Our Kelly Anorak Sewalong is Now Live!

Hey y’all! We pride ourselves on giving you all the resources you need to achieve absolute sewing success, so I’m

Sewing a Pants Waistband for the Sasha Trousers

One of the best aspects of a me-made wardrobe is the little details that just aren’t there with RTW garments.

Sewing a Fly Front Zipper for Pants and Trousers

Sewing a fly front zipper is one of those sewing tasks that is often met with trepidation. If you’re sewing

Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine

Since we stayed home for Christmas this year, the fella and I are off on vacation next week to LA

My First Project of 2018: The Snoqualmie Cardigan

Some of you may remember when I started my most ambitious knitting project ever because in my overly ambitious way I

Our Year in Review

I think it’s safe to say that 2017 was our most challenging year yet, in more ways than one. Looking

How to Sew Slashed Pockets for the Sasha Trousers (or Any Pants!)

We’re wrapping up 2017 with one last tutorial post! Our Sasha Trousers feature chic slashed pockets with a pocket stay

How to Sew Welt Pockets for the Sasha Trousers Pattern

Welcome to the first tutorial for our latest pattern, the Sasha Trousers. We won’t be doing a full sewalong for

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Makers

One of my favourite posts to write every year is our holiday gift guide. I love treating myself to tools

Join us for a Studio Warming and Christmas Party at our New Space!

Greetings! As you may know if you’ve been following us on Instagram, we just moved into our new office space!

Our Annual Thanksgiver Sale – Save 20% on Patterns, Kits and Classes

It’s our greatest pleasure to be a part of your sewing journey, and every year we like to celebrate with

Pants Fitting Adjustments: Best Tips for Pants Fitting the Sasha Trousers

When we released our Sasha Trousers, one of the most common comments I got was “I really want to make

Stretch Woven Fabric Options for the Sasha Trousers

Today I want to talk fabric options for our latest pattern, the Sasha Trousers. This pattern was designed for stretch

Styling Inspiration for the Sasha Trousers Pattern

We launched the Sasha Trousers this week, and I couldn’t be happier about adding this wardrobe staple to your closet, and

Meet our Latest Pants Pattern: the Sasha Trousers!

I’ve had my dream pants pattern in mind for a while now. They would be slim fitting with a little

Updates to our Ginger Jeans

Hey y’all – just a quick message to let you know we’ve made a few small tweaks to our Ginger

Fall Sewing Plans

Fall makes me want to sew everything. I always feel a little underwhelmed by my options when the cooler weather comes, 

Team Closet Case Patterns and our New Kelly Anoraks

It occurred to me recently that my studio manager Alexis has been with me for almost two years and has

Our New Pattern Expansion: Add Sleeves to the Kalle Shirtdress!

Our new pattern expansion for the Kalle Shirtdress is now available in our shop, and I’m super happy to offer it to

A Kalle Shirtdress pattern in Blue Tencel

I just realized this week I totally failed to post about this Kalle shirtdress I made in the spring. I’ve

Last Breath of Summer: My Pink Linen Pants

I’m still trying to get all the garments I made this year photographed before the cold sets in here in

The Refashioners: Men’s Blazer to Sleeveless Coat

Sometimes you say yes to things you really should have said no to, and sometimes you say yes to things

More Harriet Bras!

I was going through my photo library this week and realized I totally forgot to blog about some of the

The Perfect Outfit: White Ginger Jeans + Denim Kalle Tunic

They said it couldn’t be done, and frankly, I’m just astonished as everyone who doubted me: it is an absolute

Hadley Top from Grainline Studio in White Linen

Next up in my series, “A million things I have sewn and not yet blogged”: the Hadley Top by Grainline

Introducing the Maker Journal

A few weeks ago I mentioned switching up our weekly Sunday blog post format. For the past few years, I’ve

Dior Haute Couture: a Magical Fashion Exhibit in Paris

Perhaps the most memorable thing that happened on my recent trip to France was the Dior Haute Couture exhibit at

A New Sophie Swimsuit for my Trip to France

Bonjour mes amis! If you happened to catch any of my (sorry) countless instagram stories over the past few weeks, you

Rope Basket Purse Tutorial: The Perfect Summer Bag!

You may remember the gorgeous rope basket bag I was carrying in my last me-made outfit post, and as promised,

More summer wardrobe staples: Ogden Cami + Flint Pants

Before I leave on vacation for a few weeks (much, much needed although Alexis is on duty if you need

Kelly Anorak Lining Pattern Expansion Update

Hi y’all. Just a quick message to let you know that after some customer feedback this week, we have updated

Summer Sewing! The Flint Pants from Megan Nielsen

Have you ever experienced sewing fate? You know when you have a very specific vision in mind for something you’d

The Value of Switching it Up (Your Input Needed!)

