Easy Pattern Hacking: My Tapered Leg Jenny Overalls

Sometimes it’s the simple things. I made these full-length overalls last spring (using our Jenny Overalls pattern and hip button tutorial),

Miss Fancy Pants: Jenny Shorts in Marimmeko Linen

Summer is nearing the end (I mean, I know technically it goes till mid-September but the minute Labour Day approaches

How to Install Overall Buckles & Hardware

Hey guys, Amy here. So, you’re trucking along, making your Jenny Overalls and they turned out great! You made a

Button Front Jenny Overalls // Free Pattern Bonus & Tutorial

I’m so tickled by everyone’s enthusiasm for our button-front Jenny Overalls hack. The pair I made is one of my most

My Jenny Overalls with Center Front Buttons

Whenever I design a new pattern it’s always an effort on my end to whittle down the ideas. My brain

Adding Hip Buttons to the Jenny Overalls & Trousers

This week I shared Jenny Overalls with a hip button closure, and in today’s post I’m going to show you

My Jenny Overalls with Side Buttons

Hola! Last week I got back from a teaching trip to London (and a side trip to Stockholm which was

How to sew a tabbed waistband // Jenny Overalls

This week we covered sewing a lapped zipper for our new pattern, the Jenny Overalls & Trousers. Today we’ll be

How to Sew a Lapped Zipper for the Jenny Overalls

Over the next few posts, we’ll be covering some of the trickier construction steps in our Jenny Overalls & Trousers,

Pants Fitting Tips & Tricks for the Jenny Overalls & Trousers

I hope you aren’t feeling too stressed about fitting our new Jenny Overalls & Trousers. Since the cut is so

Styling & Outfit Inspiration for Jenny Overalls & Trousers

Thank you kindly for the enthusiastic response to our latest pattern, the Jenny Overalls & Trousers pattern!  I’m excited about this

Introducing our latest pattern: Meet the Jenny Overalls & Trousers

I know I have a yen for hyperbole, an over-abundance of enthusiasm and a tendency to love all of my children


I‘m always a little surprised by what causes sewing anxiety. High on the list of “scary” sewing tasks is sewing buttonholes.