How to Get Started Sewing: It’s a Make it Work Moment!

Hey y’all, Amy here. In these crazy times, we just keep saying how grateful we all are at Closet Case

Easy Crafts for Kids: The Jewelry Store!

Hey all! Amy here. As you may or may not know I have two little boys. One is 4 and

Hacking the Cielo Top & Dress

Almost immediately after our Rome Collection launched in the spring we started seeing the makes trickle in. For what was

How to Do a Small Bust Adjustment

When we first introduced our Rome Collection in sizes 0-20, we added C and D cup options to Cielo in

The Hows and Whys of Underlining Fabric Explained

In our post on sewing a proper muslin, I mentioned underlining a few times and want to revisit the subject

How to Make a Muslin (the Couture Way!)

For the past few weeks we’ve been sharing couture sewing goodness with you, from hand seam finishes to an analysis

Couture Seam Finishes & Hand Stitches You Should Know

This month on the blog we’ve been talking about couture sewing. After Heather’s couture sewing workshop and trip to Paris

Discovering Couture Sewing with Susan Khalje

Earlier this week I talked about our word of the year: Quality. The longer I sew, the more I come

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Hello! Amy here. As the holidays are quickly approaching I always have the same panicked response: “QUICK! Buy all the

Ideas for Lining the Sienna Maker Jacket

Amy and Celine are tag-teaming this, so hi from both of us! When we were planning the Sienna Maker Jacket

Amy’s Sienna Maker Jacket (with a Removable Lining!)

Hey y’all! Amy here. When we were planning the blog content and samples for the Sienna Maker Jacket launch and

Adjustments for One and Two Piece Sleeves

With the expansion of our size range with the Sienna Maker Jacket we have been talking a lot about fit

A Dart is Just a Suggestion: How to Make Darts Fit You (And Not the Other Way Around)

One of the things we’ve started quizzing our pattern testers about in more depth is dart placement. We always want

Fabric and Supplies for the Sienna Maker Jacket

In case you missed it, our sewalong for our Sienna Maker Jacket is now live! We have a few additional

Sienna Sewalong is Now Live!

Hello all! Good news for those of you making our Sienna Maker Jacket: our sew-along is now live! If you

How to Add an Invisible Zipper to the Pietra Pants

Hey y’all! Heather here. Today I want to share a tutorial for adding an invisible zipper to our Pietra Pants.

Hot Pocket: All our Pocket Tutorials in One Place!

If ever there was a sewing enthusiast’s cry, it would be “IT HAS POCKETS!” Each type of pocket requires a

All Our Collar and Neckline Tutorials in One Place

We are continuing our round-up of sewing tutorials from our archives with a series of blog posts on collars and

Zippity doo da: All Our Zipper Tutorials in One Place

We are continuing our round-up of sewing tutorials pulled from our tutorial archives. This post is going to focus on

Buttons, Buttonholes and Snaps…Oh My – All Our Sewing Tutorials

Hey all! Amy here. We get a lot of questions about various techniques for installing buttons, buttonholes, snaps and the

The Best Tools & Books for the Beginner Sewist

Amy here! Sewing can seem like a daunting hobby; expensive equipment, endless pattern and fabric options and a million tool

How to Sew Bias Binding: Two Methods

Our new Rome Collection was designed to be beginner friendly. No fancy finishes, tricky zippers or fiddly construction to stress

How to Buy Your First Sewing Machine

Hi all! Amy Here! As many of you might know, earlier this summer we released a beginner sewing course .

Fabric Suggestions for the Rome Collection

Hiya! Amy here. One of the most fun tasks we encountered when we were putting together the samples for the

DIY Leather Belt Bag // Free Pattern & Tutorial

Amy here! 2019 is most definitely the year of the belt bag! We have seen them all over, from the

Serious Studio Upgrade: Our New Pfaff Sewing Suite

If you follow us along on Instagram, you may have noticed that we recently welcomed a very exciting addition to

Hacking the Fiona Sundress Pattern

Sometimes when looking for sewspo you don’t need to go very far. As I was perusing the hashtag for our

Hacking Ideas for our Kalle Shirtdress

This May, I am on a personal quest to bust my stash and also to remake all my favourite patterns.