Hi, you. I feel like it’s been a while since we had a real conversation. I surprised myself when I

Tips For Sewing a V Neckline // Charlie Caftan

Today we are wrapping up posts on our Charlie Caftan pattern with this tutorial on sewing a V neckline with

Pattern Adjustments for the Charlie Caftan

Generally we would have written a post on pattern adjustments a little earlier, but since we bumped up the tutorial

Finishing the Center Panel // Charlie Caftan

Last week we walked you through sewing the inset panel of your Charlie Caftan; today we’ll focus on beautifully finishing

Sewing the Inset Center Panel // Charlie Caftan

When I started working on our Charlie Caftan, I was conscious of designing something simple and gratifying to sew, with

Fabric Options for the Charlie Caftan Pattern

Hey there! Today I want to talk fabric for our new Charlie Caftan Pattern. Thankfully you have a lot of

The Charlie Caftan Pattern: Inspiration & Styling

Hello caftan lovers! I never knew there were so many of you out there, but judging  by the smash success

Welcome Summer with our Charlie Caftan Pattern!

I am reaaaallly excited about this one. We are going through a serious heat wave in Montreal right now, when

This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 140

Happy Sunday makers! It’s been a little bananas around here this week. We launch our new pattern tomorrow (so. excited.)

Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress Pattern Roundup

Our sewalong for the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress pattern is now complete (you can see all the posts in the

Sewing the Sleeve Cuffs // Kalle Sewalong

We’ve finally reached the end of our Kalle Sewalong! If you’d like to see all the posts in one place,

Sewing a Band Collar // Kalle Sewalong

Our sewalong for the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress pattern is drawing to a close. Later this week we will cover

Traditional Method for Sewing a Shirt Collar // Closet Case Patterns

Yesterday I showed you a slightly unconventional method for sewing a collar for the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress. While this is

An Alternative Method for Sewing A Shirt Collar // Kalle Sewalong

We’re rounding the finish line in our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress sewalong! Over the next couple of days, I am going

Sewing Super Sharp Collar Points // Kalle Sewalong

This week we are talking about installing the collar for our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress. I am going to show you

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 139

Sorry for the short hiatus on our weekly round-up posts. I was on the West Coast for two weeks on

Sewing the Hem Facing for View A // Kalle Sewalong

Earlier this week we covered sewing finishing our curvy hems with bias tape. For the cropped variation of the Kalle

Finishing Curved Hem with Bias Tape & Sewing Side Seams // Kalle Sewalong

Ready for the next step in our Kalle Shirtdress sewalong? Last week we used the Burrito Method to neatly encase

Sewing a Shirt Yoke – the Burrito Method // Kalle Sewalong

Today we are going to actually see our Kalle shirt & Shirtdresses coming together. Next week we’ll be focusing on sewing

Sewing a Curved Shirt Patch Pocket // Kalle Sewalong

Last week we covered how to sew a standard placket, hidden placket and tunic or popover placket for our Kalle

Sewing a Tunic or Popover Placket // Kalle Sewalong

Today’s post is all about installing a tunic or popover placket in your Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress (or any shirt

How to Sew A Hidden Button Placket // Kalle Sewalong

Placket Week continues! One of the things you guys suggested for the Kalle Shirtdress pattern was some more advanced shirt-making

Sewing a Standard Button Placket // Kalle Sewalong

Today is the first day we actually start sewing our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdresses! This sewalong is skipping the cutting

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 138

Happy Sunday makers! We’ve been a little crazed in the studio this week; after launching our Kelly Lining expansion and

Choosing a Size + Pattern Modifications + Full Bust Adjustment // Kalle Sewalong

Hello all! Today’s post is all about choosing the right size and making any needed pattern modifications before you cut

Kelly Anorak Hardware Kits + New Kelly Lining Pattern Expansion now in the shop!

You ask, we listen. We designed our bestselling Kelly Anorak to resemble some of the RTW anoraks we were inspired

Choosing Shirtmaking Fabric // Kalle Sewalong

The first step with any great sewing project is choosing the perfect fabric. Thankfully our Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress works

Shirtdress Inspiration & Styling // Kalle Sewalong

Welcome to the first day of the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress Sewalong! We’ll be covering construction of the Kalle pattern

This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 137

Happy Sunday makers! I’ve been sewing like crazy since I know once I move next month I probably won’t have much time

A White Lace Harriet Bra

Holy grail, attained. Stick a fork in me Jerry, I AM DONE. I found my perfect everyday underwire bra pattern

