Studio & Supplies


Last night I dropped my iron for the last time. It was a mid-priced Rowenta and it was the victim of my a-hole cats and my adorable but clumsy toddler nephew. It had been leaky and annoying for a few months but as of last night, it can no longer hold water in the reservoir.

I’m in the middle of sample making frenzy so the timing is delightful. I could just run to Target and grab another mediocre iron but I’d rather invest in something great. Which was why I ended up at my tailoring supply place today eyeballing the gravity feeds. Unfortunately they have a no-return policy so I can’t test them out, and it’s a big investment for something I’ve never worked with before.

Anyone out there a gravity feed fan? I’m thinking about getting the Sapporo SP527 . It’s around $110 and I can easily suspend the water tank from my studio ceiling. What makes me nervous is the lack of an auto shut-off. I know most sewists despise this feature but I have the short-term memory of Jack Nicholson’s character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest after the shock treatments and I don’t want to forget it’s on and burn my house down. I’m also under the impression it’s a total power suck and I have all my sewing machines and my computer going into one outlet so you know, Just Say No to Electrical Fires. Apparently these things bust out enough steam that they can double as a steamer, which would be really handy.

Alternatively, there were some persuasive arguments on Pattern Review for the Reliable irons, particularly the V50 model which is orange and ADORABLE. At $100 it’s a much better value than the higher end Rowentas which get ripped to shreds all over the internet.

So my friends, I need to make a decision very quickly; what kind of iron do you suggest? Do you have experience with gravity feeds or the Reliable? I’m all ears.