Surviving Winter: Layering for Warmth

Hi all, Amy here. Thus far in Montreal, 2019 has been, in a word, cold. Heather showed you how to

Sewing Frosting with Closet Case Patterns

Hello all! Amy here. I imagine by now many of you are knee deep in your frosting projects (right guys?!).

My Sew Frosting Plans

YOU GUYS! I am already so blown away by all the Sew Frosting enthusiasm I’m seeing on Instagram (seriously the hashtag

My Summer Sewing Plans

I am a planner by nature. Maybe it’s the result of having a somewhat tumultous childhood, but as an adult,

Fall Sewing Plans

Fall makes me want to sew everything. I always feel a little underwhelmed by my options when the cooler weather comes,

Styling & Colour Palette in my Wardrobe // Lessons From the Curated Closet

Last week I talked in depth about how I’ve recently refined and analyzed my personal style using the book The Curated

Refining My Personal Style // Lessons From the Curated Closet

I’ve mentioned the book The Curated Closet a few times on the blog now. Based on the wonderful Into Mind


Thank you for the thoughtful responses to the post I wrote about my personal style evolution last week. It’s clear


This is going to be an intensely personal post. You’ve been warned… The great Wardrobe Architect series on the Coletterie


August is always a bittersweet time for me. In July, you can still fool yourself into thinking that autumn is


Seeing all my fellow bloggers organize and plan their sewing projects for the spring has inspired me. I had a


It’s been a busy month in the sewing room. In a mad spree I finished my insanely laborious and almost