Our Current Studio Set-up

Growing a business is challenging for a lot of reasons, and one of the things I’ve struggled with the most

Toaster Sweater + Black Ginger Jeans

I’ve been doing a relatively large amount of personal sewing over the last few months given how much sample making

Kalle Shirt + Dress Sewalong Schedule

Hey y’all! We have a sewalong planned for our latest pattern, the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress. There are lots of

This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 136

Happy Sunday makers! I’ve spent the weekend slowly going through my many closets, sorting everything into sell/donate/keep piles in preparation

Introducing the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress pattern

In honour of the joyful early days of spring, I’d like to introduce you to the Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress pattern, our latest

Sewing Baby Clothes with Sprout Patterns and Brindelle & Twig

Pretty much everyone I know is having babies right now. While I am one giant question mark on the to

Pattern Refresh: The Sallie Jumpsuit

As I mentioned last week, we recently reshot a few older patterns (along with our new spring pattern coming next

This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 135

Spring has FINALY arrived in Montreal and to celebrate G and I walked around all afternoon today, drinking coffee, stopping

Pattern Refresh: The Carolyn Pajamas

This Tuesday was one of the most fun days I’ve had since starting this business. We shot our new pattern

Turning the Sophie Bikini Top into a Foam Cupped Bra

One of the most common questions we get about our patterns is whether or not it is possible to use

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 134

Happy Sunday makers! We’ve been super busy this week in the studio; Alexis and I have been trading off on the sewing


Making stuff has started to feel like a real addiction. I’m not exactly slapping at veins looking for a good

Our favourite Ebony Tees & Dresses

We’ve been seeing so many wonderful Ebony Tees on Instagram since we launched the pattern in January! Here are some

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 133

Happy Sunday makers! I’ve been busy sewing up new samples of our Sallie Jumpsuit and Carolyn Pajamas for an upcoming

The Farrow Dress by Grainline Studio in Kaufman Metallic Linen

Heavens alive I love a shift dress, especially when they boast cool details or an interesting architectural silhouette. The latest

This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 132

It’s been a crazy weekend. I used up some air miles to come for a short weekend trip to visit

Styling & Colour Palette in my Wardrobe // Lessons From the Curated Closet

Last week I talked in depth about how I’ve recently refined and analyzed my personal style using the book The Curated

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 130

Happy Sunday makers! I spent a glorious weekend doing some personal sewing in the studio. I got organized and wrote

Refining My Personal Style // Lessons From the Curated Closet

I’ve mentioned the book The Curated Closet a few times on the blog now. Based on the wonderful Into Mind

Chambray & Shibori Print Tamarack Jacket

Oh the unblogged personal projects I have to share! During a month or so of relative downtime (ie. not making

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 129

Happy Sunday makers! Hope you’re also enjoying scarily unseasonal weather like I am in Maryland right now (here for a

Introducing the Mid-Rise Ginger Jeans Pattern!

When we started working on our new jeans-making workshop, I wanted to offer a fun jeans pattern option, especially since

How to Sew a 3D Neck Binding for Knit Fabrics

When I first made my scuba knit Ebony dress, I wanted to create a neck binding with some heft. I

Updating Our Back Catalog with New Pattern Samples & Photography

One of the things I was most excited about with our website makeover was the opportunity to reshoot some of our

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 128

Happy Sunday makers! I’m still recovering from an EPIC day cutting denim for our wicked awesome upcoming kits (next Monday,

Refreshing Our Brand

Thank you deeply for the enthusiastic response to our new website design! We’ve been working on it for months and

Rebranded! A Big Facelift for Closet Case Patterns

Ah! Today is a big day for us. I feel like I just built a new house and am inviting


Happy Sunday makers. It was my birthday this week. Normally I don’t make much of a fuss, but it’s been


Today I want to share a couple of really simple pattern mods you can make to the Ebony Tee. It’s


This here is my personal favourite Ebony Tee. I have about 5 or 6 I’ve been wearing in constant rotation


It’s been a very difficult and emotional week for many of us, and I have been really struggling with how


One of my favourite things about making clothing (either for myself or for shop samples) is obsessing over fabric. I’ve


Whoop! Our first new sewing pattern of 2017 is officially here. Meet Ebony, our take on a simple, chic knit tee.


I have piles and piles of new handmade things to show you, but the light and weather have confounded me


Today is a little thrilling for me because I am bringing you something really personal and thisclose to my heart,


Happy (end of) Sunday makers! This weekend I laid fairly low, preparing for a big announcement tomorrow (although if you’re


Few things bum me out as much as the current state of my bra drawer; it’s more depressing (and only


Happy 2017 makers! I hope you’re enjoying a restful weekend after the madness of the holidays. I’ve been catching up