Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files
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For my next trick, may I share the cozy blankety goodness I’ve been swaddled in since it left my sewing machine in November? Another possible addition to the TNT canon, the Sydney Jacket from Tessuti has proven to be an indispensable companion this winter, whether in this warm wool or the textured knit I made in early fall.

When I was in France over the holidays, I pretty much didn’t take it off. Proof:

Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case FilesTessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files

We only had one day in Paris, and I got to live out a weird little blogger fantasy when G snapped some pics in front of the Louvre and along the Tuileries. If you follow street style blogs like The Sartorialist, the scenery is familiar. During fashion week all the pretty swans flock here to have their pictures taken, and it felt kind of necessary to pull out the camera the one day we were in the city, even if I did feel like a tremendous goof the entire time, with a case of the hangries and sore footsies since we had just wandered around the Louvre for 4 hours (I finally acknowledged I need to find some chic sneakers since there are no comfy ankle boots on the planet capable of getting me through an entire day in Paris).

We spent most of our time in Lille while G finished work, and then out in the suburbs with family, so we tried to make it count the day we were in the city. I requested a trip to the Louvre since it was the one big museum I missed on my first/last trip to France 5 years ago, even if going meant braving the holiday crowds (hot tip: buy tickets online to avoid the insanely long line to get in). Unfortunately one of my favourite paintings and the piece I truly wanted to see was on loan, but it’s kind of hard to feel disappointed while you’re there. It’s massive and overwhelming and you get dizzy when you think about all the beauty, craft, history and wealth contained within its walls. Which is why you make sculptures kick you in the boobs when you’re standing in front of it: Respect.

Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files

Oh but the jacket! Such a simple, fun project to put together. Since the edges are all left raw and the seams are overlapped and topstitched rather than finished traditionally, it requires a non-fraying fabric like wool coating (or a sturdy knit). When I was on the west coast in September and met Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics, we were talking about my plans to make a million of this pattern when she suggested I try one of her new coatings. I ended up choosing this lovely black marle with a  bit of a slubby, tweedy texture, generously gifted by Caroline. It’s a poly/viscose/wool blend but I loved the drape, weight and hand of it when it arrived in the mail (while the colourway I chose is out of stock,  this lovely navy is still available). I had my doubts initially, but it has maintained it’s nice crisp edges and hasn’t unravelled at all, even after a few rounds in the washer.

Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files Tessuti Sydney jacket pattern-2 Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files

It was a breeze to sew and really came in handy while we were travelling. Clothing that doubles as a blanket in a pinch? Yes, and thank you. It works with leggings and a tee or layered over a dress, and I felt very monochromatic and Parisienne pairing it with my striped Inari dress and some red lipstick. Even if my feet were useless stumps by the end of the day.

Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files  Tessuti Sydney Jacket in wool coating // Closet Case Files

So, for the giveaway! Caroline is donating one $50 gift certificate to her lovely shop, Blackbird Fabrics. To enter, take a peek at her merchandise and let me know in the form below what you would purchase with your winnings. I’ll announce a winner next week!

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  • pomme et asperge

    what a cool combination – you look stunning!

    • Thank you! It was all the cheese and wine, I swear.

  • sewinsteady

    This is the perfect fabric for this coat! I’m in love with your finished product — the sleeve length is perfect and you look so chic!

    • Thanks love! I really love this pattern if you can’t tell 🙂

  • gubicza528

    The LUSH TEXTURED WOOL COATING – BROWN – 1/2 METER looks like it would be perfect!

  • Looks great, stylish at ease!

  • So goddamn chic. You’re killin’ me! Love the purse with that outfit, too. And I feel you on (begrudgingly) adding some cute sneakers into your wardrobe. For xmas I was gifted some cute Nikes (I call them my Pink Funfetti Explosions) and am finally accepting that they’re awesome with jeans.

    • Funkfetti Nikes sound kinda rad! I loved the wedge sneaker trend a few years ago because they felt a little more dressed up… I’ll keep my eyes open for the right ones.

  • That is LOVELY! I really need to make this. No excuses!!!

  • I ran into a similar situation in Japan! My main shoes were the ones I’ve worn almost every day for 5 years. They felt like socks until I was walking 6+ miles daily in Japan. I had decided mid-trip to buy a pair of sneakers before realizing my clompers were too big for Japanese shoes! Ah well, you looked great 🙂

    • I was thisclose to buying some but couldn’t find a pair I liked (all black, minimal) in my size and also the exchange rate was bruuuutal. I won’t do this to myself again though. Sneakers are on teh list!

  • I’d totally buy some bra making materials and finally take the plunge! I’ve been longing to try it out for yonks!

  • Charlotte Elliott

    Je adore everything about these photos – the fabrics, the patterns (an Inari fan here too) and the background. I would love to make a Sydney jacket but I wouldn’t classify myself as an intermediate sewer yet 🙁 I’ve got boots similar to yours (http://www.theiconic.com.au/harlow-leather-boots-180206.html in black) and they are the most comfortable shoes ever and go with pretty much everything.

