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A Holiday Gift Guide for Sewists & Knitters

It’s already December. The time, WHERE DOES IT GO? I’ve been gearing up for the holidays and had so much fun making this list of great gifts to give or receive if you enjoy sewing and knitting. Some are things I’ve discovered this year, and others are things I would love to own… Best of all, nothing is over $65!

  1. The Modern Natural Dyer – my favourite DIY book this year
  2. Wonder clips – so much better than regular pins
  3. Sashiko thread and sashiko needles – perfect for simple embroidery
  4. Magnetic pin cushion bracelet – the best sewing jewelry
  5. Mini anvil – for installing denim rivets and buttons!
  6. In the Company of Women – get inspired by lady makers
  7. Pattern hooks – the best way to organize PDF patterns
  8.  Craft hole punch – use this to make holes for the hooks above (much less $$ than the professional kind!)
  9. Industrial snap/grommet setter – my absolute favourite purchase this year
  10. The Curated Closet – purge your wardrobe and find your style for 2017!
  11. Handmade bias tape – when you’re just too lazy to make it yourself
  12. Sock blockers – for better instagram photos
  13. Kai scissors – the most comfortable shears I’ve ever used
  14. Knitted Cable Sourcebook – a wonderful resource for your craft library
  15. Fringe Supply Co Field Bag – a modern, sturdy project bag (so happy I got mine)
  • Marie

    Great list!! The industrial press is definitely at the top of my list but shipping to Canada is $$$$$

    Do you know of any shop in Montreal that might sell them for a reasonable price?

    • I think Kava has them on St. Laurent!

      • Marie

        Thanks! I will check it out soon!

      • Marie

        I called them and they so sell the press for about $200. They have all the different dies too. (they are on St-Hubert, not St-Laurent)

  • Some gorgeous treasures I’d be more than happy to find in my stocking!!


  • I bought one of those fiskars craft hole punches (the heavy duty ones) for the express purpose of punching hard paper patterns and it just doesn’t work for heavy paper. I think I’m going to get a 1″ hole cutting die for that industrial grommet press.

  • Liv McMillan

    Thanks so much for including my bias tape in your gift guide!! I would LOVE to be gifted all of these items too! Except the bias tape, I’m prettty well stocked on that. 😉 xo

  • Nicola Webb

    The vendor won’t ship the pattern hooks to Canada. Do you know a supplier who will?

    • Wawak ships to Canada and I know they have them!

      • Nicola Webb

        Excellent, thanks

  • Amy Greene

    This was a great list – I will definitely be checking these out to add to my list for next year 🙂