Closet Case Patterns is a sewing pattern design and education company aimed at giving modern makers the tools and techniques to create the wardrobe of their dreams. Our bilingual patterns, step-by-step tutorials, and obsessively clear online courses are intentionally changing the way women build – not buy – comfort, joy, and ease into their closets.

With a chic, modern aesthetic, our designs will help you create beautiful, functional and infinitely wearable garments you’ll reach for again and again. Each pattern is professionally drafted and graded, and is accompanied by clear, detailed instructions to help you sew your dream wardrobe with confidence.


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Heather Lou // Sewing blog author and owner of Closet Case Patterns


I’m Heather Lou, owner and creative director of Closet Case Patterns, and sewing is my life (just ask my spaniel Harry; he’s almost always covered in thread).

Perhaps like you, I was once overwhelmed by the prospect of sewing. Back in 2011, I was a commercial interior designer who was obsessed with fashion. My closet was jammed with ill-fitting clothes I didn’t wear, my credit card was maxed out from too many shopping sprees, and I didn’t feel connected to or creatively inspired by my wardrobe.

I knew I had to make a change, so I created a challenge for myself: for one year, the only new things that would enter my closet would be things that I made with my own two hands. I didn’t really know how to sew outside modifying the occasional vintage dress, but committing to this goal ended up radically transforming my life in every possible way. Every time I sat down at my sewing machine with a new project, I discovered a deep well of creativity, resilience and joy. Sewing felt revolutionary and expressive, a technical skill and a timeless art form rolled into one, a way to create totally one of a kind, truly “me” garments, that felt so much more meaningful and personal than anything I could ever buy in a store.

The lessons grew deeper. I learned how make clothes that fit me perfectly, totally transforming my relationship with my body (we only get one chance in these human suits, and sewing taught me to accept and love what I have, just as it is). I learned to grow and push myself to constantly learn new things, which gave me a sense of confidence and faith in myself I had never experienced before. I established deep, meaningful connections with sewists around the world, discovering a supportive community and lifelong friendships. Sewing became the positive feedback loop that I couldn’t stop thinking about and the creative outlet that I desperately needed.

The hours I spent in front of my sewing machine made it more and more clear that my hobby had out-grown my full-time design job. Frustrated by the empty and often destructive fast fashion industry – and mindful of the pressing need for chic sewing patterns and clear instructions for the modern sewing movement – I made the decision to launch Closet Case Patterns as a full-time business. Since then, I’ve taught sewing around the world, and we’ve released everything from swimsuits to tailored blazers, always focused on creating the best sewing patterns and educational resources on the market.

These days, I spend most of my free time filling in my wardrobe with handmade one-of-a-kind creations, travelling for inspiration, and cozying up at home with my beloved pup, a great book and a strong cup of tea. I hope that through reading my own story, you’re inspired to fearlessly eliminate what no longer serves you, and embrace a lifestyle of personal expression that fits you like a glove.


Over the years, we’ve grown into a small team of sewing obsessives, committed to bringing you fresh, modern sewing patterns and online courses that will push your skills forward and help transform your sewing dreams into reality. Our mission is to create designs that you can use to personalize, hack and customize with your own vision and unique touch. Like the practice of sewing itself, Closet Case Patterns is an ever-evolving business that blends our love of craft and community, and we’re so happy to make your acquaintance.


Alexis is our operations and studio manager, and her organizational skills and positive spirit keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. She oversees all pattern production, works with our stockists to get our patterns all around the world and is a talented sewist responsible for making many of our samples and tutorials.


Celine is our in-house patternmaker. Originally from France, Celine works closely with Heather to develop our patterns and create our meticulous instructions. With a degree in fashion design, Celine is the bridge between our creative ideas and their technical execution.


Amy is our content and social media coordinator. She helps plan and write our blog and manage our social media channels, in addition to acting as muse for our Amy Jumpsuit. We can’t imagine our studio without her effervescent, creative energy.


Ali is our shipping and customer service coordinator. She is responsible for shipping out your orders and answering your questions, and always impresses us with her creative outfits and willingness to help out whenever the need arises.


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