Pattern Hacks for the Jasika Blazer

We are all about a good hack over here. Maxing out on the possibilities of a pattern is not only

Converting Darts to a Princess Seam for the Jasika Blazer

Hello all! Celine here. I am the in-house pattern maker for Closet Case Patterns and I am here to share

The Best Personal Dress Form EVER: Reviewing the Beatrice Dress Form

Sometimes it feels like we’re swimming in dress forms at the studio. We have our professional Alvanon form; this was

How to Add Piping to your Jacket Lining

Hi everybody, Alexis here! You know, before I started sewing and had the opportunity to join the team here at

Talking Tailoring with Patrick Grant from the Great British Sewing Bee

When we first cooked up the idea of the #BlazerofGlory challenge for our Jasika Blazer Heather mentioned that we should

Free Pattern: Shoulder Pads and Sleeve Heads

Hello! Alexis here. I’m here today with a quick tutorial to show you how to make your own sleeve heads

Bespoke Tailoring Details for the Jasika Blazer

Hey guys, Amy here. One of the greatest joys of sewing (in my opinion) is the endless customization, personalization, and

Interview with a Tailor: Wisdom from Maimu

I’ve been really lucky over the years to find some incredible pattern testers. Pattern making and development happens in a

How to fit a Tailored jacket or Blazer // Fit adjustments for the Jasika Blazer

Today we are going to talk fitting for your Jasika Blazer! This is often the most intimidating part of sewing

Sourcing Interfacing and Supplies for the Jasika Blazer

This week we’re talking provisions for your Jasika Blazer, and after discussing fabric, it’s time to move on to interfacing

Sourcing Fabric for Your Jasika Blazer

This week for our #blazerofglory challenge we’re focusing on gathering fabrics, supplies and making a muslin. To help you on

The Ultimate List of Independent Online Fabric Stores!!

Hello everyone! Amy here. I have been putting together this fabric store list…forever. The problem with it being, it’s never

How to KonMari your Sewing Space

Hey guys, Amy here. January is inevitably a time of organization. Tidying, cleaning, resetting bad habits, resolutions! The new year

DIY Ironing Board & Mobile Pressing Station

Hey all, Amy here. So we have been busy, busy, bees around the studio getting everything prepped for our latest

How to Make the Warmest Coat Ever: Interlining with Thinsulate

Earlier this week I shared my Pendleton wool Oslo Coat, by far the warmest coat I own (seriously giving my

The Ultimate Scrap Busting Project: DIY Pouf Pattern!

Hi all, Amy here! If you are a regular on this blog you know we did a series of scrap

Tips for Sewing with Velvet

Hi there. Amy here, just popping in to talk about velvet. As George Costanza admitted, “I would drape myself in

Charlie Caftan hack: A Corduroy Shift Dress

I was scrolling through Instagram a while back when a Madewell dress popped out at me; it was a simple

Our Pressing Station & the Best Iron for Serious Sewing

We recieve A LOT of questions about our ironing/pressing set-up. I get it… it took me YEARS to figure out

Easy Pattern Hacking: My Tapered Leg Jenny Overalls

Sometimes it’s the simple things. I made these full-length overalls last spring (using our Jenny Overalls pattern and hip button tutorial),

Hacking a Notched Collar Shirt from our Carolyn PJs

We’re always brainstorming ways to hack and modify our patterns, and a lot of the time inspiration comes from ready-to-wear.