    • I think a beginner could TOTALLY make this pattern! The only tricky but is overlapping the seams but that’s what lots of pins are for!

  • Sew Savory

    I love your coat! I’d totally buy the navy color way… And a bra kit, too, as I’ve been looking at them for awhile. Thanks, as always, for the post!

    • My pleasure! And she does offer amazing kits…

  • Hélène

    I’m not your mom, but the thing I’m worrying about is a mom’s concern: is that coat with short sleeves warm enough for Paris in December? On the 4th picture, I see people in the background with winter coats and gloves… This said, I admit that we Montrealers are quite resistant to the cold. Anyway, you look fab as usual. I love your styling with purple hat and bag. And what a wonderful fabric: I would say yes to the “lovely navy” one.

    • Oh darling, Guillaume was holding my coat. I’m no fool, but I will suffer for blog photos!

  • Genevieve

    Heather! How do you do that?!!!! Take such gorgeous photos 🙂 I am so back logged on projects, but you make me want to add yet another to the growing heap with the Sydney. Stop already 😉
    No don’t stop…lol

    • Thank you Genevieve! The credit goes to the photog BF for these ones I’m afraid….

  • Ryann

    Love Blackbird’s offerings and am jonesing for some of her new bra kits!

  • Gertrude

    I am on a bra roll lately, so some of Blackbird’s bra kits and supplies would be wonderful. Your coat looks both stylish and cozy – an unbeatable combination|

  • Love the whole outfit! And Yay for secret blanket garment!

  • sallieforrer

    Dude! I was in Washington DC over the holiday and went to the National Gallery of Art where I specifically wanted to see MY favorite Ingres painting of all time (THIS fancy lady: https://www.nga.gov/collection/gallery/gg56/gg56-32696.html) and it was on loan!! WHAT GIVES? Where are all the Ingres going???

    Anyway – this outfit is the coolest, and basically what I want to wear everyday if I were half as cool as you. And when you find that pair of fashionable sneakers, do let me know?

    • That link is broken! I LOVE Ingres. I have a real soft spot for the neo-classicists and was in heaven in the Ingres room at the Louvre. Master of light.

      And I want to stela YOUR cool wardorbe so lets just do that.

  • Lisa Hunerlach

    I love the Diamond Shabori Cotton Stretch Sateen in indigo in Blackbird Fabric’s offerings. Picture a sleeveless fitted top with a side zip and matching trousers! And cover it all in a lovely blankety garment like yours. Mmmmm.

  • I’m seeing so many cool Tessuti jackets. Yours is awesome.

  • Jen

    This is a bit off topic, but where did you get your boots? I can never, ever ever find black’ish booties I like and i love yours.

    • I got them on Asos a few years ago! I’ve run them into the ground though, which is sad.

  • Francesca Amodeo

    love this! stylish and cosy is the best…… I used to find my uggs the best for traipsing all over museums. They weren’t the uggs everybody knows and wears – I bought them in Lake Placid, they’re knee high treated sheepskin that looks like leather, with a shaped foot and a thick rubber sole and 3cm heel – not a chunky semi flatform like the ubiquitous ones – look like classic riding boots. The sheepskin inside is the best and most comfy mould to fit thing in the world. Believe me, I suffer with my feet….
    I had the same bloody ex[erience when I went to the Louvre – things I desperately wanted to see were out on loan. And in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh was all out on loan too. It’s like a curse….

  • Lia Marcoux

    It’s kind of hard to browse Caroline’s website with all these cartoon hearts floating in my eyes, but I’d love to make a pair of tencel joggers…I also have a spring wedding approaching, and can’t help but feel that this would be perfect for *something*: http://www.blackbirdfabrics.com/washed-italian-linen-tendershoot-1-2-meter/

    I went to Paris for my first/last time this past summer…and we skipped the Louvre. Eep! I just got stone-cold arted out! We did however go to the museum of measurements and had a grand old time. I did not look as chic and warm and Parisian as you however!

  • Rachel (Waco) Turnbow

    You always looks great, but I really love the ease of this particular jacket. Paris over the holidays? Swoon.

  • Samantha Lindgren

    Soigné as ever! Work it…. Ummm, I’m with Sallie, when you find a pair of fashionable sneakers can you share….?

  • Deanna

    I love this look and would steal it. I’d use the same marled wool.

  • I love this!! (And your whole outfit too!) Perfect fabric for it!

  • Diane

    Well this jacket is lovely, so I think I’d just have to get some of the navy marled wool from Blackbird and create one for myself!

  • Cara Banera

    I’ve been following Blackbird Fabrics on IG for awhile now, and always drool over her prints. I’d love something in a rayon, silk or knit! Those tend to be what I sew with most often…