Ali’s Sienna Maker Jacket

Hey all, Ali here! I am the CCP shipping and customer support coordinator, and not only is this my first

Alexis Makes a Sienna Maker Jacket in Upcycled Patchwork Denim!

Hello sewists, Alexis here, ready to show you all the details of my very own Sienna Maker Jacket, guts included!

Ideas for Lining the Sienna Maker Jacket

Amy and Celine are tag-teaming this, so hi from both of us! When we were planning the Sienna Maker Jacket

Amy’s Sienna Maker Jacket (with a Removable Lining!)

Hey y’all! Amy here. When we were planning the blog content and samples for the Sienna Maker Jacket launch and

Adjustments for One and Two Piece Sleeves

With the expansion of our size range with the Sienna Maker Jacket we have been talking a lot about fit


Today our Montreal Maker series continues, our opportunity to introduce you to some of the people who make our city

Sienna Maker Jacket: Tester Roundup!

Hey y’all! Today we’re sharing some of our tester makes for our Sienna Maker Jacket. We know you love seeing

Montreal Maker Series: Meet Trudy Crane!

To celebrate the launch of our Sienna Maker Jacket, we wanted to try something a little different this time around.

Styling Inspo for the Sienna Maker Jacket

Hey all! Amy here. Today I am sharing with you our journey to the Sienna Maker Jacket pattern. I will

Introducing the Sienna Maker Jacket in sizes 0-30!

We could not be more excited to introduce you to our latest pattern, the Sienna Maker Jacket. Inspired by vintage

The Rome Collection: Tester Round-up!

Hello! Amy here. So, I know we’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. We have the best testers.

Fabric Suggestions for the Rome Collection

Hiya! Amy here. One of the most fun tasks we encountered when we were putting together the samples for the

DIY Leather Belt Bag // Free Pattern & Tutorial

Amy here! 2019 is most definitely the year of the belt bag! We have seen them all over, from the

The Design Story Behind the Rome Collection

I can never predict a pattern launch will go, so we were so thrilled here in the studio about the

Introducing the Rome Pattern Collection + Our New Beginner Sewing Workshop

Today is a big day for us at Closet Case Patterns. It marks the first time we’ve released more than

Hacking the Fiona Sundress Pattern

Sometimes when looking for sewspo you don’t need to go very far. As I was perusing the hashtag for our

Hacking Ideas for our Kalle Shirtdress

This May, I am on a personal quest to bust my stash and also to remake all my favourite patterns.

Pattern Hacks for the Jasika Blazer

We are all about a good hack over here. Maxing out on the possibilities of a pattern is not only

Blazers of Glory!!

Wow: most uttered word in the studio over the past two months, bar none. We have been so utterly bowled

A Jasika Blazer for ME!

All this talk about our Jasika Blazer this year and I realized I haven’t shared a personal make yet! I

Help us Expand Our Range with our Extended Sizing Survey!

Hello all! Exciting developments are happening behind the scenes here at Closet Case studio. This year we are starting work on

Blazer of Glory Challenge Week 5: Assemble Body & Sew Lapel

We are rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ along with our Blazer of Glory challenge and this week is a big one! Not

Bespoke Tailoring Details for the Jasika Blazer

Hey guys, Amy here. One of the greatest joys of sewing (in my opinion) is the endless customization, personalization, and

Blazer of Glory Challenge Week 4: Sew the Front, Side Panels and Welt Pockets

Yay! This week for our #blazerofglory challenge we actually start sewing! We spent the first few weeks sourcing our supplies

Jasika Blazer Tester Round-up

Hey y’all! Just popping in to show you some of our tester makes for the Jasika Blazer. This was an

Sewist Spotlight and Pattern Muse: Jasika Nicole

The internet can be a wonderful place. How I else would I get to meet the ebullient, charming and hilarious

Blazer of Glory Challenge Week 3: Cut Fabric, Interface and Mark Pattern Pieces

Week three of our #blazerofglory challenge begins! Once you’ve got all your supplies and fabrics in order and have fine-tuned

How to fit a Tailored jacket or Blazer // Fit adjustments for the Jasika Blazer

Today we are going to talk fitting for your Jasika Blazer! This is often the most intimidating part of sewing

Sourcing Interfacing and Supplies for the Jasika Blazer

This week we’re talking provisions for your Jasika Blazer, and after discussing fabric, it’s time to move on to interfacing

Sourcing Fabric for Your Jasika Blazer

This week for our #blazerofglory challenge we’re focusing on gathering fabrics, supplies and making a muslin. To help you on

Blazer of Glory Challenge Week 2: Gather Supplies, Fabric & Make Muslin

It is Week 2 of our #blazerofglory challenge for the Jasika Blazer and we are soooooo excited to see so many of

Styling Inspiration for the Jasika Blazer

Hey guys, Amy here! We have been all blazers all the time for a while prepping for the launch of

Introducing the Blazer of Glory Sewing Challenge!

