Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern // Vintage dress pattern // Closet Case Patterns
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A 70’s Summer Dress in Brooklyn // Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been sewing as if my sewing machine has only a few weeks to live (if my Singer’s bucket list included exposed zippers, chiffon and buttonholes, she’d be ready to peacefully leave this world). I’m pumping out at a garment every week or so. And by garment, I mean dress, because that is apparently the only thing I am interested in making. I’ve always been a dress girl. Long before I started sewing I had about 50 bright, thrifted dresses I more or less lived in. I’m so insanely finicky about the fit of skirts, and really find separate dressing much harder than throwing on one thing that needs nothing but a necklace and/or belt to be on your way.

I snagged this vintage Simplicity sewing pattern and vintage floral cotton from that big Craigslist haul from a few months back. I fell in love with this pattern and thought it would make the perfect summer dress:

Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern // Vintage dress pattern // Closet Case Patterns

Right?! How great is that little peplum top? I’ll definitely using this pattern again. Maybe even get around to doing it in a maxi….

Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern // Vintage dress pattern // Closet Case Patterns
Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern // Vintage dress pattern // Closet Case Patterns

Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern // Vintage dress pattern // Closet Case Patterns

Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern // Vintage dress pattern // Closet Case Patterns
Vintage Simplicity 6979 Sewing Pattern // Vintage dress pattern // Closet Case Patterns

I recently found a beautiful Egyptian cotton sheet which I used for the trim, and picked up that neon pink zipper for $1 (which unfortunately is not reading as bright as it is). All this to say, I doubt this little baby cost more than $5 to make and I LOVE it. Super comfortable, breathable, bright, and I love all the little details like the band at the top and the ruched bust. I wore this for the first time in Brooklyn and got a few super enthusiastic compliments from girls on the street which always feels amazing when you’ve made it. You may also have noticed my gold orthopedic sandals. Ladies, do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair of Worishofers (thanks Sallie for the heads up). They have changed my life. I had no idea my feet could feel so good. They’re kind of ugly but in a cute way. Did I mention being carried on the gilded wings of angels?

Also, big thanks to Brooklyn for this conveniently matchy graffiti.

  • Oh la la! Now there’s a way to make 70s fashions appealing to me, this dress is the bomb! You’ve done an amazing job and it fits you perfectly! Love your hair up like that too!

    • Thanks Marie. Dirty secret? I love the 70’s. Studio 54 steez is the best. As for the hair – SOCK BUN!

    • Hehe, excellent! No shame in either ;o)

  • SOOOOOOOO cute!! And WOW is the fit great! I like your pics, too. Matching graffiti FTW!

  • Love the dress and the graffiti. You’ve knocked it out the park . . .

    • Thank you! We passed this wall (it went on and on) and left the boys at brunch to do a little shoot in front of it. I wish there was more graffiti in Montreal. Brooklyn was a visual feast.

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  • ADORABLE dress. i love your pics! (and i’m obsessed with your shoes, i pinned a red & cream pair after reading about the angels in your last post.)

    • Merci Oona. I can’t help but think of you whenever I pass by the matching invisible zips and go for something you can see from a mile away. Worishofer it up! Your feet will want to marry (which would be weird and also difficult).

  • That little peplum top is adorable…as is this dress! I love the colors, especially the bright pink zip! How convenient, too, that there would be matching graffiti as well!

    • It was fate I walked by that wall that day. FATE.

  • Love Love Love. Exposed zipper is the cherry on the cake! And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the awesome gold shoes 🙂

    • Nothing except I can’t wear them to bed.

  • You are the exposed zipper queen! This dress is awesome! Thats a seriously good pattern find – its very rare that I feel like I’d make EVERY view on the pattern envelope – but this one is a winner!
    Old lady sandals make life so much better. Especially GOLD ones! Omg – I might need another pair… Especially since I just beat the crap out of my toe, I’ll probably be living in my worifshofers this summer.

    • I can’t help it Sallie. I keep seeing neon ones for so cheap and they’re so bright and beautiful. I have a dress I STILL haven’t posted that takes the exposed zipper to a new level. BTW, all my women friends have been spazzing about my shoes. I had a great clothing swap here today and by the end of it we were google image searching Worishofers and everyone was like, I’m ordering a pair tomorrow. AND IT’S ALL THANKS TO YOU! xo.

  • Hell yeah!!!! LOVE the orange zip and matching lips! You look amazing! x

  • This dress is awesome! I’m totally down with 70s patterns too.

  • Amy

    Love that bright coral lipstick! it just makes everything fun. The first time I saw the worishofers I was like no. way. no way. But my resistances are wearing down! I love your inspirational styling and how you put it all together. Makes me happy it’s summer.

    • Merci ma belle! That’s kinda how I felt when I saw mine… but then I put them on. And I quite like Sallie’s lace-up wedges too. It’s crazy how comfy they are. There is all these crazy protests in Montreal right now and I marched for 2.5 hours last night and my feet felt terrific!

  • Boom! This dress is the bomb an your photo shoot is epic. You look fabalicious. I’m having to stop myself using multiple exclamation marks to convey my sense of joy for it 🙂

    PS the shoes just make it for me.

  • Love the dress and the graffiti!

  • I clicked through to your blog from Burdastyle, because damned if I don’t love 70’s patterns too, and your dress is a winner. THEN I basically ended up reading your whole blog and borrowing half of your images for Pinterest. AWESOME taste, awesome writing, awesome blog. Thanks for existing on the internet.

    • Stef, this comment made my whole effing week. Thank you so much!

  • This dress is great. I love the exposed zipper! And the print. And the white. And the styling. I love 70s patterns because most of them are very wearable even now.

  • Vicki Leigh Blais

    I have this pattern – I made or started making the top and a dress as a teen but don’t know why I never finished them. Now, I am looking for the pattern in a size 16 so I can make it now. I only have my original one in size 10 pattern. It looks great on you and I get to see it in a finished form 🙂