No-Sew Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

Hey y’all, Amy here. We are still on a scrap busting mission over here at the studio and this latest

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper // Amy Jumpsuit

The Amy Jumpsuit pattern features a classic invisible zipper to help make getting in and out of your jumpsuit quick

Easy Tutorial: Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags

Hey there, Amy here. August is stash busting/zero waste month over here at Closet Case HQ (see our tutorial on

Zero Waste Reusable Produce Bags // Sewing Tutorial

Hey guys, Amy here. I don’t know where you are but let me tell you, here in Montreal IT IS

How to Sew Darts // Fiona Sundress

Hey guys, Alexis here. Since Amy joined the studio at the beginning of this year, she has very graciously cut

Fitting Princess Seams // Free Fitting Ebook

Fitting! For many of you it’s the scariest aspect of sewing your own clothes, and as always we want to make

Fabric Suggestions for the Fiona Sundress

Hola! Today we’re going to share some fabric options for the Fiona Sundress. Luckily there are lots of choices for

How to Install Overall Buckles & Hardware

Hey guys, Amy here. So, you’re trucking along, making your Jenny Overalls and they turned out great! You made a

Button Front Jenny Overalls // Free Pattern Bonus & Tutorial

I’m so tickled by everyone’s enthusiasm for our button-front Jenny Overalls hack. The pair I made is one of my most

Adding Hip Buttons to the Jenny Overalls & Trousers

This week I shared Jenny Overalls with a hip button closure, and in today’s post I’m going to show you

My Jenny Overalls with Side Buttons

Hola! Last week I got back from a teaching trip to London (and a side trip to Stockholm which was

How to sew a tabbed waistband // Jenny Overalls

This week we covered sewing a lapped zipper for our new pattern, the Jenny Overalls & Trousers. Today we’ll be

How to Sew a Lapped Zipper for the Jenny Overalls

Over the next few posts, we’ll be covering some of the trickier construction steps in our Jenny Overalls & Trousers,

Pants Fitting Tips & Tricks for the Jenny Overalls & Trousers

I hope you aren’t feeling too stressed about fitting our new Jenny Overalls & Trousers. Since the cut is so

Free Pattern Alert! Make our Serger & Sewing Machine Cover

Hi all! Amy here. I am so excited to share this beautiful studio DIY with you; a custom serger and

Achieving Max-Org: How We Stay Organized in Our Sewing Studio

This week I shared a complete tour of our new studio, and today I want to talk about how everything is

Our New Studio Space: Closet Case HQ

This post has been a looooong time coming! I’ve wanted to share our new studio space with you for a

Tips & tricks for sewing jeans buttonholes

Hey everybody! We are happy to end our “No Fear New Jeans” month with a special post on sewing jeans

Installing Jeans Hardware with an Industrial Hand Press

We are wrapping up #nofearnewjeans but as many of you intrepid sewists are still hard at work on your jeans, we thought

Repairing Jeans with Invisible Mending

It’s such a bummer when your favourite jeans finally succumb to the fate of all pants and rip through the

How to Fix Ripped Jeans with Visible Mending // Sashiko and Denim Patches

Hey guys! Our new team member Amy will be showing you how to fix ripped jeans with some great denim

Master Denim Repair & Jeans Restoration with Indigo Proof

Is anything worse than a non-intentional hole in your favourite pair of jeans? Having the crotch essentially explode (especially when

How to Sew a Jeans Waistband // Alternative Method

Hey guys, Alexis here! It goes without saying that here at the studio we sew a lot of jeans. Between

How to Choose Your Size When Making Jeans

Hands down one of the biggest questions we get day in and day out is what size people should choose

Tailoring Custom Jeans with Ben Viapiana

To kick off No Fear New Jeans Month, I want to introduce you to one of the denim magicians who

Our Kelly Anorak Sewalong is Now Live!

Hey y’all! We pride ourselves on giving you all the resources you need to achieve absolute sewing success, so I’m

Sewing a Pants Waistband for the Sasha Trousers

One of the best aspects of a me-made wardrobe is the little details that just aren’t there with RTW garments.