We’ve been overwhelmed by your incredible response to our latest pattern, the Jasika Blazer. I can’t tell you how happy

Introducing the Jasika Blazer Pattern + Our New Online Tailoring Course

Guys. GUYS. GUUUUUUYS. Today marks the culmination of almost two years of work, the single biggest challenge this business has

Surviving Winter: Layering for Warmth

Hi all, Amy here. Thus far in Montreal, 2019 has been, in a word, cold. Heather showed you how to

Our Favourite Makes of the Year!

Hello! Amy here. As 2018 is winding to a close we are looking back on the year and more importantly,

How to Wear a Velvet Jumpsuit

Amy here. A few weeks ago Heather shared her velvet Amy Jumpsuit and we couldn’t stop brainstorming different ways you

Sew Frosting: My Velvet Amy Jumpsuit

The deadline for our Sew Frosting Challenge is around the corner (Friday to be exact) and I am coming in

Charlie Caftan hack: A Corduroy Shift Dress

I was scrolling through Instagram a while back when a Madewell dress popped out at me; it was a simple

The Story Behind our New Sewist and Maker Necklaces

Do you ever get struck by an idea so intensely that you have to see it through no matter what?

Sewing Frosting with Closet Case Patterns

Hello all! Amy here. I imagine by now many of you are knee deep in your frosting projects (right guys?!).

Easy Pattern Hacking: My Tapered Leg Jenny Overalls

Sometimes it’s the simple things. I made these full-length overalls last spring (using our Jenny Overalls pattern and hip button tutorial),

Hacking a Notched Collar Shirt from our Carolyn PJs

We’re always brainstorming ways to hack and modify our patterns, and a lot of the time inspiration comes from ready-to-wear.

My Amy Jumpsuit in Striped Linen

I think lightweight linen time is officially over for me… I woke up yesterday to a 4 degree morning (that’s 39F

Insano Printo: My First Amy Jumpsuit in Rayon Challis

At this point my stash is totally out of control. I am pretty helpless in the face of an interesting

Amy Jumpsuit: Tester Round-up

We’ve heard over the years how much you like seeing new patterns on a broad range of figures so we’re

Introducing the Amy Jumpsuit!

Sometimes you just gotta drop everything you’re doing and focus on that one idea you can’t stop thinking about. Such

Miss Fancy Pants: Jenny Shorts in Marimmeko Linen

Summer is nearing the end (I mean, I know technically it goes till mid-September but the minute Labour Day approaches

Ikat Goodness: My Latest Kalle

I was editing some photos last week and realized I had imported the pics of this make and then totally forgot

My Green Linen Fiona Sundress

I think I’ve officially become a linen monster. I sleep in linen sheets, I spend hours obsessing over linen colours

My First Fiona Sundress (in Stonewashed Denim!)

Boy oh boy do I have some projects backed up! Sometimes I feel like I can never find time to

Fitting Princess Seams // Free Fitting Ebook

Fitting! For many of you it’s the scariest aspect of sewing your own clothes, and as always we want to make

Fabric Suggestions for the Fiona Sundress

Hola! Today we’re going to share some fabric options for the Fiona Sundress. Luckily there are lots of choices for

Fiona Sundress Tester Round-up

Hey y’all! We expanded our tester group while we were working on our Fiona Sundress, and thought we’d share some

Fiona Sundress // Styling & Inspiration

Montreal is the midst of an insane heat wave (I have no air conditioning at home or the studio and

Introducing the Fiona Sundress

Whoop whoop! I love a launch day, especially when it’s for something we’ve worked as hard on as we have

Summer Pattern Round-Up

The summer is only officially beginning this week here in Montreal but already we have had plenty of hot weather.

Button Front Jenny Overalls // Free Pattern Bonus & Tutorial

I’m so tickled by everyone’s enthusiasm for our button-front Jenny Overalls hack. The pair I made is one of my most

My Jenny Overalls with Center Front Buttons

Whenever I design a new pattern it’s always an effort on my end to whittle down the ideas. My brain

My Jenny Overalls with Side Buttons

Hola! Last week I got back from a teaching trip to London (and a side trip to Stockholm which was

Introducing our latest pattern: Meet the Jenny Overalls & Trousers

I know I have a yen for hyperbole, an over-abundance of enthusiasm and a tendency to love all of my children

Ginger Jean Inspiration

I was flabbergasted to realize this week that our hashtag #gingerjeans has almost 9000 hits on Instagram! It is an absolute treasure

Pants Fitting Adjustments: Best Tips for Pants Fitting the Sasha Trousers

When we released our Sasha Trousers, one of the most common comments I got was “I really want to make

Stretch Woven Fabric Options for the Sasha Trousers

Today I want to talk fabric options for our latest pattern, the Sasha Trousers. This pattern was designed for stretch

Styling Inspiration for the Sasha Trousers Pattern

We launched the Sasha Trousers this week, and I couldn’t be happier about adding this wardrobe staple to your closet, and

Meet our Latest Pants Pattern: the Sasha Trousers!

