot substitute other patterns if you already own a copy)

Cone Mills Denim Kit // Limited time Only // Closet Case FilesCone Mills Denim Kit // Limited time Only // Closet Case FilesCone Mills Denim Kit // Limited time Only // Closet Case Files

Once again this is a PRE-SALE! We are not currently carrying any stock. We will be ordering all of the required materials only after the sale ends on Sunday, November 1st, or when we sell out, whichever comes first. Your orders will be shipped within 6 weeks of sale end; you can expect to receive your denim kits in time for Christmas within North America, although international orders may take a little longer.

International & Canadian readers: We are shipping from the USA  and are using priority international mail to send your denim to you. It is the most affordable option for such a big/heavy package, and prices at checkout come directly from USPS; there are no cheaper alternatives, unfortunately.

That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoy this sale.  Check out your Cone Mills denim here.

  • Melissa Kay

    I was about to place an order, but I just can’t justify $45 USD for shipping to Canada.

    • angelac

      $45 dollars to ship from Canada? When I was placing an order to USA from Canada, the shipping was half that… or did I misunderstand you? Was it $45 within Canada?

      • Melissa Kay

        I believe they ship the kits from the US, so shipping US to Canada is much more than US to US. The total amount would be $154 USD ($203 CAD) to get the kit shipped to me in Canada. And that is before any duty charges that may or may not be charged as it crosses the border.

      • We’re shipping from the US Angela!

        • angelac

          OH, sorry – my mistake.

    • Kayla

      I’m with you on the shipping. I was also in the process of placing an order until I saw the 45$ shipping. Then on top of that we have exchange rate, plus customs (I’m assuming this denim will not come with a Certificate of Origin form required under NAFTA to avoid customs fees for items made within North America). Canadians are looking to spend $250 CAD+ on this kit.


      • Hi Kayla. Since we’re shipping from the US we’re kind of stuck with these prices, which believe it or not are the cheapest available. Our denim supplier and most of our customers are in the US which is why we’re not shipping from Canada. I believe we can include a certificate of origin with Canadian packages though.

    • Sorry Melissa – we’re shipping from the US hence the cost. I’ve searched for cheaper alternatives; there aren’t any for packages of this size and weight unfortunately.

  • Alex Post

    Best day ever!! I’ve been waiting so long. Thank you thank you.

  • Yay! I was just hoping you would bring this back!

  • Genevieve

    What a great offer! Unfortunately, I’ve just stocked up on denim and notions for more of my TNT Gingers. I just posted a review on my blog…..finally. After all I’ve made 4 pairs already. I would love it if you would pop over and check it out at

  • Mandy Varelis

    I was all Oh yay! Then I saw the exchange rate. 73 cents on the dollar? Darnit. Ah well, I’d splurge if I had the funds, as it would be totally worth it (likely two pairs of jeans and 2 skirts out of all that fabric), but I’ll be good and just envy those who will parade their jeans all over the blogosphere instead. Maybe you’ll be able to offer them again in a few months when I have a job.

    • Hopefully we will Mandy! And the exchange rate is pretty brutal right now but unfortunately I have no control over it, haha.

  • azzywazzy

    So pleased to see these kits come back in stock! As usurious as the USPS shipping is, I’ve sucked it up and bought anyway – as I don’t think I could easily find denim as lovely in the UK 🙂 I’m looking forward to muslining a couple of pairs with some cheaper denim and knocking up the final finished article with the Cone Mills.

    Are you able to say what colour topstitching thread is used in each case? I’ve ordered copper, but would be tempted to buy a second spool and also the gold so it can match the other hardware.

    Thanks so much for putting these kits together again!

    • You can use either thread with the hardware – I’ve done it before. You can also fond smaller spools of topstitching thread just about anywhere if you want to have a crack at both 🙂

  • Leigh Hope

    If only I was a little more cashed up right now! I can’t believe it costs so much to get this kit to Canada from the US. I am in Australia and it would cost me almost the same as if I was in Canada ($250)! A very good price really for two pairs of jeans, considering I paid about that for my last pair or RTW. Such a great offer. I will just have to hope it comes up again sometime 🙂

    • It’s a little cheaper to get it to Canada than Australia (I think $40 vs 65) but the currency conversion is pretty bad right now, unfortunately.

      • Leigh Hope

        Yes, I was just thinking that, as an overall expense it seems crazy that it’s so similar.
        I can’t stop thinking about this kit! I have been eyeing up everyone’s Gingers for a while now. Maybe I just need to close my eyes and do it! 🙂

  • Cousettes de Marinette

    This is a brillant idea! Do you think you’ll offer those kits again soon?

    • I hope so! If so you should get on our mailing list since they tend to sell out quite quickly.