Sewing a Fly Front Zipper for Pants and Trousers

Sewing a fly front zipper is one of those sewing tasks that is often met with trepidation. If you’re sewing

How to Sew Slashed Pockets for the Sasha Trousers (or Any Pants!)

We’re wrapping up 2017 with one last tutorial post! Our Sasha Trousers feature chic slashed pockets with a pocket stay

How to Sew Welt Pockets for the Sasha Trousers Pattern

Welcome to the first tutorial for our latest pattern, the Sasha Trousers. We won’t be doing a full sewalong for

Pants Fitting Adjustments: Best Tips for Pants Fitting the Sasha Trousers

When we released our Sasha Trousers, one of the most common comments I got was “I really want to make

Stretch Woven Fabric Options for the Sasha Trousers

Today I want to talk fabric options for our latest pattern, the Sasha Trousers. This pattern was designed for stretch

Rope Basket Purse Tutorial: The Perfect Summer Bag!

You may remember the gorgeous rope basket bag I was carrying in my last me-made outfit post, and as promised,

Tips For Sewing a V Neckline // Charlie Caftan

Today we are wrapping up posts on our Charlie Caftan pattern with this tutorial on sewing a V neckline with

Pattern Adjustments for the Charlie Caftan

Generally we would have written a post on pattern adjustments a little earlier, but since we bumped up the tutorial

Finishing the Center Panel // Charlie Caftan

Last week we walked you through sewing the inset panel of your Charlie Caftan; today we’ll focus on beautifully finishing

Sewing the Inset Center Panel // Charlie Caftan

When I started working on our Charlie Caftan, I was conscious of designing something simple and gratifying to sew, with

Fabric Options for the Charlie Caftan Pattern

Hey there! Today I want to talk fabric for our new Charlie Caftan Pattern. Thankfully you have a lot of

Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress Pattern Roundup

Our sewalong for the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress pattern is now complete (you can see all the posts in the

Sewing the Sleeve Cuffs // Kalle Sewalong

We’ve finally reached the end of our Kalle Sewalong! If you’d like to see all the posts in one place,

Sewing a Band Collar // Kalle Sewalong

Our sewalong for the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress pattern is drawing to a close. Later this week we will cover

Traditional Method for Sewing a Shirt Collar // Closet Case Patterns

Yesterday I showed you a slightly unconventional method for sewing a collar for the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress. While this is

An Alternative Method for Sewing A Shirt Collar // Kalle Sewalong

We’re rounding the finish line in our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress sewalong! Over the next couple of days, I am going

Sewing Super Sharp Collar Points // Kalle Sewalong

This week we are talking about installing the collar for our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress. I am going to show you

Sewing the Hem Facing for View A // Kalle Sewalong

Earlier this week we covered sewing finishing our curvy hems with bias tape. For the cropped variation of the Kalle

Finishing Curved Hem with Bias Tape & Sewing Side Seams // Kalle Sewalong

Ready for the next step in our Kalle Shirtdress sewalong? Last week we used the Burrito Method to neatly encase

Sewing a Shirt Yoke – the Burrito Method // Kalle Sewalong

Today we are going to actually see our Kalle shirt & Shirtdresses coming together. Next week we’ll be focusing on sewing

Sewing a Curved Shirt Patch Pocket // Kalle Sewalong

Last week we covered how to sew a standard placket, hidden placket and tunic or popover placket for our Kalle

Sewing a Tunic or Popover Placket // Kalle Sewalong

Today’s post is all about installing a tunic or popover placket in your Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress (or any shirt

How to Sew A Hidden Button Placket // Kalle Sewalong

Placket Week continues! One of the things you guys suggested for the Kalle Shirtdress pattern was some more advanced shirt-making

Sewing a Standard Button Placket // Kalle Sewalong

Today is the first day we actually start sewing our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdresses! This sewalong is skipping the cutting