I’ve had my dream pants pattern in mind for a while now. They would be slim fitting with a little

Our New Pattern Expansion: Add Sleeves to the Kalle Shirtdress!

Our new pattern expansion for the Kalle Shirtdress is now available in our shop, and I’m super happy to offer it to

Kelly Anorak Lining Pattern Expansion Update

Hi y’all. Just a quick message to let you know that after some customer feedback this week, we have updated

Tips For Sewing a V Neckline // Charlie Caftan

Today we are wrapping up posts on our Charlie Caftan pattern with this tutorial on sewing a V neckline with

Pattern Adjustments for the Charlie Caftan

Generally we would have written a post on pattern adjustments a little earlier, but since we bumped up the tutorial

Finishing the Center Panel // Charlie Caftan

Last week we walked you through sewing the inset panel of your Charlie Caftan; today we’ll focus on beautifully finishing

Sewing the Inset Center Panel // Charlie Caftan

When I started working on our Charlie Caftan, I was conscious of designing something simple and gratifying to sew, with

Fabric Options for the Charlie Caftan Pattern

Hey there! Today I want to talk fabric for our new Charlie Caftan Pattern. Thankfully you have a lot of

The Charlie Caftan Pattern: Inspiration & Styling

Hello caftan lovers! I never knew there were so many of you out there, but judging  by the smash success

Welcome Summer with our Charlie Caftan Pattern!

I am reaaaallly excited about this one. We are going through a serious heat wave in Montreal right now, when

Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress Pattern Roundup

Our sewalong for the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress pattern is now complete (you can see all the posts in the

Kelly Anorak Hardware Kits + New Kelly Lining Pattern Expansion now in the shop!

You ask, we listen. We designed our bestselling Kelly Anorak to resemble some of the RTW anoraks we were inspired

Choosing Shirtmaking Fabric // Kalle Sewalong

The first step with any great sewing project is choosing the perfect fabric. Thankfully our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress works

Our Current Studio Set-up

Growing a business is challenging for a lot of reasons, and one of the things I’ve struggled with the most

Introducing the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress pattern

In honour of the joyful early days of spring, I’d like to introduce you to the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress pattern, our latest

Pattern Refresh: The Sallie Jumpsuit

As I mentioned last week, we recently reshot a few older patterns (along with our new spring pattern coming next

Pattern Refresh: The Carolyn Pajamas

This Tuesday was one of the most fun days I’ve had since starting this business. We shot our new pattern

Our favourite Ebony Tees & Dresses

We’ve been seeing so many wonderful Ebony Tees on Instagram since we launched the pattern in January! Here are some

Introducing the Mid-Rise Ginger Jeans Pattern!

When we started working on our new jeans-making workshop, I wanted to offer a fun jeans pattern option, especially since

Updating Our Back Catalog with New Pattern Samples & Photography

One of the things I was most excited about with our website makeover was the opportunity to reshoot some of our


Today I want to share a couple of really simple pattern mods you can make to the Ebony Tee. It’s


This here is my personal favourite Ebony Tee. I have about 5 or 6 I’ve been wearing in constant rotation


One of my favourite things about making clothing (either for myself or for shop samples) is obsessing over fabric. I’ve


Whoop! Our first new sewing pattern of 2017 is officially here. Meet Ebony, our take on a simple, chic knit tee.


To finish off our Kelly Anorak related posts, I thought I’d share some of the beautiful versions we’ve been seeing


Happy Hump Day everyone! Today I’m excited to finally share this nifty free downloadable we’ve been working for the last


I‘ve had a number of requests for tips on how to add a lining to the Kelly Anorak, so much


Since I brought home Harry, I find myself outside a lot more often. I mean, that was kind of the


Whee! Our long awaited shipment came in yesterday from our supplier and I’m happy to say that our hardware kits


I live for pattern launch day, especially when it’s for a pattern I love as much as this one. I’d


I can’t lie, I have been waiting with breath that is well past bated and on its way to desperate for


Happy August everyone! Summer may be halfway over but there’s still plenty of time to make yourself a swimsuit if


We love love love seeing what you guys get up to on Instagram, and seeing all the Sophie swimsuits cropping


Today I have a super special bra guru to share some fitting wisdom with you; Amy Chapman of Cloth Habit,


Hey guys – one last Sophie related post for the time being…. one of you delightful creatures (thanks Rebecca!) suggested