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Why make a coat? Well, if you live in a place that isn’t non-stop sunshine all winter long (I’m glaring at you California), a coat is something that you actually wear every single day. Why not spend the time to make one that is truly beautiful, one that makes you feel polished and put together even when you’re just throwing it on top of your pajamas to go pick up a liter of milk?

I love coats. Winters are long and brutal in my city, and the only thing that makes it somewhat bearable is reaching for something stylish and warm to brave the elements. I’ve rounded up some dreamy coat inspiration to get your own coat wheels turning; there are a lot of directions you can go in with coat fashion!


Clare Coat Sewing Pattern // Styling Inspiration

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You know that day mid-January when everything is covered in grey (or yellow) snow, and every person you see is sludging around with looks of utter despair on their winter-weary faces? That day is cheered up 100% by a gorgeous coat in a pop of colour. People will actually smile at you from their black parka prisons, promise. While deep saturarated colours are always a big hit, consider too softer pastels like mint or lavender; either way you’ll stand out in a crowd.


I like it both ways. While a boldly coloured coat is cheerful and confidant, there is something immensely comforting about outerwear in go-with-everything shades of grey, white, camel and black. These colours are chic, polished and not a little French. This is an opportunity to feature luxurious materials, and why not try some tone on tone colour blocking? If you can find a fabric in a similar weight, try a contrasting raglan sleeve like the image top left.


Strong, graphic printed coats make a major statement. I love the classic vibe of an oversized tartan and the Kate Moss goodness of animal print. I am also daydreaming about making a Clare from a vintage wool blanket, Pendleton style!

So, what are you thinking for your own Clare? I’ve heard about some amazing ideas so far and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!